Dear Supporters,

As you may be aware we have been incredible lucky of late to receive the support and an offer of an interview from Lucy Butler herself, Sarah-Jane Redmond. We are in the process of finalising the questions for her interview but we were absolutely delighted to receive so many emails expressing your support for her and your admiration of her work. We have passed a summary of all your comments to the Webmaster of her official website and he has kindly brought Sarah-Jane's attention to your best wishes, I know she will be thrilled to hear how highly regarded she is.

So whilst we beaver away behind the scenes putting the finishing touches to her interview why not drop by her official site and spend some time in the only Sarah-Jane Redmond site worth your attention. Allow me to quote the words of her webmaster who is, co-incidentally, not only a campaign supporter but the sole reason that Millennium Fandom, and this campaign, exists as such a coordinated body of people a decade since the show's demise.

This website features detailed information, articles and interviews with Sarah-Jane and now contains improved navigation and search facilities, together with new media which includes video clips of Sarah-Jane in many of her most popular roles.

Its now even easier to keep up to date with Sarah-Jane's latest roles and film, television and DVD release dates. Plus we are now able to offer a range of official autographs signed by Sarah-Jane herself in our new online store, helping to support charitable causes. We hope you like the new improved!

So without further ado head over here and check it out and don't forget, spread the word, we know you appreciate all those who made Millennium the fine body of art it remains to this day.


Benedict Angel said... March 23, 2009 at 9:30 AM

Must admit as much as I love Lucy Butler - never checked out the site! Bookmarked!

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