Ezekiel Editorial: Summer Millennium Lovin'

After three weeks of wearing a digital blindfold, I'm back to the fold, to help shepherd more Millennium wonders taped to some very frightened sheep into the pen of Millennium fans. The wonky metaphors are back, as is the wish to be less sober. Back to the grind.

This editorial is to serve two purposes, first and foremost to give you a round-up of what's going down in the 'hood, so to speak, and second to offer a thanks and a sticky badge labelled "kudos" to my colleague Troy Foreman.

Troy has worked flat out these past three weeks on his lonesome, keeping the blog uptodate, Facebook running, scheduling interviews and planning future events. On top of that, he's kept me informed on what's up to virtually every single day. While he never looks for thanks - and as a preference, I prefer to avoid giving any where possible as it makes me feel awkward, his hard work needs a shout out, so here be the shout out.

On more interesting news than Troy L Foreman (the L stands for "Fanboy", I haven't the heart to tell him he's got the wrong initial in his name), here's what you really want to know: what's coming up this summer.

Well those who have been watching the blog or following the Facebook or tapping into our phonecalls (yeah we know (this is) who you are), will have seen we just did a block interview day with both Director/Producer Tom Wright and Writer/Producer James Wong. Those interviews - in my opinion - went down a treat, so look forward to those. Both gents needed no persuasion to come talk to us, having heard how interested you guys were in their work. For James, I think finding out about the campaign and how interested people still are in Millennium has given him an opportunity to enjoyably revisit the work he'd long put behind him. For Tom, well, he just loves Millennium. So I think you'll all find both interviews very fascinating indeed.

On top of that, the charity work contines as we plead for material from our contacts. Yes, this now half a year past when we projected to do the event, but we had no idea of the scope and the logistics - it's a learning game and we're only human. The task has been bigger than we anticipated and we'd rather do a good job with the best array of items to auction than just bang it out for the sake of it. The charity, Children of the Night - to help get kids out of prostitution - is possibly one of the best causes I could imagine working for, so I want this done the best we can. So yes, we're still pushing to get that ready. That's still very much on the cards.

We have another three interviews scheduled (in my off-the-cuff-should-have-written-them-down brain) and we'll be throwing word out on those shortly. So summer will be one for interviews again. We've got another "event week" planned as well, more on that next week.

Speaking of Millennium Group Sessions - we have another panel discussion in the works, a couple perhaps. So stay tuned for those.

On top of that, the work we whispered to you back in Feb with Lance continues. Just so you know we're not yanking your chain or putting teasers out unnecessarily. Yes, again this is another example as with the charity of timing proving more difficult than anticipated - but the bigger the plan, the harder it is to place the pieces, so there is occasionally some drift. That's life - but the intentions are still there. Our hope had been to announce at BIFFF but unfortunately logistics meant we had to step back and reassess how we were to do this particular project. So again, its still ongoing.

Media wise, we're still pushing the boat. Troy is looking at more radio promotions, we are now looking at FOX more closely and seeing what can be done that side.

On top of this, we have of course the usual regular material. We'll have a Seven and One tomorrow, DiRT is still delivering his "Here's My Thing", and we'll be keeping you up to date with all the announcements and events that work around the world of Millennium.

Should be fun. Stay with us.

2 Responses to "Ezekiel Editorial: Summer Millennium Lovin'"

Anonymous said... May 24, 2010 at 9:11 AM

HI there
Great to read about so much happening, and enthusiasm for the show. Been sending a few facebook messages and emails towards your good selves in the last few weeks having discovered and listened to pretty much all of the podcasts lol. I'm all about Millennium at the minute, trying to work out top five episodes, but it isnt easy.
Peter :)

Adam Chamberlain said... May 24, 2010 at 1:03 PM

Welcome back, James, and here's looking forward to some summer Millennium lovin', proving we can still be dark throughout the brightest of days! Sounds like a packed schedule - looking forward to it and the fruits of your labours.

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