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We have constantly espoused the opinion that Millennium fans are amongst the most creative and energised fans we have had the pleasure of communing with. Allow us to provide true testament to this fact by sharing with you an email of support and interest in us from a community of independent artists. is a haven and resource for independent artists seeking to offer each other support via a movement they have created. Not only are they a group of extremely talented individuals but they are admirers of Millennium's celebrated artistry and have written an article discussing this fact. Allow me to quote from this very enjoyable article.

What Millennium did, that many other cancelled TV shows failed on, was to attract intelligent, ambitious and enthusiastic viewers who appreciated the creativeness of the show instead of the general mainstream elements that we see daily (hint: Fringe). More importantly, its originality influenced fans from around the world to expand their creativity. We can see the traces of the show in many independent features of today, such as the psychological thriller The Artifice.
Some devoted artists created their own continuing to the series named Millennium Apocalypse. Recently, the most striving, organised and promising fan campaign to bring the Millennium back for a feature (Back To Frank Black), interviewed the creators of Millennium Apocalypse.
To show your support for them and to view the article in full pay them a visit at with so many artistically inclined individuals amongst our supporters I am sure that, in addition to enjoying their article, you will find much that will be of interest to you. As always, if you have a website, a blog or contribute as part of an online community, consider expressing your support for us in the same way as has. In return we will of course extend this support back to you.

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Robert Sharpe said... March 19, 2009 at 8:00 AM

Very interesting indeed. Not much of an artist myself but have friends who would certainly find this community of interest. Will bring it to their attention!

Benedict Angel said... March 23, 2009 at 9:29 AM

Support comes from all sorts of places! The campaign never ceases to surprise me!

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