Thank you Millennium fans - Part II

Well, the latest contest is turning out to be a good one! We are getting a lot of responses and we truly appreciate that. Keep them coming, Millennium fans. Due to the overwhelming response, we will now be selecting two winners, so good luck! The deadline will be this Saturday at 1pm EST. Here is the cool part: the winners will be able to choose the photo of their choice from three different photos. How's that for a nice surprise? Here are the options:

Remember, keep sending in those entries and, again, you have until 1pm EST this Saturday! We will announce the winners this coming Sunday on a brand new episode of the Millennium Group Sessions podcast. We will be interviewing Joseph Maddrey from Nightmares in Red, White & Blue. We also have a special guest drop in to make a very special announcement that I think will make all of the Millennium fans happy! No, it's not a movie announcement, but still very cool!

Also, don't forget to send in those entries for the Millennium Movie Poster Project competition! We have had some great submissions and are looking forward to many more. You have until August 29th to submit as many entries as you'd like!

Thank you Millennium fans!

As myself and the rest of the BacktoFrankBlack team continue to work hard behind the scenes and on this campaign to bring Millennium to the big screen, we must also take the time to thank you, the fans. Millennium went off the air in 1999, yet in 2010, the show is even more popular than ever! There would be no way that this campaign could exist without the support of the Millennium fandom. After all, it is you that will have the voice that could bring Millennium to the big screen!

Sometimes with all the hard work that goes on with this campaign, we forget to say thank you to the fans for all the support. So, as a small token of saying thank you, we are giving away a very cool autographed photo of Lance Henriksen. It's simple, just send your mailing address to and we will pick a random person to win the prize.

Please continue to send those postcards, tell your family and friends about Millennium. Most importantly, go out and purchase those DVD boxsets and let FOX know that money can be made with a Millennium film. From everyone behind BacktoFrankBlack, THANK YOU!