BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions starts TOMORROW!

BacktoFrankBlack is proud to announce the first episode of their brand new podcast service available from tomorrow on ITunes and through

From Sunday 3rd May 2009, the pilot episode for this podcast will be downloadable in two different formats to choose from:

  • Enhanced Podcast for Itunes and Ipods with exclusive embedded images (15MB) that will be available for FREE from the Itunes store or direct link from our website.

  • Full high quality MP3 (60MB) again available for FREE on our website. This version will contain no images but will be a high quality audio file.

The first pilot episode of this service will contain a broad spectrum of information concerning the campaign, Millennium, its cast/crew and beyond. These podcasts hosted by myself, Jim McLean and Troy Foreman of ThaDarksideVibe. They are an informal affair aimed to be entertaining as much as informative. Props will also go to Mark Hayden, our news/promotions agent who provides much support for the show.

The first one will be 60 minutes and available tomorrow. Keep an eye on ITunes and this blog for more details!


It goes without saying that we are a busy bunch of individuals these days and this week has been no exception, particularly for my erstwhile colleagues Jim and Troy who's free time has been devoured by our exclusive campaign podcast due to hit the airwaves this weekend. Until normal service resumes, allow me to fill the small, but necessary, gap in our usual Blog output with a few words from your hero and mine, Lance Henriksen. Speaking to, Lance was speaking about his recent movie, Screamers: The Hunting, but took yet another opportunity to espouse his desire to see Millennium on the big screen.

“‘Millennium’ was definitely a show before its time,” he commented. “I always thought it was funny that grown men would come up to me on the street and tell me how much that show actually scared them.

“I never even watched the show until the DVD box sets came out. I knew that some of the episodes we did on “Millennium” were brilliant but I never realized just how much until I sat down and watched them for myself. We made some big strides in doing exceptional work for network television. I am still so proud of everything that show was,”

While not a solid reality, the possibility of a “Millennium” film is still feasible,

“I really think a movie would wield a lot of power. I know it’s something that fans and all of us who worked on the show would really love to do because of the possibilities about getting that story up on the big screen. On TV, everything is so sanitized so getting to do Frank’s story on the big screen would be amazing for me. And I know it’s something Chris (Carter) has always wanted to do.”

Ten years, and more, since the demise of Millennium and Lance remains shoulder to shoulder with the fans of the franchise that this chapter should be re-opened and Millennium given the treatment it so readily lends itself to. Let us, as fans, send a message loud and clear to those that hold the fortunes of this franchise in their hands.

We wait, we worry, we care! This is who we are!

To support Lance and the campaign!

The main focus of our campaign falls upon the influential souls at 20th Century Fox who are judge, jury and executioner with regards to commissioning proposals and appraising submissions. To this end we ask that you address your letters and Polaroids to Michael Broidy. Michael was not only receptive to a similar campaign launched by fans of the X-Files franchise but was impressed by demonstrations of fan unity and in taking the time to respond to campaigners demonstrated that he was aware of the power of consensus. We ask that if you contribute once and once only you ensure that this individual is the focus of your efforts.

Address your campaign efforts to:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035


As you may know, yesterday saw the recording of an exclusive new podcast for all you Millennium fans courtesy of James, Troy and but aside from the fun and the folics this campaign does have a mandate and that is where you come in. One question we get asked a lot is "what can I do to help bring Frank and Millennium back?"

So here are some simple tips as to how you can help, kind wonderful Millennium fans that you are!


We mention this quite a lot - letters are oh-so-important. A campaign can succeed on letters. They demonstrate genuine consumer support. An internet petition is great (and yes we do have one, but let's stick to letters for now), but anyone can spend sixty seconds clicking a link and adding a name. If you can imagine being in the position of deciding on what multi-million dollar project you are going to green-light, would you put faith solely on a net petition? No. It may help give you an idea of interest in a show, but letters on a desk shows someone who has written, printed, posted their support - that's a far bigger commitment.

We appreciate letter writing isn't easy - so we have a page at to help you. Simply click here to be taken there!

DVD sales:
We don't want to harass you into buying DVDs, but if you are looking at a way to support backtoFrankBlack you can't go wrong with purchasing the DVDs - simply because alongside letters, a display of consumer power really turns industry heads. If the DVDs sell well, it shows people don't just like the show, they'll pay for it. Money - believe it or not - goes a long way in the entertainment industry my sweethearts. Click one of the links on this site to go and purchase from, or pick your own method of purchase!

Doesn't really matter where, as you long as you support Millennium by buying Millennium - and you can get some pretty good deals on the DVD sets as well. If you don't live in the States, we recommend maybe looking at places closer to home that would incur delivery, for instance, or for British followers. Look for the bargains!

We must confess, through this busy year the core BTFB team haven't headed out to the horror/sci-fi cons, but again, this is something we'd love to see people do: going to conventions and chatting about Millennium. Thanks to M.R. Sellars and Benjamin J. Szumskyj we know hundreds of flyers have already been distributed amongst convention goers! If you fancy doing the same don't be afraid to take flyers with you to a convention or merely wag that tongue and tell people what's going on. Tell them about BacktoFrankBlack, tell them how Lance is keen to come back in the roll. And of course, let us know you're doing it! The more feedback we get back from you guys, the more we can use to promote ourselves! Show us you are spreading the word at the cons, and we can then tell industry/media contacts that is what you merry people are doing!

If you meet any of the cast and crew from Millennium, send us a picture of you with those talented people and we'll post it here!

Lance is very keen to see a Millennium theme run at a con - and willing to help trying and pull some support from the cast and crew! If we knew you people were interested, your feedback might make it happen. It's just talk at the moment, but who knows - if we get the interest the idea might sell!

Help us on this blog!
We have several inititives running at the moment - some with prizes!
Again, we're a platform for the fans, so we are very happy for fans to take the stage and show their love for Millennium! If you want to link to this blog - and vise versa - let us know and we'll add you as an affiliate!

Spread the word
  • Post about us on your blogs, put us in your signatures, tell the internet all about us! We have a load of banners and icons for you to download and even some wallpapers and avatars to help give you that BacktoFrankBlack identity you've always wanted!
  • Join us on twitter! Help grow our social network at
  • Our Myspace is a growing community as well! Link in with us at!
Don't be afraid to tell us what you think. You may notice the DVD links on the blog and website. These are there because someone recommended we did it, so we did. We appreciate feedback. Contact us on or if you want to speak to me You can help us shape YOUR campaign. Because in the end, this campaign is for the fans.

Finally... don't give up hope!
We have Lance firmly on our side, the media has been very receptive, the cast and crew we've interviewed are very eager. Lance has even said he's noticed rumblings of interest within the industry towards the campaign. Your voice is vital - don't miss the opportunity to get involved!

We have more stuff planned: big interviews, interactive events, giveaways and more so bookmark us, talk to us, and let's really work together to bring Frank Black back!