BacktoFrankBlack - website updates!

Website updates!
Pleased as punched to announce a few small tweaks to the website!

  • Interview page updated - Van Quattro's great interview has been updated, we have added Perry Lang's interview and a link to the second Millennium Group Sessions podcast for those who still haven't heard the wonderful Marshall Bell!
  • T-Shirts! As avid blog readers will know, we have a selection of non-profit T-Shirts loosely based on Millennium to be purchased! Links to the store are now littered throughout the website - and if I can ask you to look slightly to your right, you'll see a link on the blog as well!
  • New features on the Features page! A video of Chris Carter and a whole host of BacktoFrankBlack fan videos now reside on this page.
  • Staff updates - Staff page has been updated to include the talented Barry Renshaw who has helped us with the site and the T-Shirts promotions!
  • FAQ updates! Updates have been made to the FAQ to make it more topically relevant and far more helpful!
More updates to come - particularly tomorrow as we release episode four of the Millennium Group Sessions. This will be a podcast themed on comedy and includes a great little interview with the ever so charming Austin Bassille from "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me"! We'll update you as soon as its running! Along with the usual Mp3 download, we will be offering the Itunes/Ipod/Quicktime compatible M4b version which will included exclusive images to co-incide with the show's content!

That's all for now - must go and prep for the interview with Jon Polito (Ometra, Homicide: Life On The Street). Very excited about that little coup!

As usual, This Is Who We Are.


Avatar Vision proudly presents FRANK BLACK'S GIFT!

A few days ago we proudly unveiled a campaign video for Josef, one of our friends and supporters and the response from you good people was overwhelmingly positive. I am sure you will agree with me that in his latest creation he has simply outdone himself. Green screen technique, subliminal imagery and few choice visuals worthy of Frank's most disturbing of visions and the result is a fantastic way of supporting this campaign and demonstrating your belief in the power of Frank Black.

Now we know that not everyone has the skills to make something this creative, I'm not convinced I could even begin to try, but do not let that put you off. Taking the time to record yourself chatting about your love of Millennium or a few minutes to make a plea for letters to be sent are powerful ways of connecting with our supporters, finding friends in the process and making an invaluable contribution to the ongoing efforts of this campaign.

If you have a webcam, a digital camera or any other means of recording a video please consider having a go yourself, we will do everything we can to spread your efforts as far and wide as we can. We are also working with the cast of Millennium on some exclusive videos of their own.

Join the trail, support the campaign and you could be the focus of the very next episode of Avatar Vision!

Contact the stars! Your chance to interview EDDIE SCARPINO GIANNINI!

BackToFrankBlack is pleased to announce another interview with a member of the Millennium cast. Jon Polito, Eddie Scarpino Giannini of Omerta, will be speaking to the team shortly, not only about his contribution to that episode but his considerable career before and after Millennium.

We are always eager to include you good people in our efforts as much as we can, this is your campaign as well as ours and we value all your messages, emails and suggestions. If you have a question you would like us to put to Jon, then contact us at or leave your question here in our comments section. Remember to include your name if you would like us to read it out during the interview.

Tonight's essential viewing? Omerta of course, dig out those much used DVDs and treat yourself to one of Millennium's most heart warming episodes, don't forget, get thinking of questions for Jon and let us know your thoughts!

BTFB launches official merchandise range!

A number of times during the course of the campaign we have been asked about the possibility of campaign t-shirts, yes, it seems you good people are wanting to display your support of Frank Black and Millennium for all to see. Now, being the creative bunch we like to think we are, this got us thinking about providing some tasty tees for you, the fans, and in the process create a way by which this campaign can raise vital monies in order to further fund our efforts.

The cost of running our website, mailing competition prizes and numerous things besides all come from the coffers of the good people behind the campaign and, as such, we haven't been able to do all the things we know this campaign so desperately needs such as purchasing print adds in major publications.

Treating yourself to something a little special will certainly help us with many vital efforts in the future.

Artist, Barry Renshaw, came to the campaign's assistance, yet again, creating a range of stunning, licence free designs inspired by some of the more subtle motifs familiar to fans of the franchise, I am sure you will agree with me that the end results are simply fantastic. Our thanks to Barry as always.

If you would like to make a purchase you can check our complete range of t-shirts here. Rest assured, what small profit this venture affords us will be ploughed, every penny, back into the campaign and moving it ever onwards in the future. If you would like to comment on the range, share your ideas for future additions or merely give Barry a well deserved pat on the back don't hesitate to use our comments section. We love to hear from every single one of you. Till then, happy shopping!

The fans' love for Millennium goes SKIN DEEP!

Now we know you Millennium fans are devoted individuals, our blog is testament to the energy and passion you guys have for the franchise. Some of you as gone as far as to make Millennium a very permanent part of your lives by enduring the needle in order to leave an indelible part of the show forever on your person.

Trust_no1, one of our many hundreds of supporters from Myspace, sent us yet another example of how far you good will people will go to celebrate Millennium.

If there are any more inked fans out there, do get in touch with us, we love seeing these as do the fans and if any of you are at a loss as to how to join the campaign trail and proudly sport a Millennium tattoo of your own, how about sending a photograph of your tattoo to the usual address with a polite call for a Millennium movie.

Till then, keep your letters, photographs, emails and more besides coming. We love to hear from you, whatever the subject but, more importantly, send those letters! Let's bring Frank Black back, now!

Avatar Vision now broadcasting A PLEA 4 POLAROIDS!

We have been incredibly lucky as a campaign to have had the chance to chat to some of you fine folk and make your acquaintance along the way as we merrily call for the return of Frank Black. Josef has been a solid friend to this campaign, sharing his thoughts, his photographs and healthy doses of his humour which have kept we busy people sane on occasion, don't be dark indeed!

We recently spotlighted his efforts on behalf in sending a Polaroid to the powers that be and he has gone further in videoing a call to arms in the hope that you good people will follow his lead. We hope this inspires you to do the same and remember, we relish every opportunity to chat to you all, send us your emails, photographs and videos and display, in as loud a voice a possible, that the fans are here, we are unified in their goal and we are not going away. This is who we are!

If you enjoyed Josef's work, let us know by way of comment and please, please, please consider doing something similar. We have uploaded this video to a number of video hosting sites and are more than happy to throw our considerable weight by your efforts, helping you with whatever you need in the process.

As well as being a campaigner par excellence, Josef is an electropop wizard, creating his own stellar compositions which he has garnered considerable praise for, in fact, the Millennial Drums and the musical track accompanying this video are his own creations. To check out his music and a little more about the man himself, visit his Myspace profile and add him as a friend. If you scratch our back we'll scratch yours, that's what being a Millennium Fan is all about!