A Message from Lara Means

During the course of this campaign, members of the team have been delighted and grateful to receive correspondence from members of Millennium's cast and crew. What is evident in all their kind letters and emails is the high esteem with which they regard the franchise and the warm and generous support they extend to its fans. In addition, many have championed the efforts of this campaign and have expressed a desire to see it succeed. I have been proud to receive word from Kristen Cloke on a few occasions and I asked her if she would grant her permission for me to share a few words with you all, as always, Kristen responded warmly to the suggestion. In closing, it is nothing short of heartening to see fans, the cast and the crew united in their high appraisal of Millennium and Frank Black. We are currently working to bring more of their words to your attention, till then, enjoy the words of Millennium's Lara Means.

Please know that I so enjoyed working on" Millennium." I truly loved the cast and crew and many of them are still good friends of ours. Everyone was tremendously talented and kind. I believe the collaborative talents of every person who worked on "Millennium" in combination with the innovative direction that Glen and Jim took the show that season provided so much to be immensely proud of. I will always hold that experience and Lara Means in a special place in my heart.

Back To Frank Black - The Fans Speak!

It is always a pleasure when we receive word from fans of Millennium and from those who support our campaign. Occasionally we will share with you some of the correspondence we receive, rest assured though we won't blog any of the mail we get without seeking the author's permission first. That said, if you wish to send us your thoughts on Millennium or points of interest regarding the campaign, please do. We read everything we receive and will respond to everyone as time permits. Here are the words of a fellow fan of the franchise....

I just wanted to write and say that I'm behind the idea of bringing back one of my favorite TV shows ever created. I have watched and enjoy many different shows in my 51 years, but this was definitely one of the best, for many reasons. It was well written, acted and the production values were top notch. But, that's a given with all of Chris Carter's shows. I collect all the TV Shows and movies that I've watched and enjoyed of the years, especially all the Sci-Fi & Horror from so many years ago. And, the Chris Carter shows are no exception, I have them all, or should I say I will have them all as of December 2, when the new "X-Files: I Want To Believe" will be released. Now, I would love to be able to experience all new episodes of "Millennium", and Frank Black. That would be a rush, to say the least. I have to hand it to Chris Carter and his casting personnel, casting Lance Henriksen as Frank Black was perfect, he portrays his character to the tee. Personally, I like Terry O'Quinn as Peter Watts also, and if they decided to revive the show, they really weren't that clear on what happened to the Peter Watts character. I know they show "Someone" laying on the floor in Peter Watts study, but you couldn't actually see just who was laying there, all you saw was his legs, so, Peter Watts could still be alive, and could be included in any revival of Millennium. And, what do you know, Terry O'Quinn will be available to join Lance Henriksen, with the ending of the show, Lost at the end of the series which is planned for this coming year. Wouldn't it be great! So, I'm signing the petition to bring back Frank Black and Peter Watts. I'm sure there's a lot more fans that will do the same, cause after all, being fans of Millennium, well, This is who We Are!

Multipleverses.com calls for Frank's Return

Kate Blake of multipleverses.com has kindly come out in support of our campaign. In addition to the introduction to the campaign she has featured she is currently scripting an article that examines not only the X-Files but the seriousness with which a Frank Black return should be addressed. To support her efforts or to comment on her support, click here!