Morgan and Steinmetz salute BacktoFrankBlack

BacktoFrankBlack will be having a slightly sleepy period over the next two weeks as I'm moving house which will make my internet use sporadic at best (through Troy has some updates planned in that interim period, don't but before I depart for hopefully more improving pastures, we thought you'd like to see this!

These pictures were sent by Glen Morgan, showing himself and Selfosophist Mr Smooth, Richard Steinmetz both wearing BacktoFrankBlack T-Shirts, skilfully designed by our very own little wonder artist, Barry Renshaw.

Want a T-Shirt? Of course you do! Click the link at the side of the page marked T-Shirts and follow the yellow brick road!

Millennial Group Sessions 25: Somehow Satan Got Behind Me

Welcome to another Millennium Group Sessions! And this week we do a format we've not attempted since last year - it's the Millennium Group Sessions panel! Yes, this is what myself and my colleague, Troy Foreman look forward to - the episode where we let everyone else do the work, and we sit back with coffee.

This week "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me", by Darin Morgan - one of the very few comedy focused episodes in Millennium's entire run.

With us is Peter Holstrom, Diego Zeziola and Fredric Fitz talk to us about the episode.

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