Whilst it is fair to say that a number of actors and characters have left an indelible mark on the Millennium universe, few have made the impact of Frank Black's enduring nemesis Lucy Butler.

Kudos must be given to Sarah-Jane Redmond for helping to create one of the most memorable antagonists to have featured in a 1013 creation. Few characters rattled Frank's cage in the same way Lucy did and rarely has a character been subjected to the same level of analysis and praise within the Millennium fan community.

We are proud, therefore, to bring to your attention Sarah-Jane Redmond's support of this campaign and to inform you that she has agreed to be interviewed and has offered a few goodies (more to come) that we can use to further interest in us and provide for you, the fans, an exclusive piece of Millennium memorabilia.

As you are aware we aim to involve you all as much as we are able in our efforts, the campaign relies on the visible support of the show's fans and we are pleased to announce that this latest triumph is no exception.

We are giving you all the possibility of contributing to the interview we will be conducting. We want to know what the fans want to know - if you had the opportunity to ask Sarah-Jane Redmond anything about her character and her time on Millennium, what would that be?

It is easy to submit your ideas to us, either leave them here as comments about this Blog entry or email them to us at

We are sure you will agree that this is an opportunity not to be missed and we are eager that Sarah-Jane is not kept waiting so the deadline for submissions is Tuesday 10th March. That said, let your imagination run amok, and send us your ideas.

We cannot guarantee that we will use all the submissions we receive but rest assured your efforts will be much appreciated.

Good luck to all of you!


Let it not be said that Millennium fans are without a sense of the absurd and whilst we endeavor to keep this Blog of the highest standard we know you will turn a blind eye every once in a while whilst we get our jollies with something less cerebral. Yup, Millennium Cocktails, and why not? Get your thinking caps on people and suggest the perfect Millennium inspired Cocktail, the results of which will be shared with our readers in future entries. The fun thing is you are not limited to consumable ingredients, it's for fun after all, let your minds run rampant and concoct some toxic brews that echo the show, its episodes or the characters. You can leave your ideas as comments or send them to us as an email, we don't mind which, we'll probably be too drunk to care ;)

Just to whet, or kill, your appetite here are three potent, yet debonair, elixirs for your delectation. Shouldn't take too long to work out what inspired these little demons.


3 pt Lime Vodka

1 pt Blue Curacao

1 large pinch of brimstone

2 chilled kidneys (preferable those of your spouse)

Sprite to dilute.

Build in a highball glass packed with ice. Get an extra spooky, smoking effect by decorating with carbonic ice. Enjoy in small doses whilst chilling to endless loops of elevator muzak.


1 shot Vodka

1 shot Tia Maria

Top up with Cola

A large shot of intuition

Mix 1 shot of Tia Maria with 1 shot of Vodka with ice and top up glass with Cola. Drink in a silent (but not depressive) atmosphere with no company. On special occasions treat yourself to a little Bobby Darin but listen in reverential and ponderous (but still not depressed) manner.


1 pint Cider

Double Pernod

2 Luscious Lips

Pour Pernod into Cider and mix. Drink in sultry fashion whilst innocently smoking a cigarette in a wantonly suggestive manner. Pause every now and then to feel the inevitability of the end of the drink and weep accordingly. On special occasions drop the glass whilst startling angelic vision takes place.


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Dear Supporters,
We have continuously reminded you all of the need for fans of the franchise to demonstrate their appreciation of Millennium in order to provide evidence of the wide support the franchise continues to elicit. To this end we asked you to consider taking a few moments of your time to complete a simple questionnaire that we can utilise. We thank all those who responded to our request and, as promised, here are more thoughts from the heart of Millennium fandom. If you have responded and have not seen your contribution here do not be dismayed. We will use all the responses we have received in due course. Please keep these coming and do not hesitate to send us all your thoughts and queries on anything Millennium and Frank Black related and as you can see from this entry you do not have to use your real name to qualify. If you would like to complete the brief questionnaire I have listed the questions below for your perusal.

1. About You.

2. Why are you a fan?

3. How long have you been a fan?

4. What's your favorite episode.

5. What's your favorite scene or moment?

6. If a movie was made which characters would you like to see in it?

7. Why do you think Millennium should come back?

8. What are you watching right now?

We are constantly trying to devise new and exciting ways you guys can get more involved in the campaign and the ways in which you can do this are not limited to our suggestions and creativity alone. If you have an idea for a way you would like to contribute to the campaign do not hesitate to send us an email. We will respond to each and every one of you. We look forward to hearing from you all!

Lights! Camera! Caption! Competition winner!

A day later than advertised, we are proud to publish the winner of the Lights! Camera! Caption! competition! We are looking to throw a few more of the fun entries to this event later in the week! In the meantime, enjoy Jósef's great caption!

And for those who don't get it, perhaps we can encourage you to listen to Lance Henriksen's interview in the Fangoria podcast available on ITunes (search for Fangoria Radio and look for Lance in the listings) or read the transcription HERE!