We are continually encouraged and very honoured to have the opportunity to meet so many new and passionate fans of Millennium. Whilst we were aware of the constant activity within the Millennium fan community, we never anticipated such enthusiastic and considerable support from far and wide. Once again, we were delighted when an unexpected email of support dropped in our lap and on this occasion from a respected, published author at that. We are undeniably grateful to Mr. Sellars for offering us his support and blogging about our campaign. If this author and his work remain undiscovered to you, allow me to introduce him by quoting from his own bio.

M. R. Sellars is a relatively unassuming homebody who considers himself just a “guy with a lot of nightmares and a word processing program.” His first full-length novel, Harm None, hit bookstore shelves in 2000 and he hasn’t stopped writing since. He says that the biggest adjustment he has had to make with his writing career is coping with the time spent away from his family while traveling on promotional tours. Still, he approaches it with the same humorously deadpan and occasionally acerbic wit that he applies to life in general.

All of the current novels in Sellars’ continuing Rowan Gant Investigations saga have spent several consecutive weeks on numerous bookstore bestseller lists as well as a consistent showing on the Horror/Occult top 100.

We would encourage all supporters of our campaign to visit his highly entertaining blog and, if you are unfamiliar with him, to discover his work for the first time. To read his blog entry and to show your support for him and his efforts on our behalf please visit here!

Thank you, Mr. Sellars. Your support is very much appreciated!

Dear Supporters,

We have constantly espoused the opinion that Millennium fans are amongst the most creative and energised fans we have had the pleasure of communing with. Allow us to provide true testament to this fact by sharing with you an email of support and interest in us from a community of independent artists. is a haven and resource for independent artists seeking to offer each other support via a movement they have created. Not only are they a group of extremely talented individuals but they are admirers of Millennium's celebrated artistry and have written an article discussing this fact. Allow me to quote from this very enjoyable article.

What Millennium did, that many other cancelled TV shows failed on, was to attract intelligent, ambitious and enthusiastic viewers who appreciated the creativeness of the show instead of the general mainstream elements that we see daily (hint: Fringe). More importantly, its originality influenced fans from around the world to expand their creativity. We can see the traces of the show in many independent features of today, such as the psychological thriller The Artifice.
Some devoted artists created their own continuing to the series named Millennium Apocalypse. Recently, the most striving, organised and promising fan campaign to bring the Millennium back for a feature (Back To Frank Black), interviewed the creators of Millennium Apocalypse.
To show your support for them and to view the article in full pay them a visit at with so many artistically inclined individuals amongst our supporters I am sure that, in addition to enjoying their article, you will find much that will be of interest to you. As always, if you have a website, a blog or contribute as part of an online community, consider expressing your support for us in the same way as has. In return we will of course extend this support back to you.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK spots more interviews with Lance Henriksen!

Our erstwhile media detective, Mr Mark Hayden spotted this fine interview with Lance Henriksen at

Among other things, Lance speaks about Millennium - a topic which again raises its head without BacktoFrankBlack's interference!

Below is an extract from the interview - click here to read the full interview!

And just one more I meant to ask earlier: has there ever been any talk of continuing “Millennium”?

Lance Henriksen: There has been talk about doing a film.

Would you be up for that?

Lance Henriksen: : Chris Carter said it’s a long shot, but he would like to do it, and I said I would like to do it. It looks like there’s a giant wave of fans out there that are going on the internet and everywhere else to see that happen.

FOX seems to be the place to be when it comes to that sort of thing. “Futurama” was brought back on DVD, “Dead Like Me” was brought back on DVD.

Lance Henriksen: : Right. I’ve done more movies for Fox than any other studio.

So if they come calling, you’re ready?

Lance Henriksen: : Oh yeah. Shit, yeah, I’ve been ready for a long time.


Dear Supporters,

As you may be aware we have been incredible lucky of late to receive the support and an offer of an interview from Lucy Butler herself, Sarah-Jane Redmond. We are in the process of finalising the questions for her interview but we were absolutely delighted to receive so many emails expressing your support for her and your admiration of her work. We have passed a summary of all your comments to the Webmaster of her official website and he has kindly brought Sarah-Jane's attention to your best wishes, I know she will be thrilled to hear how highly regarded she is.

So whilst we beaver away behind the scenes putting the finishing touches to her interview why not drop by her official site and spend some time in the only Sarah-Jane Redmond site worth your attention. Allow me to quote the words of her webmaster who is, co-incidentally, not only a campaign supporter but the sole reason that Millennium Fandom, and this campaign, exists as such a coordinated body of people a decade since the show's demise.

This website features detailed information, articles and interviews with Sarah-Jane and now contains improved navigation and search facilities, together with new media which includes video clips of Sarah-Jane in many of her most popular roles.

Its now even easier to keep up to date with Sarah-Jane's latest roles and film, television and DVD release dates. Plus we are now able to offer a range of official autographs signed by Sarah-Jane herself in our new online store, helping to support charitable causes. We hope you like the new improved!

So without further ado head over here and check it out and don't forget, spread the word, we know you appreciate all those who made Millennium the fine body of art it remains to this day.