Coming soon... Top 5 Millennium Panel!

Back to Frank Black has been in the process of pooling another panel session and we can finally announce the details.

We'll be recording a panel on the Top 5 Episodes of Millennium -- a concept we've looked at in previous podcasts that proved popular listening. This time we've pulled together six other voices to join the woody, deep timbre of Troy Foreman and the Bertie Wooster stuttering of myself.

Joining us will be Robin Strickler, a big Millennium fan with a decade worth of radio experience -- so I have no doubt she will have no problems in explaining her top five! Back to Frank Black follower and Millennium fan Peter McKiernan will also be joining us. Blog followers will have read Peter's thoughts on Millennium in his Seven and One a while back. A couple of familiar voices will be joining us again: Fredric Fitz and Peter Holstrom will be back to give you more of their opinions. And finally, both myself and Troy are rather thrilled to have two names of great significance to Millennium fandom, Millennial Abyss and Fourth Horseman Press runners Brian A. Dixon and Adam Chamberlain, joining us!

The Millennial Abyss was one of the major resources of Millennium in its day, and it remains just as pertinent now. It's a website that nurtured both my own and Troy's interest in Millennium along side our brothers at TIWWA.

So, as you can imagine, we're very excited about this upcoming podcast. Watch out for it and several other great Millennium interviews that will be heading your way exclusively from!

Lance Henriksen has Nightmares in Red, White & Blue

As you know, the goal of this site and campaign is to get a Millennium movie made. Since Millennium has been off the air for over a decade, sometimes news relating to the series can be scarce. That is why we like to bring other sorts of interesting tidbits to your attention that relate to Millennium or the people involved with the show. Many of the cast and crew from Millennium continue to work to this day and we are always contacted by them about projects they have coming up. Here at Back to Frank Black, we think it's a fantastic idea to keep the Millennium fans up to date on what projects they are working on.

One such project involves our beloved Lance Henriksen. Several months back we were contacted by writer/producer Joseph Maddrey about a documentary he was working for which Lance would provide the narration. The documentary was directed by Andrew Monument. Joseph recently got back in touch with us and we had a fantastic chat about the project and when it would be coming out. The movie is called Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue and provides a history of the horror genre in American film. The movie is narrated by Lance Henriksen and features interviews with George A. Romero, John Carpenter, Back to Frank Black supporter John Kenneth Muir, and many more. Below you can see the trailer for the documentary...

The movie will be available On Demand starting tomorrow and will hit the theaters in September, but stay tuned to Back to Frank Black for an EXCLUSIVE interview with writer/producer Joseph Maddrey and possibly director Andrew Monument. Also look for a special competition as well! We would like to thank Joseph for taking the time to contact us and letting us know about this fantastic film. For more information on the film, please go to the following link.

Seven and One: Andrew M

I wasn't sure whether I should divulge the last name of this "candidate", so I figured best to keep his identity ambiguous, in part from courtesy, in part because it's just so 'conspiracy' - I love it! So enjoy another snippet from the Millennium fan repository. Seven and One!

1. My name is Andrew and I am 40 years old. I have been a sci-fi fan for 35+ years. I am proud to say that it was watching Millennium that eventually got me into the X-Files, not the other way around! I think it is the aspect of good and evil that keeps this show as one of my all-time favorites. "Somehow Satan..." is a mirror image of C.S Lewis' "The Screwtape letters!" I think it was Kingdom Come that was the first episode I saw that drew me into watching the show. I actually got into Millennium by seeing it on the FX channel when I got home from work after midnight. MIllennium in the dark...yeah!

2. Most horrifying moment, hmmm... I would have to say a toss up between the end of Lamentation in the yellow house, and the end of (the world!) The Time Is Now.

3. Favorite quote. Having watched Paper Dove recently , "It's not the beef," jokingly comes to mind! I like Frank's lines in the end of Exogesis where he talks about the world being covered in a robe of white churches and someone seeing a different future.

4. I find myself singing along with "As Long As I'm Singing." The theme song so serious! Good-Bye Charlie is kind of catchy as well. Favorite episodes: Fouce Majeure, Maranatha, Beware of the Dog, Luminary, TEOTWAWKI, Seven and One. I can't pick just one! I also find that I like certain episodes more now than I did 10 years ago, and vice-versa.

5. I guess one's spiritual stance would make one choose between psychic or prophetic, at least in the second and third seasons. "Gift" was a great was to describe it.

6. The end of Luminary has a nice richness to it. I also like Frank saying "He is coming soon" in Russian in Maranatha and then having a white fade-out instead of the usual black.

7. As far as a movie goes, I would like to see something that points towards an apocalyptic event, where Frank is able to thwart off part of something evil, but that there is still some greater evil to come, so that it instills in the viewer that people must be prepared and be strong for what is to come, not sit back like mindless sheep. There are some neat ideas that could be expanded on from the virtual fourth season.....good reading!

Email your "seven and one" profile to and we'll share you those responses to the Millennium world! We have a choice of 2 questionnaires - up to you which you use!

HARD SET (new!):
1. About You.
2. What was the most horrifying
moment in the show?

3. What's your favourite quote from the show?
4. What's your
favourite piece of music in Millennium (incidental or song)?

5. What is your
opinion as to the nature of Frank's Gift?
6. What's your
favourite episode ending?
1. If you were given the chance to
make a Millennium movie, what would you focus on and why?

1. About You.
2. Why are you a fan?
3. How long have
you been a fan?

4. What's your favorite episode?
5. What's your
favorite scene or moment?

6. If a movie was made which characters
would you like to see in it?

1. What are you watching right now?