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This site is dedicated to the return of FBI criminal profiler Frank Black but there are obviously other members of the 1013 family that we support as well. Alongside our campaign for a new Millennium movie, our brothers and sisters over at have been fighting the good fight for a third X-Files film. Needless to say, many Millennium fans are also fans of The X-Files, and vice versa. Well, today Back to Frank Black was contacted by Tiffany Devol who passed on some very encouraging news from a French source.

X-Files 3 Script Underway

According to a French interview today with TV Mag, David Duchovny has reportedly said the following of a third X-Files feature film:

"It is being written. One awaits just the green light from Fox, a little disappointed from the relatively poor reception of the second film. The error comes, in my opinion, that the authors strayed too far from the roots of the series. Moreover, the film was released in the summer. The third will be much closer to what the public expects, with government conspiracies, etc. "

XFilesNews has been campaigning for a third film since the release of The X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008 and launched the Believe in the Future campaign to convince Fox to green light by 2012.

Let's help support the fine folks at and their pursuit of a new X-Files film. Remember, this could also help us in our cause for a Millennium film!

Second Sight: "Dead Letters"

“Dead Letters” (8 November 1996)

Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong
Director: Thomas J. Wright
Editor: Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

Quote: “Do you know all about bad dreams?” --Jordan Black looks to her father for comfort

“Dead Letters” is a powerful and affecting story largely because of Jim Horn, the prospective profiler played with such tragic desperation by guest star James Morrison. Horn serves as a brilliantly effective foil for Frank Black; he is a flawed and wounded character who, by contrast, shows us what is so special about Millennium’s singular hero. Horn is utterly incapable of the sort of incredible insights that have been harnessed by Frank Black. In attempting to avoid problematic descriptors such as “paranormal” or “supernatural” in discussions regarding Frank Black’s gift, Chris Carter has often described the profiler’s abilities as “empathic” in nature. It is that uncommon empathy for his fellow man, that selfless willingness to become one with the thoughts and feelings of both victims and killers, which shows Frank to be such an exceptional hero. “Dead Letters” reveals just how essential empathy is to the equation by progressively eroding Horn’s own facility for emotional and intellectual identification. Without the empathetic connection, Horn is blinded and soon becomes a reckless and vengeful man who is only able to see the serial killer they seek as a dimensionless bogeyman. “These killers can’t be simply cases or psychological anomalies anymore,” Horn bemoans. “They’re just... monsters. Just monsters.”

This episode is also noteworthy for its preoccupation with young Jordan Black. With “Dead Letters,” Glen Morgan and James Wong slyly add a significant layer to the mythology quickly building up around Frank Black’s unusual flashes of insight. It is an idea acknowledged by Frank Spotnitz when he conceded, “I can see why people thought there was a psychic component to it.” Spotnitz attributes this impression of Frank’s gift in part to the inheritance implied in this episode’s unnerving teaser: “It was certainly hinted that his daughter, Jordan, had the same gift, if you will… that Jordan had the same ability.” Jordan’s nightmare--a darkly playful sequence dominated by the figure of a fearsome clown--is not easily forgotten. At its heart this is an episode about “bad dreams,” a story concerned with the imaginative visions that torment slumbering children and the grim knowledge that can torture waking adults. (Given the role such visions will play in our understanding of Frank’s own abilities, Jordan’s nightmare has been included in our usual tally of trances below.) Though Jordan’s dreams are of a sort that have troubled every boy and girl at one time or another, as the sleepover with T.C. Horn implies, their prominence in the episode poses a persistent question, a question that would come to serve as a key component of Millennium’s continually evolving mythology: Could Jordan Black have inherited some abnormal ability from her visionary father? The first hints of the prophetic bond between father and daughter are to be found in the chilling cackle of that black-and-white clown.

Connections: The nameless figure that inhabits Jordan Black’s nightmares instantly evokes Pennywise, the monstrous, clown-faced antagonist of Stephen King’s It (1986).

Trances in Total: 6 (1:00)

Gore Score: 1/10

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Halloween Sunday Follow-up: Jeff Yagher's Craft!

After the Jeff Yagher interview posted for Sunday's Halloween episode, we thought we'd follow up the discussion with some pictures of his work. Well, here are some links you can browse to see some of this artist's craft. Enjoy!

Halloween Week: Sunday #2 - Trivia Challenge Conclusion

It’s All Hallows Eve, a time when we find ourselves craving both tricks and treats. Back to Frank Black delivers on both counts by presenting the answers to our diabolical “Thirteen Years Later” trivia challenge! Below you will find the promised solutions to all thirteen of our fiendishly tricky riddles. If you’d still like a shot at proving your millennial mastery, cover your eyes now and simply revisit the posted line-up of questions, presented at the start of our Halloween Week extravaganza. The answers to many of these trivia questions have been offered throughout the week in the exclusive interviews, original essays, and video tributes posted to celebrate “Thirteen Years Later.”

Additionally, there’s still time to submit your entry for the Back to Frank Black Halloween competition! If you could become any fictional killer from the annals of both film and television, who would you be? Review the posted competition guidelines and drop us an e-mail. You have until midnight (PST) tonight to enter for a chance to win a copy of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue (2009) signed by both Joe Maddrey and Lance Henriksen!

And now, Millennium fanatics, the treat to balance out our tricks, the answers you’ve been awaiting...

1. Which classic horror movies are referenced on-screen in “Thirteen Years Later”? 1) The Hitcher (1986) 2) Halloween (1978) 3) Friday the 13th (1980) 4) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 5) Psycho (1960) 6) Motel Hell (1980) 7) The Omen (1976)

2. Which of the cited franchises can be tied to the resume of Millennium’s star? Lance Henriksen appears in Damien: Omen II (1978).

3. What cult horror television series also takes place in Trinity, South Carolina? CBS’s American Gothic (1995).

4. What detective movie does Emma Hollis cite as her personal favorite? The Enforcer (1951).

5. What book does Emma take time out to enjoy? Labyrinths (1962) by Jorge Luis Borges.

6. Who are the four founding members of KISS and what cameo roles do they play in this episode? Paul Stanley appears as Lew Carroll, Peter Criss as Nice Cop, Ace Frehley as Sick Cop, and Gene Simmons as Hector Leachman.

7. In addition to “Psycho Circus,” what KISS song is referenced in this episode? “Rock and Roll All Nite” (1975).

8. Who is the “Reverend” M. Goodman granted tribute with the episode’s epigraph? Morry Goodman, a Fox network censor.

9. On which big screen horror flick did Thomas J. Wright join more than a half-dozen other Millennium alums? Final Destination (2000).

10. What screen credit connects Millennium stars Lance Henriksen and Terry O’Quinn with guest stars Jeff Yagher and Jon Polito? HBO's Tales from the Crypt (1989).

11. Which victims uttered those unwitting last words on-screen? A) Sheriff Fritz Neuenschwander B) Lew Carroll C) Sarah Cryer) D) Kenny Neiderman E) Marta Danbury F) Hugo Winston

12. What uncharacteristic action connects “The Beginning and the End,” “Beware of the Dog,” “Roosters,” “TEOTWAWKI,” “Thirteen Years Later,” and “Goodbye to All That”? Frank Black fires a gun.

13. Which Millennium episodes feature nods to the entertainment industry? A) “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense” B) “522666” C) “Goodbye to All That” D) “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” E) “The Curse of Frank Black”

Halloween Week: Sunday #1 - Jeff Yagher!

And so Halloween Week ends its life, as life should end on this wicked weekend, on Halloween itself. It is the 31st October and today is the last day in our special event. Thank you to all involved and those who have shouted out to us here and on our Facebook fanpage.

We are very thrilled that for our final Halloween 2010 podcast we got the opportunity to have "Thirteen Years Later's" guest star, Jeff Yagher, on the show! This is a great, personal interview in which Jeff talks about family (aside from Megan Gallagher, he has some other very cool entertainment relevant family members), his work on Millennium and of course... V!

Jeff in V!

Plus, we have our new cool intro! Who can beat having Frank Black introduce the podcast? So, without further ado...

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