The Countdown Continues....

There is still time for you to get your poster submissions in for the Millennium movie poster contest! The judges are set and ready to go. Why not impress them with your skills and put together a fantastic poster! The deadline is August 29th. Prizes for the winners to be announced soon! The time is now...

Exclusive! Lance Henriksen to publish autobiography!

Lance Henriksen with the help of Nightmare in Red White and Blue writer/producer Joe Maddrey, will be publishing an autobiography of the actor's iconic life and career.

Revealed exclusively on the Millennial Group Sessions podcast for BacktoFrankBlack, Lance Henriksen and Joe Maddrey gave some details on the project - which has been ongoing for 6 months.

Lance was happy to give us a few details. "It [the book] really relates to the ability of Joe Maddrey to make form out of chaos, because my way of approaching it is of course like an actor so I babble on and on and on and try to get the stories out - and then he puts into a form that people can read [laughs]."
When asked what it's like working with Lance on the autobiography, Joe told BacktoFrankBlack: "He is a natural storyteller... I don't know how many hours of recorded conversation we have had, but I promise you, there is not a boring story in there... he knows what to key in on when telling stories..!"

To hear the interview in full, click here.

Millennium Movie Poster Project: The (Final) Judge

BacktoFrankBlack is pleased to announce that we have our third and final judge for the Millennium movie poster contest. It will be none other than Agent Emma Hollis herself, actress Klea Scott! We all know Klea from her fantastic performance as Emma Hollis during Season 3 of Millennium. We asked Klea if she would like to be a judge for our competition and she said she would be honored! Now alongside Lance Henriksen and Mark Snow, this is going to be one stellar panel of judges.
We have all of our judges in place, now it's time for you to impress them with your skills. There is still time to enter the contest, send your entries to The deadline is August 29th. BacktoFrankBlack would like to thank all of our judges for taking part in this fantastic competition. Good luck to everyone!

Millennial Group Sessions 28: Joe Maddrey and Lance Henriksen Speak!

We take a break from our Millennium Group Sessions: Top 5 Fan Panel podcasts to bring you an impromptu episode!

Joe Maddrey, writer and producer of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue, a film documentary about horror narrated by Lance Henriksen, has taken the time to speak with Millennium Group Sessions. He talks about the film, he talks about his love of Millennium and, joined with Lance Henriksen, they talk about a very special project that will interest all fans of Lance -- EXCLUSIVELY revealed on this very podcast!

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If you can't see the above player, or the player refuses to play ball (as can happen on IE browsers), you can download the MP3 here or sign-up and download from iTunes -- search for "Millennium Group Sessions."

The final part of the Top 5 Fan Panel will be released later this week! Stay tuned!