Video Avatar: Dawin's Eye

It's the welcome return of Video Avatar! And this week we have one of my favourite episodes from season three. It was confusing, it was misdirecting, it was rather awesome. Yes, it's Dawin's Eye!

I have had many long debates over this episode on the TIWWA forums. You're welcome to throw your opinions in the blog comments - and of course, give Josef much love for his hard work and skillful output!


Millennium Virtual Seasons: Season 4

Sorry for the quiet period chaps. Real life has been massively crazy.

So where were we? Where indeed! When you're searching far and wide for material that will be interesting to a campaign, its very easy to ignore what's sitting there. Right. Under. Your. Nose.

BacktoFrankBlack is about bringing Frank Black back - and as a logical extension, what would happen if Frank did come back?

Aside from a previous attempt at bringing back Millennium, there has been another very prominent group which has been exploring this notion for several years now. This group has even had recognition from Chris Carter himself and their work is of the highest quality. Many of you will have heard of them - I hope many have indulged in them...

Millennium's Virtual Seasons.

I don't need to tell you Millennium finished after three seasons. Millennium Virtual Seasons were started with Virtual Season Four and Virtual Season Six is due later this year.

So to celebrate the efforts of the Millennium Virtual Seasons, we are going to promote a of what's come before - give you people a chance to read some of the high quality work the guys on the Virtual Seasons have produced. We'll also be looking at what's up ahead with an interview with one of their head honchos.

So to begin with, let's look at Millennium Virtual Season Four:
Virtual season four "aired" July 2nd to December 24th 1999. The project was 22 episodes in length all written as scripts by a collective of fans. You can read all the scripts online at The archive is here: