Pair A Normal Guys Inc. join the Campaign

'Pair A Normal Guys Inc.' have joined the campaign and are in the process of informing their supporters of us through their social networking groups. To check out their fascinating paranormal website and to return their support, click here. If you would like to visit their Facebook profile which they are using to promote the campaign, click here.

TVparty supports

TVparty Webmaster and Blogger, Billy Ingram has pledged his support for the campaign and kindly posted a copy of our press release on his blog.
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A Frank Black fan speaks out!


Millennium was and still is one of my favorite series of all times. I was devastated when Fox took it off the air to the point I emailed them with my displeasure! Thank goodness the Chiller network brought it back and I've been able to watch every episode again.

I've never had such a dark show impact me in such a positive way. The show was and still is light years ahead of its time. Give Lance his long over due credit as an actor and Frank Black the credit he deserved as a character and put this show back on TV and/or as a movie as the ending of the series was just the beginning in my opinion of what was going to be a great series for many years.

Thank you so much for your efforts to bring back Millennium. If everyone contributes just a simple email we can make this a reality for all passionate Millennium fans like myself. In a tough economic and world climate like this anything that takes us away from reality for just a few moments to collect our thoughts is a welcome diversion.

Good luck and bring back Millennium!


- Todd F"

Thanks to Todd for kindly letting us publish his e-mail.

"Re-opening the X-Files" online podcast promotes!

Listen to "Re-opening the X-Files":Episode 7 - "Ghost In The Machine" and catch the aural promo for ""!

"Re-opening the X-Files offers downloadable podcasts that each focus on a single episode of Chris Carter's acclaimed series. This particular episode focuses on "Ghost In The Machine".

"In this episode I recap "Ghost in the machine" I also talk about character development in the Monster of the week episodes, and give my initial reaction on the I want to believe movie."

Well worth a listen. Any comments - positive or negative, email-

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Frank Spotnitz promotes BACK TO FRANK BLACK

Once again, producer/writer Frank Spotnitz has promoted our cause on his blog at, under the appropriate and quite literal title, "Bring Back Frank Black".

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Zone Horror UK promotes BacktoFRANKBLACK!

UK Horror has run an article about the BacktoFRANKBLACK campaign!

Millennium (which is being shown daily here on Zone Horror at 20:00) lasted three seasons but the main character, Frank Black returned briefly in an episode of The X-Files (episode 4 of series 7 fact fans!). More recently, creator Chris Carter and lead actor, Lance Henriksen have stated their interest in bringing Frank Black back. In Millennium producer/writer Frank Spotnitz’ words, “It’s something we would definitely interested in… but its going to take a massive appeal by fans to get it up!”

So it comes as no surprise to learn that a website has been created to petition and ask for Frank Black’s return, in any shape or form....

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To discuss the article or leave comment, go the Zone Horror's forums or contact them directly here."