Millennial Group Sessions 28: Joe Maddrey and Lance Henriksen Speak!

We take a break from our Millennium Group Sessions: Top 5 Fan Panel podcasts to bring you an impromptu episode!

Joe Maddrey, writer and producer of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue, a film documentary about horror narrated by Lance Henriksen, has taken the time to speak with Millennium Group Sessions. He talks about the film, he talks about his love of Millennium and, joined with Lance Henriksen, they talk about a very special project that will interest all fans of Lance -- EXCLUSIVELY revealed on this very podcast!

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If you can't see the above player, or the player refuses to play ball (as can happen on IE browsers), you can download the MP3 here or sign-up and download from iTunes -- search for "Millennium Group Sessions."

The final part of the Top 5 Fan Panel will be released later this week! Stay tuned!

1 Response to "Millennial Group Sessions 28: Joe Maddrey and Lance Henriksen Speak!"

Sean Stubblefield said... August 14, 2010 at 11:40 AM

i love when someone can put a spin on something that makes me see it in a way i hadn't. i'll think of horror films more positively now. very fascinating perspective/ analysis of the genre from Joe. your discussion made me interested to see the documentary, whereas before i didn't care. and i'm especially excited for all the wonderful stories of the Lance bio. he was a pleasant addition to the sessions, and it was fun having Lance get so much praise he deserves. truly an amazing person.

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