PopcornMonster.com talks Millennium!

A feature on BacktoFrankBlack and Millennium has adorned the front page of Popcornmonster.com! To read the article in full, click here! It's more or a less an update for fans who don't necessarily check backtofrankblack.com - and in this campaign such support is vital as we desperately need to reach bases that don't come here, so we are very thankful indeed to have Popcornmonster.com's support for the return of Frank Black and a Millennium movie!

Deviating a little from topic, there is also a fun post on Frank Spotnitz responding to PCM's idea for X-Files 3.

Popcornmonster is a great site - we have a banner on both the blog and the main B2FB site for your easy access, plus they are on our blog affilates. Please check them out.


... in other news, don't forget myself, Troy and Lance are on WGN this Saturday at 10pm central. We're there in the listings so there is no excuse in forgetting!

Lance Henriksen: The Voice of Droid!

Lance Henriksen is now the official voice of Verizon's Droid phone! The adverts came out last night - here are two of those adverts. Have to say, he nails the phone's slogan at the end of the ad! Check it out. Sounds to me like Bishop is out of retirement again!

Lance Henriksen and BacktoFrankBlack on Nick Digilio's WGN Radio Show this Saturday!

A big exclusive update for you Millennium/BacktoFrankBlack/Lance Henriksen fans,
Lance, myself and Troy Foreman will be appearing on Nick Digilio's radio show on WGN Radio 720 thisSaturday at 10pm Central time.

We urge all you gorgeous guys and lovely ladies to tune in. Will mean a very early morning for yours truly, but heck a good start to the day I have to say! Expect conversation on Lance, his projects, Millennium and of course, BacktoFrankBlack!

For more information on Nick's radio show, click the following link.

Seven and One: Kevin!

It's time to roll out another Seven and One! This week's Millennium fan is Kevin (Icubud)! Thank you Kevin for standing up and explaining your Millennium love to one and all. If you wish to complete a Seven and One yourselves and follow Kevin's wonderful example, simply email us on the address at the end of the blog entry. Remember, we have a basic and advanced Seven and One - take your pick which you would prefer to answer. Both are listed at the bottom of this post!

So without further ado! Shout out your Millennium wuv Kevin!

1. About You.

My name is Kevin, a.k.a. icubud, I work as an analyst at consumer goods corporation. In my spare time I am either reading [currently Stoker’s “Dracula”), creative writing, completing assignments as I am pursuing an MBA, or hanging out with my wife catching up on all the DVR shows of the week over the weekend.

2. Why are you a fan?

Millennium was the pick for me from the very beginning. The character, career, and life’s baggage of Frank appealed to me. The concept of the family, new starts, and the yellow house spoke volumes visually that many people wish they had the opportunity to actually do. As the show developed and we learned more about the millennium group, good vs. evil, conspiracy theories, and the Old Man – Frank’s journeys were my journeys too – and what a ride.

3. How long have you been a fan?

Since première of the pilot episode and now own the series in DVD format as they were released.

4. What's your favorite episode?

Unfair question but expected. Mikado, Roosters & Owls, Hand of St. Sebastian - and pretty much all the others.

5. What's your favorite scene or moment?

  • The tender scenes with Jordan – it was so easy to see they enjoyed working together.
  • Frank kicking in Watts patio door
  • Scenes when the devil is watching him on Halloween.

6. If a movie was made which characters would you like to see in it?

Everyone back as themselves. Story line would need to be good vs. evil and "take it on" without holding back. Frank, Scholars, anthropologists, criminalists, etc. vs. the evil.

7. Why do you think Millennium should come back?

The story was not allowed to play out and Chris Carter and team rarely gave it the full focus of their attention and creativity. Just think how MORE awesome the show would have been!

8. What are you watching right now?

Fringe, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Chuck, UK’s “Demons”, Numbers, 24, and Bones

Email your "seven and one" profile to info@backtofrankblack.com and we'll share you those responses to the Millennium world! We have a choice of 2 questionnaires - up to you which you use!

HARD SET (new!):
1. About You.
2. What was the most horrifying moment in the show?
3. What's your favourite quote from the show?
4. What's your favourite piece of music in Millennium (incidental or song)?
5. What is your opinion as to the nature of Frank's Gift?
6. What's your favourite episode ending?
1. If you were given the chance to make a Millennium movie, what would you focus on and why?

1. About You.
2. Why are you a fan?
3. How long have you been a fan?
4. What's your favorite episode?
5. What's your favorite scene or moment?
6. If a movie was made which characters would you like to see in it?
1. What are you watching right now?

Don't be shy!

New footage from Lance's upcoming film The Witches of Oz

Some new exclusive content over at The Witches of Oz website www.followtheyellowbrickroad.com - there's a short movie that composites film footage and behind the scenes footage to the words of the projects head honcho and brain child, Leigh Scott.

Witces of Oz stars Millennium lead, Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen alongside Christopher Lloyd, Jason Mews, Mia Sara and those wonderful Hobbits, Billy Boyd and Sean Astin.

Check it out - looks fun!

Exclusive! Lance Henriksen: Voice of Verizon's Droid!

Lance wanted to let you guys and gals know first that he's made a deal with Verizon to be the voice of their new fabby phone "The Droid". Details can be found here, but what should interest you is the voice work Lance is doing for the promotion which should, if the man himself is correct, begin airing tomorrow.

So for now, enjoy this pretty hot of the presses news, and check back tomorrow. If the ad is up, we'll embed it here!

In other news, Lance is off to Calbasas for the The Method Fest screening of The Penitent Man and an FAQ session - he'll let us know how that goes as soon as he can.

Here's my B2FB T-Shirt...

Well, not actually "Here's My Thing", but it is DiRT interviewed in this toy memorabilia clip - what made this a little fun from a Back to Frank Black point-of-view is DiRT's wearing one of our T-Shirts. It's a fun clip about toys, but I'm very proud to see our Avatar shirt in there. I think Baz will be thrilled too. So here's a little Sunday fun!