The Penitent Man asks Millennium fans for help!

Lance Henriksen's upcoming movie, The Penitent Man has a screening on the 29th March (this Monday) in Calbasas at The Method Fest. For more information, please go to the Method Fest website. Below is the trailer for the is annual independent movie event.

Witches of OZ, Lance, Backtofrankblack.. and a cat!

We're very excited at BacktoFrankBlack. We've been speaking to Leigh Scott, writer/director of Lance Henriksen's upcoming movie The Witches of Oz 3D and they'll be supplying us with news, updates and some EXCLUSIVE stuff in regards to this exciting production! Aside from Lance, there's a great cast there including the legendary Christopher Lloyd and "Jay & Silent Bob" anti-hero, Jason Mews!

The following clip sent by writer/director Leigh Scott is a great moment with "Lance Vs cat". Leigh told BacktoFrankBlack, In the meantime, not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but it's worth a laugh. It was Lance's idea to get it up on youtube!

I'm personally thrilled to see this as its a moment Lance has mentioned before with great amusement and proof that the actor will go to any length to really deliver a great scene.

So without further ado, here's the Youtube clip. We'll be posting more of this as it comes from the source.

So look out for more coverage of Lance's upcoming film here at BacktoFrankBlack, and keep an eye on!

Happy Birthday, Graham Smith!

Just a quick "Happy Birthday" to our constant BacktoFrankBlack hero, Graham Smith.

For those who are in the dark rather than in the (Frank) Black, Graham is the guy behind the website Millennium: This Is Who We Are, TIWWA forums and Sarah Jane He's also the guy who hosts He's appeared on our podcasts and supported us behind the scene both technically and for advice (yes he really is The Old Man).

His birthday was a couple of days ago, so a Happy Birthday to the godfather of Millennium Fandom!