EXCLUSIVE! Lance Henriksen thanks BacktoFrankBlack and Millennium fans!

To close out the Lance Henriksen birthday celebration, we give you an EXCLUSIVE message from the man himself. Lance contacted BacktoFrankBlack and wanted to pass on his sincere thanks to all the Millennium fans who helped celebrate his birthday. He also wanted us to pass on to all the Millennium fans that it's you who will help get the Millennium movie made. Keep sending those letters and postcards, buying the DVDs and just continue to spread the word about the Millennium movie.

Lance also thanked the people behind BacktoFrankBlack for their continued diligence and sacrifice as they continue to fight to get the Millennium movie made.

On behalf of BacktoFrankBlack and all the Millennium fans around the world, we will continue the fight for a Millennium movie!! THIS IS WHO WE ARE!

35 Years of Lance Henriksen - A Video Retrospective

As we wind down the birthday celebration for Mr. Henriksen, I thought it only appropriate to share a video by Josef Karl Gunnarsson. He has been extremely consistent in sending us outstanding videos of different episodes of Millennium paired with some fantastic music. Well, this time he takes a break from that format and creates a great retrospective video of Lance Henriksen's prolific TV and movie career. This video was done over at TIWWA for the LH70 birthday celebration. You can check the celebration out here.

So, please join me and watch this amazing video and once you are done, please leave comments on the blog thanking Josef for yet another fine piece of artistry!

Again, Happy Birthday Lance from everyone at BacktoFrankBlack. We wish you all the best in the future and look forward to more of your outstanding work!

DiRT returns! A special birthday tribute video. Top 5 Frank Black moments

I know, I know. You have all been wondering where our fantastic episode review guru DiRT has been these past months. I thought to myself, has he been compromised by the Millennium Group? Off somewhere in Millennium land with Lara Means?? No my Millennium friends, DiRT is alive and well and back with a very special video treat. In honor of Lance's birthday, DiRT shares a video with us that he put together for the fine folks over at TIWWA.

He takes a look at his top 5 favorite Frank Black moments throughout the run of Millennium. Also take note of the new set! I am sure after watching the video, you will have your idea of what the top 5 moments should be. Well, let your voice be heard. Leave a comment on the blog and let us know your list! As always, we thank DiRT for such fantastic work and the fine folks over at TIWWA for letting him share this with us.

Don't forget to head over to the site where DiRT and the rest of his pop culture friends hangout and discuss toys, video games, comic books and much much more. They have revamped the site and it looks fantastic. Just follow this link

Happy 70th birthday to Lance Henriksen!!

All of us at BacktoFrankBlack would like to wish Lance Henriksen a happy 70th birthday! It's hard to believe that someone who keeps up the demanding schedule that Lance does is turning 70!

From Dog Day Afternoon, Aliens, Near Dark, Millennium and the soon to be release film Ambush, Lance has produced a body of work that can be matched by very few in the movie and television industry. Still, with all that work and critical acclaim from many top insiders, Lance remains as humble as ever. Still the consummate professional, still wanting to perfect his craft, Lance has shown what it truly means to be an artist in the entertainment industry.

Speaking on a personal note, I have had the privilege to get to know not only the actor, but the man himself. I can safely say that I can call Lance Henriksen a friend. He is truly appreciative of all the fan support that he has received over the years and thanks all of the fans who have done so throughout his 35 years in the industry. But don't fret, Lance isn't done yet, with 3 movies already in the can and several more projects on the way, he continues to stay busy. Right now he can be heard as the voice for the Verizon Droid phone and as he has told me, it is a blast!

Although we wanted to do something on a grander scale, Lance asked us to keep it simple. So, all of us at BacktoFrankBlack ask you to take the time out of your busy schedules and leave Lance a birthday message. We know that he will be very happy to see the well wishes from all his fans!

Happy Birthday Lance from BacktoFrankBlack!!

Dreadcentral.com interviews BacktoFrankBlack!

As we have stated before, the BacktoFrankBlack campaign is pushing more towards the media and getting the message out to the masses that the Millennium fans want a Millennium movie! We are proud to share with you an interview that we did with the fantastic horror website DreadCentral.com.

Both Troy Foreman and James McLean were interviewed by Heather Wixton and discussed everything from how the campaign started, the current state of the campaign as well as what they see in the future for the campaign. We think you will find the interview enjoyable and a must read for all fans of Millennium and the campaign.

Head on over to this link and enjoy the read!

Please make sure you leave a comment about the interview!