BacktoFrankBlack is proud to announce the third episode of our exclusive podcast has been recorded and will be available from Sunday 30th on ITunes and through backtofrankblack.com.

You can enjoy this podcast in two different formats:

  • Enhanced Podcast for Itunes and Ipods with exclusive embedded images that will be available for FREE from the Itunes store or a direct link from our website.
  • Full high quality MP3 again available for FREE on our website. This version will contain no images but will be a high quality audio file.

The third episode of this podcast features more news and developments from the campaign team, our responses to the comments and queries we have received about our second show, a look at the much debated nature of Frank Black's 'Gift' and to keep the exclusives coming for you, the fans, an opportunity to win a copy of Millennium Apocalypse and a guest appearance from paranormal thriller author M.R. Sellars!

As you can see, crammed to the brim with Millennium treats and certainly a must hear for any fan of the franchise. Don't forget, check us out this Sunday for download links. The Time Is Near!


We have received such a good response to our call for you, the fans, to send us your funniest Millennium moments that we couldn't sit on our hands any longer and just had to share them with you. As you may know, this is all because Episode Four of our Podcast, Millennium Group Sessions, has something of a comedy flavor and our broadcasters, Jim and Troy, recorded an exclusive interview yesterday evening with 'Somehow Satan Got Behind Me' cast member, Austin Basile.

So, until then, head to the Donut Hole, grab yourself a donut and a latte and enjoy a few of the submissions we received for Millennium's funniest moment. If the coffee tastes a little odd by the way, well, you know the rest,
you've seen the episode after all....

Click on the images to open in a new window!


Millennium is not known, shall we say, for its liberal use of comedy but we aficionados know better. Millennium had some acutely funny moments amongst its canon, not least in the masterpieces that are, 'Somehow Satan Got Behind Me' and 'Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense', courtesy of the genius, and I do mean genius, that is Darin Morgan.

Never ones to rest on our laurels the team at www.backtofrankblack.com are busy working on our next podcast before episode three has even been unveiled to the masses and we are devoting our attention to the very episodes mentioned above. With a guest from the cast of Millennium, an exclusive giveaway and more besides we hope to bring this fun filled spectacular to you in the future, until then, Frank Black needs you!

We want to know what you think the funniest lines in Millennium are, no need to wonder after mine, you can see them above. Rack those brains, watch those episodes and send us the moments that made you laugh and see all the submissions we receive feature in a special Blog entry we have lined up to coincide with the podcast. Easy really. Leave us a comment here at the blog or send us your thoughts to info@backtofrankblack.com.

Can't wait to see what you send us, till then, how many Frank Black's does it take to change a light bulb?


As you are no doubt aware we have encouraged all of you to share with us your love of Frank Black and Millennium and we have been delighted by the response. For many, Millennium is more than just a television show, it has become an indelible part of their lives, quite literally. One such fan, Andrew, wrote to us recently and shared his thoughts on Millennium and his praise for the campaign and treated us to a picture of his ouroboros tattoo, the arcane symbol of The Millennium Group now permanently a part of his life.

We know that ouroboros tattoos are something of a craze amongst ardent supporters of the franchise, having seen a number of them over the years, so if you have joined the ranks of the 'inked' don't hesitate in sharing your pictures or experiences with us.

That said, our thanks to Andrew for allowing us to share this picture with you all and keep your letters, thoughts, emails, postcards and more heading to 20th Century Fox! We can get this movie made, this is who we are!