Ezekiel Editorial: Updates updates updates!

Welcome to the first in an "editorial" segment to the BacktoFrankBlack campaign. Rather than tagging news onto a podcast and making them longer, or dragging Troy out of bed to do a newscast on an audio stream, this seemed a good way to connect and answer a few questions.

Thanks for the Seven and One's - keep them coming in. We will add all of them to the blog in due course and perhaps throw up a new questionnaire in the near future. Thanks for the emails and messages of support that have come through Facebook and email. Always appreciated. Troy spoke to Lance the other day who offers his best wishes to all who support the campaign. He hasn't given up - he's still after Millennium. And remember Chris has said the same. If the will is there to make it (by will, we mean "money") he will make it. So it's about showing the people who could help make it that the money will be there; that your wallets are open to the idea! Lance may have investors willing to support the venture, and Chris maybe open to doing a Millennium project, but there are other people in the legal quagmire of Hollywood that need to see Millennium is a worth while project. We need your help in proving that!

So send those postcards like the one below, for instance!

We have John Kenneth Muir's interview coming up this week - part one will be up in a day or so, and then part two in the week. Muir is a man who knows his Millennium and has interviewed Chris and Lance. In fact there is little he doesn't know in the cult genres! Worth a listen! We have an interview with Pablo Coffey from Wide Open (season one) that we'll be conducting this weekend for future release, and the Glen Morgan is waiting as we put together the components for Morgan and Wong week this year. So we have some great guests lined up with more on the way!

The website is in prep for an update, so watch out for this, following the slight tonal shift in the blog. Myspace will also be updated.

So keep contacting us, throw us any news stories you find relating to Millennium and its cast and crew, let us know what you think. Check the blog for updates - we update most days and your support is vital. Lance is still working hard to push Millennium forward, we hope we can all honour that enthusiasm by help supporting this campaign in any small way we can!

Next editorial will be shorter. Promise.


Secure Immaturity review Near Dark

In related news-Millennium-campaign-supporters-might-be-interested-in-while-sipping-a-morning-coffee (MCSMBIIWSAMC for short), campaign supporter and Secure Immaturity.com blogger William Johnson (who has recently popped up on the Millennium Group Sessions) has done a great article on Lance Henriksen's cult, cult classic "Near Dark".

Well worth a read. In depth and analytical as William always is. Please leave a comment if you have time for him and support our fellow fan!

A small excerpt:

"But that’s why movies like Near Dark exist: they have all the best parts about vampires disguised with Mad Max costumes, tanker truck explosions, switchblades and spur kills and Bill Paxton (the kind of ham I like to chew and swish in my mouth with vigor). Near Dark is, in comparison to today’s version of the vampire, a f**king masterpiece! But on its own. . .before we were blighted with the bullshit we see now. . .Near Dark is pretty damn good and lends itself beyond it’s most likely viewing time of Halloween."

To read the full article, click here.

Seven and One: Robert A Knopick!

Time for our weekly rendition of our fan questionnaire "Seven and One" (yes this is weekly for the time being, thanks to the large amount of replies we've had on this front!) This week we have Robert A Knopick, who by all accounts seems to be in love with season 2 - take a look for yourselves! Thank you for your input Robert!

(1). About you.
Robert A. Knopick. 53 Y.O. (how did that happen?). I do independent work for nearby Yale University. I am a big music fan (all kinds), and can be very opinionated about this (black and white, w/ little gray), and most everything else, from books, to movies, to politics or who makes the best pizza. I try to make sense of the world as a scientist first, and only later as a person of faith. I love my 3 dogs, and I'm a huge beer snob.

(2).Why are you a fan?
I'm a fan because I really enjoy the show, Lance and the supporting cast especially. It asks questions and starts conversations. I like to introduce "Millennium" to folks who are unaware of it.

(3). How long have you been a fan?
Day one. I was not especially an "X-Files" fan, but I liked Lance's work, and was hooked from the beginning. This is a happy accident not of my prescience, but that I am old enough to have been there at the beginning, and that because I identify as a person of Scandinavian descent, I was paying attention to Lance's work.

(4). What's your favorite episode?
In keeping w/ Dirt's rule-bending precedents, I'll combine a 2-parter, and name my top five, starting w/ the best:
(A). "Owls / Roosters"
(B). "Luminary"
(C). "Beware of the Dog"
(D). "The Mikado"
(E). "Omerta". If asked next week, I might put in "Bardo Thodol".

(5). Favorite scene?
In "Omerta", Where Frank tells Eddie all he wants for Christmas is to put things back the way they were, having Jordan and Catherine.

(6). Characters in the movie?
Certainly Watts and Lucy Butler.

(7). Why should Millennium come back?
It deserves a better conclusion, though I would selfishly like to see it go on forever. It's return may also introduce it to a new (younger) audience.

(1). Watching now?
Right now I'm watching whatever episode Chiller has in the queue, and waiting for "Breaking Bad" to return.

Please keep these coming and do not hesitate to send us all your thoughts and queries on anything Millennium and Frank Black related and you do not have to use your real name to qualify. If you would like to complete the brief questionnaire I have listed the questions below for your perusal. Email your "seven and one" profile to info@backtofrankblack.com and we'll share you those responses to the Millennium world!

Baby Steps: 2010 Brings A New Member to the Millennium Family

Troy has had word from Klea Scott (Emma Hollis, lead actress from season 3 of Millennium) - she's just had her baby!

Klea and her husband have named the newborn Captain Ronin Scott Langs. Captain was born on the 12th of this month weighing 6lbs 15oz and 19 inches long!

Congratulations from myself and Troy - if fans would like to leave a message for Klea on the blog, we'll bundle them all together and ensure she gets your warm wishes!

Here's My Thing.. Well Worn Lock

Welcome back beloved believers! Again we're back with another video offering from the man behind the mask, DiRT. This week we have a particular favourite of mine from Season 1 of Millennium, "The Well Worn Lock". I have lots to say about this episode, in fact I could fire it all out in a short, fun video review wearing a mask - but I think that's already been done, and done very well. So sit back like I, and enjoy the master at work!

Please support DiRT's continuing hard work for the campaign!
  • To visit his website and enjoy the numerous things he has on offer, click here!
  • To check out his Youtube channel and view more reviews from the man himself, visit here!