X-Files Rumours Ahoy!

Some good news has surfaced for The X-Files, though I'm sure the true Philes will have this from their own sources, primarily XFilesNews.com. This bit of rather tasty hope comes from Fox All Access.

I'll report the nuggets as they have been compiled on X-Files News.

Fox All Access has posted some new information about a third X-Files movie: "This is what we know as of now. Discussions for XF3 are happening. Nobody will go on the record as of now. But as we told a few months ago David D, Gillian, and Chris Carter are on board and a script is in the works. This is good news! THE STUDIO HAS NOT SAID NO to XF3. Trust me that is even better news."

In another post, Fox All Access states, "Rumors have late 2012-2013. It depends on the budget, keeping the cost of the film down. XF2 made its money back and more worldwide and talks continue... Keep up the fight for XF3."

And in a post to a fan, Fox All Access writes, "Honestly, where there is smoke there is fire... Trust me, when we are seeing Blade Runner prequels, a remake of Total Recall, and more, I don't think Fox Film will let X-Files just sit and gather dust. It's way to valuable just to sit there." Some encouraging updates there!

And let me take this moment to wish Tiffany at X-Files News a very happy birthday. May Mulder arrive neatly wrapped in nothing else but a bow upon her front doorstep -- or whatever present suits her wishes!

Second Sight: "Weeds"

“Weeds” (24 January 1997)

Writer: Frank Spotnitz
Director: Michael Pattinson
Editor: George Richard Potter

Quote: “He sees his victim as ugly, decayed. The mutilation suggests that he wants us to see the boy the same way. He’s trying to tell us something... That he won’t stop killing until he makes us understand whatever it is he’s trying to communicate.” --Frank Black

Overview: In the presentation of its startling visions, “Weeds” faithfully follows the televisual template laid out in Millennium’s unforgettable pilot. Indeed, “Weeds” and “Pilot” are connected in many ways. This often gruesome whodunit allows us to experience both the nightmarish hallucinations of an obsessive killer as well as the investigative insights of our heroic criminal profiler. The episode’s killer, Edward Petey, has much in common with the Frenchman, not least the fact that he doesn’t see the world like everybody else. (How does he see it? “Differently.”) As a result, both “Weeds” and “Pilot” stand out as episodes of Millennium that, rather uncharacteristically, rely heavily on special effects make-up in the realization of their visions--special effects make-up encompassing more than the usual blood spatters and gore, make-up that alters the very physiology of the victims on display. As the episode’s title implies, Petey’s unique perception of Vista Verde Estates shows us a world dominated by decay, its residents wan and aged. Men and women of all ages, parents and children alike, are transformed into withered husks before our very eyes. The artists at Lindala Make-Up Effects had their work cut out for them with this installment.

Interestingly, the effect of such transformations, as in the pilot, almost subliminally suggests that there is something preternatural about the visions flashing before us on the television screen. That whisper of a paranormal sensibility originally suggested to the audience by the prior work of Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz seems, somewhat unfairly, to be enhanced by the use of obvious visual effects. When we see children transformed into the elderly in a flash of white light we know we are witnessing something wholly unnatural. It is difficult to shake the insinuation that what we are seeing is not simply some over-imaginative flourish born of a diseased mind but something far outside the realm of the natural. Our impression of Frank Black’s talents is affected by association. Once again, we are inspired to pose questions about the nature of his gift. Indeed, that seemingly miraculous facet of the profiler’s abilities hinted at in the early days of Millennium would soon be explored in dramatic fashion in another installment scripted by Frank Spotnitz.

Connections: The visions of “Weeds,” featuring extensive prosthetic work and old-age make-up, evoke the imagery of “Pilot,” featuring make-up depicting mutilated faces. For the Millennium viewer, it is difficult not to see Edward Petey’s distorted perception of the Comstock residence--that of a red house under roiling black clouds--as a stark negative of the imagery typically associated with the Black residence.

Trances in Total: 3 (0:11)

Gore Score: 7/10

Coming Next Monday: Thomas J. Wright Week!

A special week coming up, one that has been on the cards for sometime now, but with auctions, make or breaks and small things like like Christmas and New Year, it's been hard to find a slot where we could give it the room it deserves. Well, the time is now. Music, features, articles and interviews -- all regarding this one special fella!

What are we talking about? Play the video--thanks to Joselyn, as always--though the title to this blog and the video's name might give it away!

"Not Bad For A Human" - Update!

Here are the details for Lance Henriksen's upcoming book release! Back to Frank Black will have an exclusive competition relating to this release -- so watch out for that! We will also be reviewing Lance's book but, for now, here's a little detail into what the book has in store for you! Enjoy!



Lance Henriksen will be at the Armageddon Expo in Adelaide, Australia, this coming weekend – meeting fans, signing autographs and talking about his forthcoming autobiography, Not Bad for a Human. The iconic actor has been working with writer Joseph Maddrey for more than a year to make the project a reality. “This thing has taken on a life of its own,” Henriksen says. “It started with me and Joe talking in my living room, and it’s become a labor of love by a community of amazing artists.”

The book will be published in a limited edition by Steve Niles and Alex Lodermeier’s Bloody Pulp Books, and will feature original artwork by Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Tim Bradstreet, Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkiewicz and Tom Mandrake, among others. (The lineup may change.)

art by Bill Sienkiewicz

Niles, a well-known horror writer and creator of the 30 Days of Night series, says, "I had no intention of publishing a bio. It's funny because we started Bloody Pulp as a way to publish something I could sell at cons. Artists always have these really cool sketchbooks they sell, so I wanted to do a writer’s sketchbook of sorts. When I read Lance’s book I was so struck by the honesty of it, and the fact that he talked about the work and not gossip, it made me want to publish it... and here we are. I knew we were onto something when I started calling artists. Every single artist I called said yes to the project straight out. I told Lance that's the power of his work. He has fans everywhere."

Co-author Joseph Maddrey, who wrote and produced the 2009 horror documentary Nightmares in Red, White and Blue, adds, “This book shows all sides of Lance Henriksen. We’ve talked about every one of his movies and written about all of the iconic characters he’s played over the years. On top of that, Lance has been very forthcoming about who he is as a person. He said in the beginning that he didn’t want to hold anything back, and he hasn’t.” Henriksen concludes, “This isn’t just a book about me becoming an actor. It’s a book about all the people I’ve crossed paths with over the years who have helped me to flourish in spite of the chaos of my early life. It’s about this lifelong process of becoming a human being. It’s all in there. Believe me, there’s not going to be a sequel!”

The limited edition will be released in late spring / early summer 2011. Excerpts and updates will be posted on the official website, notbadforahuman.com, and on the publisher’s website, www.bloodypulpbooks.com.

Lance Attends Antipodean Armageddon

Lance is currently doing the rounds at Australia's Armageddon Expo, appearing at the Sydney event over the weekend. Our superb sisters in Ten-Thirteen fandom over at X-Files News were in attendance and have been blogging about the event with joyful abandon!

Their staff reporter Sandi Hicks writes about the fun they all had meeting with Lance and how they made him an honorary member of Aussie X-Files @ Facebook, such that he wore their gift of a t-shirt for the rest of the event.

There's even a shout out for the Back to Frank Black team, so do be sure to check out the article in full. For our Australian readers who didn't make it to Sydney, Lance will also be attending the Adelaide event this coming weekend. Do tell Lance we sent you if you can make it, but be sure you've sent your letter to FX first!

Our thanks as ever to everyone at X-Files News for the coverage, be sure to support their campaign for The X-Files 3 and here's to a bright future for all Ten-Thirteen fandom!