Scr3am for a blooper!

Here at BacktoFrankBlack we wish there could be Millennium news everyday, but that of course isn't possible. So, we try to post things that we think all of you will enjoy besides Millennium content. You will see more updates on what cast & crew are up to currently. Many of them have exciting projects coming up and are very happy to share them with us.

We also enjoy a good laugh. One of the great things about DVD and Blu-ray releases is that you usually get a blooper reel. Well, we have another gem from Lance Henriksen. As I am sure you all know, Lance was in Scream 3 and let's just say that he was having an issue with one of his lines.

Take it away Lance!

Actress Missy Crider is Butterfly Dreaming

One of the amazing things about working on this fan campaign is the fact the we get to interact with various cast and crew from the show Millennium. As you have seen in the past, many of them have a special place in their hearts for the time they worked on the show. They have been nothing short of amazing as far as supporting the campaign. When we can, we like to pay the favor back. Today we are going to do that.

Missy Crider is a beautiful, talented young actress making a name for herself in the movie industry. You will remember her from her amazing performance in the Season 2 episode In Arcadia Ego. She has supported BacktoFrankBlack from beginning and has been nothing short of amazing to the campaign. Not only do we consider her a friend to the campaign, but a friend to the people behind the campaign. She is now beginning the promotion process for a movie she is starring in called Butterfly Dreaming.

Butterfly Dreaming is starting to generate some serious buzz. The film stars Missy Crider, Andrew Bowen and James McDaniel. The film was an Official Selections at the Seattle International Film Festival as well as winning Best Thriller at the 2008 Santa Monica Film Festival! Read the the following synopsis of the film and I think you will agree with me that this is definitely a must see film:

Anxious dreams, hallucinations, and paranoid reality torment a young math professor in the aftermath of his wife's death in a car accident. As madness, addiction and affairs send the story spiraling towards its conclusion, the truth about what really happened to the professor's wife comes into focus.

BacktoFrankBlack had the pleasure to speak briefly with Missy about this film and she is definitely excited for the fans to see it! Please support our good friend Missy Crider by visiting the Butterfly Dreaming website here. Make sure you keep checking back to find out when the movie will be playing in your area.

BacktoFrankBlack would like to thank Missy again for her continued friendship and support of our campaign.

Seven and One: Peter McKiernan

And welcome to another blog by you, the ever faithful harbinger of the apocalypse and/or Millennium fan! Seven and One time, and this week, we have another fan answering the "advanced set".

Peter from Belfast in Northern Ireland answers our questionnaire this time, prepare yourselves for some in-depth answers to our pretty thorough questions. Enjoy.


1. About You.

WHite male, aged 30, live in Belfast Northern Ireland, cult/sci-fi/fantasy TV geek since childhood :)

2. What was the most horrifying moment in the show?

Its gotta be Lamentation, and the whole sequence with Catherine wandering around in the dark, with the lightning flashing, the kidney in the fridge and the devil-like figure on the stairs. I loved this episode, for me it was a perfect fusion of the detective/cop procedural, and out-and-out supernatural horror. And it scared me. A lot. I was just turning 18 when it aired in Ireland.

3. What's your favourite quote from the show?

Jose: "I humbly add my own prophecy of what the dawn of the new millennium shall bring forth: one thousand years of the same old crap."

4. What's your favourite piece of music in Millennium (incidental or song)?

So hard to choose. Apart from the theme tune, I'd have to say its the score to The Wild and the Innocent." Beautiful music. But there are so many other good examples too.

5. What is your opinion as to the nature of Frank's Gift?

Its definitely something more than just intuition. In later season one episodes there were hints at Jordan inheriting his gift. Season 2 then gave numerous examples of something more, with it changing and broadening, and it being compared with Lara's angels visions. I think its Anemesis where Lara says clearly that Frank sees evil, whereas she can only know it is in her vicinity by seeing angels. Late in season 3, in Seven and One, Frank says something to his therapist, I cant remember exactly, but it was something that combined the pilot description of him seeing what the killer sees, and evil as a real presence. I loved that.

6. What's your favourite episode ending?

Can I give a few answers to this one? :)

1. Season 2 finale - I had never seen anything like that on TV, it was so final, and dark. No happy ending there! (I'm including Lara's insanity Act with the final scene here, it blew me away and introduced me to Patti SMith, along with Dancing Barefoot from Anemesis). I was so excited by this series at this stage, and no one I knew was watching it, as it was on very late on Irish terrestrial TV, and not prime time, like X-Files.

2. End of Seven and One - I actually thought this was a perfect series finale, if they'd changed the episode order around a little. Frank cradling a traumatised Emma, reciting some quotes and talking about the end of civilisation, with glimpses into his psyche, references to Catherine, his childhood losses etc. I loved it. Always found it a little odd that it was followed by a serial killer type episode, as if nothing had happened, although that was a good episode also.

1. If you were given the chance to make a Millennium movie, what would you focus on and why?

I would focus on Frank, obviously, maybe continuing the idea of pure evil in the context of possible apocalypse, either secular or religious, as in Owls and Roosters, with references to terrorism, suicide bombings etc, what's happening in our world now. Maybe the idea of a higher power, both good and evil, overseeing events, but most people are oblivious to it and are still victims of their own nature, freewill, greed, instincts etc etc (I'm thinking of another recently ended critically acclaimed genre show that I loved and had a few Millennium faces in it)

Email your "seven and one" profile to and we'll share you those responses to the Millennium world! We have a choice of 2 questionnaires - up to you which you use!

HARD SET (new!):
1. About You.
2. What was the most horrifying
moment in the show?

3. What's your favourite quote from the show?
4. What's your
favourite piece of music in Millennium (incidental or song)?

5. What is your
opinion as to the nature of Frank's Gift?
6. What's your
favourite episode ending?
1. If you were given the chance to
make a Millennium movie, what would you focus on and why?

1. About You.
2. Why are you a fan?
3. How long have
you been a fan?

4. What's your favorite episode?
5. What's your
favorite scene or moment?

6. If a movie was made which characters
would you like to see in it?

1. What are you watching right now?

Ezekiel Editorial: Summer Millennium Lovin'

After three weeks of wearing a digital blindfold, I'm back to the fold, to help shepherd more Millennium wonders taped to some very frightened sheep into the pen of Millennium fans. The wonky metaphors are back, as is the wish to be less sober. Back to the grind.

This editorial is to serve two purposes, first and foremost to give you a round-up of what's going down in the 'hood, so to speak, and second to offer a thanks and a sticky badge labelled "kudos" to my colleague Troy Foreman.

Troy has worked flat out these past three weeks on his lonesome, keeping the blog uptodate, Facebook running, scheduling interviews and planning future events. On top of that, he's kept me informed on what's up to virtually every single day. While he never looks for thanks - and as a preference, I prefer to avoid giving any where possible as it makes me feel awkward, his hard work needs a shout out, so here be the shout out.

On more interesting news than Troy L Foreman (the L stands for "Fanboy", I haven't the heart to tell him he's got the wrong initial in his name), here's what you really want to know: what's coming up this summer.

Well those who have been watching the blog or following the Facebook or tapping into our phonecalls (yeah we know (this is) who you are), will have seen we just did a block interview day with both Director/Producer Tom Wright and Writer/Producer James Wong. Those interviews - in my opinion - went down a treat, so look forward to those. Both gents needed no persuasion to come talk to us, having heard how interested you guys were in their work. For James, I think finding out about the campaign and how interested people still are in Millennium has given him an opportunity to enjoyably revisit the work he'd long put behind him. For Tom, well, he just loves Millennium. So I think you'll all find both interviews very fascinating indeed.

On top of that, the charity work contines as we plead for material from our contacts. Yes, this now half a year past when we projected to do the event, but we had no idea of the scope and the logistics - it's a learning game and we're only human. The task has been bigger than we anticipated and we'd rather do a good job with the best array of items to auction than just bang it out for the sake of it. The charity, Children of the Night - to help get kids out of prostitution - is possibly one of the best causes I could imagine working for, so I want this done the best we can. So yes, we're still pushing to get that ready. That's still very much on the cards.

We have another three interviews scheduled (in my off-the-cuff-should-have-written-them-down brain) and we'll be throwing word out on those shortly. So summer will be one for interviews again. We've got another "event week" planned as well, more on that next week.

Speaking of Millennium Group Sessions - we have another panel discussion in the works, a couple perhaps. So stay tuned for those.

On top of that, the work we whispered to you back in Feb with Lance continues. Just so you know we're not yanking your chain or putting teasers out unnecessarily. Yes, again this is another example as with the charity of timing proving more difficult than anticipated - but the bigger the plan, the harder it is to place the pieces, so there is occasionally some drift. That's life - but the intentions are still there. Our hope had been to announce at BIFFF but unfortunately logistics meant we had to step back and reassess how we were to do this particular project. So again, its still ongoing.

Media wise, we're still pushing the boat. Troy is looking at more radio promotions, we are now looking at FOX more closely and seeing what can be done that side.

On top of this, we have of course the usual regular material. We'll have a Seven and One tomorrow, DiRT is still delivering his "Here's My Thing", and we'll be keeping you up to date with all the announcements and events that work around the world of Millennium.

Should be fun. Stay with us.