backtofrankblack exclusive - klea scott speaks!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to inform you of a very special edition of our Millennium Group Sessions Podcast to be released on Sunday 21st June. Klea Scott, Emma Hollis herself, spoke exclusively to BackToFrankBlack about her recollection of her time on Millennium for the first time since she provided the Season Three DVD commentary almost a decade ago.
We are indebted to Klea for the kindness, enthusiasm and support that she has shown us as well as the evident love she retains for the character she helped to create and the show she was in. In light of the amazing interview she gave us, this podcast release will be devoted entirely to her and her words. To hear what she recalls of her time on the show, of her warm relationship with Lance Henriksen and her reaction to Harsh Realm (one of the funniest moments on the show if you ask me) then there is only one place to be this Sunday.

We, as fans, owe a debt of gratitude to the sheer exuberance Klea still has for Millennium and for the way in which she has rallied to support this campaign and here's where you can help. Use your Blogs, Twitter accounts, Myspace pages and more to tell all you know about this very exclusive scoop. Let everyone know, Klea Scott is in the house!

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I have to admit to being something of a Millennium sponge, trawling the world wide web, daily, to see what I can soak up about my beloved franchise which often leads me to the door of fellow fans who have committed their admiration to type or paper. One such individual is Adam Glazer who is, in his own words, "...trained with an eye towards the publishing/entertainment industry dealing with storyboards, comic book illustration, writing, and et cetera."

People who know me will know that I am a huge admirer of artists such as Ted McKeever and Dave McKean. There is something so irrepressibly dark, a word we Millennium fans like, about their work even when the subject matter is not. Over at Adam's website I happened upon an illustration of the mighty Frank Black that I just loved, it has that unquantifiable Millennium darkness about it, due in no small part to the artist's attempts to capture the tone of fan favourite, 'The Curse of Frank Black.'

Adam is very much a fan of Millennium, dating back to the days of the legendary Brian Dixon, and it was a pleasure to speak to him as well as share his work with you all. I urge you to check his website out, share some love in return, and just imagine how sensational a Millennium comic would be?

The Things They've Told Me - FAN ART!

BackToFrankBlack proudly unveils your very own section of the Blog, yup, that's right, this is the section where you share with us your thoughts, your Millennium passion, your opinions on the campaign, in fact, anything at all to do with the mighty Frank Black and friends.

We are pleased to launch this section with an amazing, and I do mean amazing, piece of fan art from Millennium fan Jokan. When I first saw this I was absolutely blown away, I'm sure you will agree with me this is an absolutely stellar piece of work.

Click the image to open in a new window!

Of course, you don't have to be an accomplished artist to contribute to this blog, not at all, a simple email explaining why you like Millennium so much, and why you want it to come back, is enough to demonstrate the passion that still presides for the show. Don't forget, keep those emails, art work, tattoos, pictures of your polaroids and more besides coming to and we will showcase your work here!

B2FB Exclusive Merchandise NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHED!

Due to the sensational response to the first wave of exclusive campaign t-shirts, created by artist, Barry Renshaw, the budding fashion designer has been hard at work on a second collection exclusive to this campaign. With subtle nods to The Mikado, Walkabout, Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense and more, Baz has created a second wave of designs even better than the first.

This campaign is funded from the pockets of the individuals who work so hard to make it happen, it is not our intention to make any personal profit through this venture, our aim is to provide for the considerable demand for campaign products as well as provide a little money we can channel back into the campaign itself.

So, without further ado, head on over to our merchandise store and peruse the new designs that are now available for purchase. As well as loving to hear from you guys, Barry is very willing to know what designs you would like to see in the future, I know he is already considering a third wave of designs and some of his ideas are superb.

If you have any comments, questions or queries do not net hesitate to share them with us. Till then, happy shopping.

Avatar Vision proudly presents BRING BACK FRANK BLACK!

As you will no doubt be aware, we have recently called for fans of Frank Black to get busy with their cameras and record a campaign video calling for the return of our beloved profiler. We have been delighted with the results but just to show that we too are are willing to put our money where our mouths are, campaign staff member, Troy Foreman has unveiled his own efforts toward this end. Not content with dominating audio, Troy shows he is an equally talented video maker as well!

Why not join him, and others, in creating something simple that we can use to get the word out there. It need not be flashy, no special effects required, a simple, impassioned plea for the return of Frank Black is just what we need to demonstrate the undeniable support that the character and the franchise still retains.

So don those thinking caps, fire up those cameras and see if there's a budding Spielberg in you just dying to get all out, all in the name of the mighty, FRANK BLACK!

FREE BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions #4: Comedy now available!

BacktoFrankBlack: The Millennium Group Sessions, hosted by Troy Foreman and co-hosted by Jim McLean is now available for free download via our website AND on ITunes!

Please download our free podcast to support the campaign and the guests who have graciously contributed their time to the campaign!

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BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions 04 - Comedy

In this forth episode, Troy Foreman and Jim McLean give you, the potential endearing listeners, a podcast that looks at the most controversial of all the topics Millennium dealt with: comedy! Looking at episodes like "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense" and "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me" Troy and Jim will be discussing the pros and cons of the comedy within the show and speaking to Millennium's only character to have urinated in a cup of coffee - the multi-talented Austin Basille will be speaking about Millennium, Hollywood and beyond! Expect the usual news updates on the campaign and the cast/crew of Millennium - including a very new way to support the campaign! (90 mins) - PLUS - Podcast BLOOPERS, keep listening to the end.

This free podcast is available on a fortnightly basis via ITUNES and We'll naturally update you all on information on the podcast from this blog as well.

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