BACKTOFRANKBLACK spots more interviews with Lance Henriksen!

Our erstwhile media detective, Mr Mark Hayden spotted this fine interview with Lance Henriksen at

Among other things, Lance speaks about Millennium - a topic which again raises its head without BacktoFrankBlack's interference!

Below is an extract from the interview - click here to read the full interview!

And just one more I meant to ask earlier: has there ever been any talk of continuing “Millennium”?

Lance Henriksen: There has been talk about doing a film.

Would you be up for that?

Lance Henriksen: : Chris Carter said it’s a long shot, but he would like to do it, and I said I would like to do it. It looks like there’s a giant wave of fans out there that are going on the internet and everywhere else to see that happen.

FOX seems to be the place to be when it comes to that sort of thing. “Futurama” was brought back on DVD, “Dead Like Me” was brought back on DVD.

Lance Henriksen: : Right. I’ve done more movies for Fox than any other studio.

So if they come calling, you’re ready?

Lance Henriksen: : Oh yeah. Shit, yeah, I’ve been ready for a long time.

2 Responses to "BACKTOFRANKBLACK spots more interviews with Lance Henriksen!"

Robert Sharpe said... March 18, 2009 at 11:47 AM

Lance Henriksen gives such brilliant interview made all the more enjoyable by imagining his voice speaking the words. A great interview that covers almost all of his career. A wonderful individual and a fabulous actor!

Benedict Angel said... March 23, 2009 at 9:30 AM

Yes FOX - look at Futurama - do the same for Millennium!! Pretty please?

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