Dear Campaigners,

Fans of Millennium will no doubt be aware that a limited edition selection of music from Millennium was released by La La Land Records prior to Christmas. Any fan of Mark Snow's outstanding compositions will enjoy a chance to get their hands on some of, in my opinion, his finest work to date. In addition to our bringing this to your attention again I would like you to bring your attention to an event that has recently been announced at La La Land's website.

Acclaimed “X-FILES” composer MARK SNOW signs his new 2-CD “MILLENNIUM” soundtrack and “THEY LIVE” co-composer ALAN HOWARTH signs his new release of the complete 2-CD soundtrack to “BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA”

4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
Saturday, January 24th, 2009, 2pm

La-La Land Records and Dark Delicacies invite you to meet, and get your CDs autographed by, composers Alan Howarth and Mark Snow.

Mark Snow (X-FILES, SUPERNATURAL, GHOST WHISPERER) will sign copies of the new Limited Edition 2 Disc Set of his thrilling music to the acclaimed Chris Carter TV series MILLENNIUM, starring Lance Henriksen.

The composers will sign more than one item, but one of the items must be a soundtrack CDs purchased at Dark Delicacies. CDs are available now at Dark Delicacies and will also be available for purchase at the signing.

Can’t make the signing, but still would like to get autographed CDs? You can order CDs from Dark Delicacies to be autographed and sent to you! Check out their website for details!

If you can make the signing please contact us and let us know all about the experience, we would love to hear from you.

'Frankly Speaking' - Fandom in Video

It is with great pleasure that the team at unveil another winner in our Frankly Speaking competition, the details of which can be found in an earlier post. What we particularly enjoyed about this submission was its creativity, mystery and that it represents very much what we are hoping to highlight, that Millennium fans are a dedicated, meaningful bunch of souls who are prepared to go that extra mile to support their franchise.

Please do keep these coming, they are a pleasure to view and bring the Millennium Community to the attention of those who matter. As we have reiterated in the past, there are countless ways you can make a valuable contribution to our Millennium Movie campaign. In addition to sending those letters and polaroids you can support us with your emails, videos, blog comments, in fact I am sure you can think of ideas more original than I can, whatever you choose, remember we appreciate every comment we receive be it a line or a page.

Till then, enjoy a very creative video created by Millennium fan Diego and join with us in congratulating him on his win, a DVD will be winging its way to you shortly.

Karaoke Knight? An Interview with Tucker Smallwood!

Tucker Smallwood is a name not unfamiliar to a great many people. An actor, author and vocalist he has lent his considerable talents to a great many successful films and television shows. To 'Millennium' fans he will always be remembered for the powerful performance he delivered as angel of death, Steven Kiley, in the season two episode 'Goodbye Charlie'. The team at BackToFrankBlack are grateful that Tucker took time from his busy schedule to speak to us.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK: Our thanks, Tucker for taking the time to speak to us. To begin I would like to note that ‘Goodbye Charlie’ deals, primarily, with assisted suicide as its narrative and, did so at a time when the debate surrounding it was not widely had. Was there an awareness amongst the cast and crew of Millennium that the stories they were telling were groundbreaking for the time?

TUCKER SMALLWOOD: I discovered after it aired that viewers came down on the side of their pre-existing positions on assisted suicide. If in favor, Kiley was perceived as an angel; if against, as a demon. At the time, it was controversial in the sense that Glen and Jim always write provocative, resonant stories.

BTFB: The premise of the episode sees the two protagonists charged with the task of deciding if Kiley is an angel or a devil and the denouement is intentionally ambiguous with regards to this, allowing the audience to draw it’s own conclusions. When building a character such Kiley, is it necessary for the actor to make a judgment regarding the character’s motives in order to portray him?

TS: I think that goes without saying, that an actor must always have a clear point of view about his character. I am pro-choice in all aspects of that concept and was always clear that my work was involved in service to humanity.

BTFB: It is very much a hallmark of Glen Morgan and James Wong’s work to pair the intense with something decidedly at odds with that, in this case murder by karaoke. Is it difficult, as an actor, to portray the necessary menace of the scene whilst delivering a musical number?

TS: You’ve described their process quite aptly...and humor is a complimentary ingredient to darkness. There was no menace; remember, Kiley is in service to humanity, his acts are those of mercy.

BTFB: One of my favorite scenes in the episode takes place during Kiley’s interrogation, namely, when Kristen Cloke’s character dispenses with her attack of Kiley to beg for his assistance in understanding her own particular facility. Do you think this was a commentary on the central issue of the show, assisted suicide, in that it is much easier to maintain a sense of social morality until such time as the matter at hand begins to affect you personally?

TS: As in all things, there is that which is theoretical/intellectual and that which is pragmatic and present. Ask inhabitants of war zones how their reality affects their perceptions and values.

BTFB: Another particularly intense scene involves Kiley subtly manipulating a character into considering suicide as an end to her torment. When you portray scenes as intense as this is it difficult to divorce your own feelings about the scene and adopt the feelings of the character who believes, in this instance, he is committing an act of good?

TS: Just so. Kiley had a gift and the clarity of someone comfortable with the many aspects of what it is “to be alive”. Having faced and accepted my own death (in Vietnam), having seen the other side and knowing that our life here is one of many phases of existence, I was without conflict. What might have been interesting would have been to portray a character whose choices are antithetical to my own. But our craft requires us to be “justification machines”; we always seek the ‘self’ in every character we create.

BTFB: ‘Goodbye Charlie’ strongly hints at a supernatural facet to the character and I wondered if it was ever stated to you what the true nature of Steven Kiley was and what your own feelings on this issue are?

TS: The script was the script. Such choices are left to the actor. And its tricky to try to play someone supernatural, just as its tricky to play a king or a god. You make your choices and rely upon FX and ambiguity to win the day. In the end, it’s up to the viewer to make such judgments. The episode was filmed in a former psychiatric hospital and criminal asylum in Vancouver. I have had some experience in clearing spaces with anomalous presences. There were definitely corridors in that hospital with a great deal of activity. Between set-ups I would wander about and marvel at the sudden changes in temperature, at times, entering a passageway and quickly deciding not to walk along any further…and how could there not be such energy, considering the history of this place.

BTFB: Throughout your career you have had the opportunity to portray a number of sci-fi or genre characters and I wondered how the experience of working on Millennium compared to other franchises and if Millennium were to be adapted in a movie format would you be interested in contributing to it in some way?

TS: Millennium had in common this with S:AAB, The X-Files and The One – all were written by Jim Wong and Glen Morgan. That commonality insured a positive creative experience. I can’t imagine how Kiley might figure into a film but I’d jump at the chance to work again with Lance and Kristen.

BTFB: What should fans of your work keep our eyes and ears open for in relation to the continuing career of Tucker Smallwood?

TS: BLACK DYNAMITE, a parody of blaxploitation films premiers this week at Sundance (I am a corrupt congressman – sound familiar?) In February/March, I’ll travel to Fresno State for a month to perform in The Piano Lesson and teach a few classes.

BTFB: Once again, our thanks to you for talking to us. We wish you continued success and happiness for the future!

Frankly Speaking

Dear Supporters,

As you may recall we recently announced our 'Frankly Speaking' competition to give you the chance to win a copy of the excellent Millennium fan series, 'Millennium Apocalypse'.

We have ten copies of 'Apocalypse' to give away to the ten best competition submissions as judged by the team at To be in with a chance of winning one of these DVD's all we asked is that you made a short video of yourself sharing your thoughts on why you believe 'Frank Black' deserves to be brought back to the screen. The video can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, you have our encouragement to be as creative as you like in your efforts. Simply upload the video to a video hosting site, such as Youtube, and email us your competition entry, which should contain a link to the video and details of where you would like the DVD to be delivered to should your entry prove to be judged a successful winner.

Each entry judged to be a winner will be hosted here at our Blog and we will give credit to all those entries who didn't win but deserve commendation all the same. The competition will remain ongoing to all ten copies have been awarded and we will give word of when this has been achieved here.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first winner of a DVD and we salute Jared for such a thoughtful and enjoyable entry. We hope you will enjoy his words as much as we did and be inspired by his efforts to enter a contribution of your own. Congratulations Jared, I will send your DVD to you shortly.

Till then, sit back and enjoy one Millennium fan 'Frankly Speaking'!