Here's My Thing.. The Pilot!

DiRT's back with possibly one of his best reviews yet (myself and Troy were talking about this baby earlier - Troy is in love with this vid!). This review is of the quintessential Millennium episode, the dark, grisly "Pilot". So what does DiRT thing? Here it is! Press play and find out!

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Screamstress talks to Lance about Millennium has just published part three of their Lance Henriksen interview. The third part focuses on his work on Millennium and his passion for art. Well worth reading. Alison Nastasi who runs Screamstress is a big supporter of the BacktoFrankBlack campaign and we hope to see a few articles from herself on Millennium in the coming months.

An excerpt follows:

Alison: I’ve been supporting the Millennium campaign spearheaded by the guys at Back to Frank Black, to see the show make a return. Are you ready to play Frank again?

Lance: Sure, I am. We’ve been trying to get things rolling. Again, it’s all an adventure so who knows what’s going to happen. We’re all just trying to contribute as much as we can to try and make it happen. If it happens we’ll all be in a theater somewhere or shaking hands saying ‘Look what we did.’ It will really be something.

Alison: I’d love to see it happen. I heard you were approached by investors looking to make an independent Millennium movie. Any updates on this?

.... for the answer to Alison's questions - and more - click here!

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Music video - The Mikado!

A neatly timed pun from the coy Josef, we present another Millennium music video - this week we have our own Avatar to challenge Mr Cameron's film, yes, I speak of the Zodiac inspired killer from the rather super excellent Perry scribed season two episode The Mikado.

So sit back and enjoy another slice of visual Millennium courtesy of Josef and BacktoFrankBlack!

Watch out for a BacktoFrankBlack audio update coming up later this week!

Muir speaks to Chris Carter.. and BacktotoFrankBlack

Last month, John Kenneth Muir - the popular writer, reviewer and all round repository for cult, horror and fantasy - published an interview between himself and Millennium creator Chris Carter.

We are proud to announce BacktoFrankBlack will be interviewing John later this month - an interview that has been in the wings for nearly a year now. In the meantime, for those who haven't, I strong recommend reading his interview with Chris Carter - an excerpt follows:

JKM: I know that you're paying attention to this. There's been this fantastic movement, and a group, called Back to Frank Black, dedicated to the resurrection of Millennium. The show seems more popular now
than ever. Is a Millennium feature film something you are interested in pursuing?

: I would like to do it. But it is going to take interest on the studio side for it to happen. Everyone involved with Millennium has left the studio. The people there now know it ran for three years and that it starred Lance Henriksen, and that's all. You have
to find reasons to interest them.

Given that the Millennium is passed -- and without giving away specifics -- what kind of storyline would interest you for a Millennium motion picture?

Considering we're engaged in a War on Terror that is ongoing, I'd like to see Frank and the Millennium Group distill something from that war that is...interesting..

The rest of the article can be read here. It is a long and fascinating interview - I strongly recommend any Millennium fan digesting it.

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