Ezekiel Editorial: What's going on in March?

And after a few days break to let Morgan and Wong week sink in, we're back!

So what's new?

First off, again thanks for all the great emails and comments that made the feedback for Morgan and Wong week - not only were they complimentary, but more importantly, they were really interesting reads. To have such insightful and full replies made the week really special.

If you follow us on our Facebook (and eagle eyed followers might have noticed that large slab of white that now adorns the right of this very page), you'll know we're in the process of putting a panel together for a chat on "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me", a keen fan favourite by the quirky and smart pen of Darin Morgan. Keep up to date with the BacktoFrankBlack community at our Facebook page. Email us at info@backtofrankblack.com for more information on this.

Second, myself and Troy will be doing a little live morning radio in Philadelphia a week from today. Point of topic? What else? Promoting the campaign. More details on that as soon as possible!

Third, we'll be interviewing the wonderful Mike Zelniker, the unforgettable Galen Calloway from Kingdom Come this weekend. We'll keep you up to date on a release for that interview. We spoke to Mike a couple of weeks back - fascinating and friendly is the best way to sum him up - and very curious about the campaign. I hope you guys and gals will be equally curious to hear what he has to say in return!

You want more? We have DiRT working on a special video article at our request, we've got another Seven and One this weekend. We'll have a special video archive added to the site this month and plans for another Millennium Week are under way.

Of course, we like to play our hand as open as possible, as much as we've got confirmed, some stuff remains in the air. It's the nature of the game when you're juggling schedules with other people's time. Our elusive writing tease is still in the works, we're still trying to sort out the nitty-gritty of the idea. We're still working on some media promotions we spoke of recently, but again, the nature of the industry is nothing easily goes to plan. But we're working. We're pushing. We'll keep you posted!


So this is it, what you might call, our "Final Destination". Yes. See what I did there. Waited all week to say that. Anyway, you're about to embark on an exclusive interview with Glen Morgan. I will do my best to keep this intro short and brief.

Before I can do that, I have to say thank you to: Glen Morgan, William Johnson, DiRT, Tiffany Devol, John Kenneth Muir, Josef Gunnarsson, Steven Trotter, Graham Smith and of course, my esteemed colleague Troy Foreman. Troy was not only vital to bringing this week together, but supplied the prizes as well.

And on that note - competition winner results are announced at the end of the podcast! Want to know if you've won a copy of Space: Above and Beyond, Final Destination 1-3 or X-Files Season 4? Listen to the podcast - if the exclusive interview with Glen Morgan wasn't enough.

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So thank you all for reading, listening and watching Morgan and Wong week - thank you for your kind feedback. Any further feedback send to info@backtofrankblack.com.