Writer, editor, director and producer, Barry Levy has enjoyed a diverse and extensive acting career from portraying Captain Jason Dahl, the pilot of Flight 93, to hamming it up in Scary Movie 4, getting scientific on The X Files , and playing the hired killer Kick in Spook. His broad range as an actor gives him the ability to play everything from hard nosed killers to warm hearted dads and everything in between. Barry is something of a Millennium stalwart appearing in no less than six episodes of the franchise and making his most memorable appearance as Braylock in The Time Is Now

.Barry offered to do something a little special for this campaign, becoming the first member of Millennium's cast to commit his thoughts to film and I was blown away by his enthusiasm and interest in this campaign. I am sure you will agree with me that Barry is a wonderful gentleman for going above and beyond the call of duty in support of this campaign. So, without further ado: over to Barry and don't forget to leave your comments for him to see here. I know he will appreciate reading them.


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  • Additional thanks to my good friend, and fellow TIWWA Elder, Toby for assisting me with video editing. I am grateful to you for that!

Another fan speaks out! "The Time Is Good!"

If BacktoFrankBlack ever had any core mandate beyond trying to return to the universe we love, it's about being a platform, or conduit for your voices out there - to given the fans a place to speak out. So with kind permission, I'd like to offer this letter from a Mr Edward Kennedy.

Reprinted with kind permission.

Hi guys,

I am enjoying your podcast very much. I've been a fan of Millennium since its original airing in the '90's. I am thrilled to have found you and am in the process of catching up with all of your episodes so far. I have wanted to write before, but am finishing up my Master's degree, so time has been very tight for me. Next up for me to listen to, is the Frank Spotnitz Special, then onto Lance. Can't wait.

I applaud your efforts to bring back the character of Frank Black. I truly hope that happens. I would be happy to see him back in character within the Millennium world or without, but I do think that Millennium itself could be brought back with some thoughtful writing. I even have some ideas myself. Even though I am a scientist, I love to write, and as a crack has opened in my available time I started trying to write a "virtual episode", though it is just a start.

You know, there would be no lacking for material for a new series; so many things have happened since Frank & Jordan drove off in that last episode. With 2012 alone approaching, the "Time is Good" for Frank's return. That one event would parallel and tap into the nervous uncertainty that the year 2000 generated, and Millennium capitalized on. I still remember the fears and uncertainty that the turn of the millennium held - the religious believed that all hell would break loose, numerologists and technology buffs believed that planes would fall out of the sky as computers everywhere would fail due to the inability of their chips to understand the 2-digit year format, possibly confusing 2000 with 1900, and freezing up.

I suppose a movie would be okay, but for me, the more Frank, the better. I know there was not sufficient closure, but I'd rather see a series of movies, or especially a new series, than just something that ties up the past. How cool is it that I have found fellow Millennium brothers that love the show also?

There are times that I just want to sit in a coffee shop and talk Millennium. I really think that the show was not only on to something, and touched a lot of us, but that it actually became prophetic. I love to think "under the hood" about things (or, deeply), and the show catered to that part of me. I am starving for more over here!

Well, I'll close by saying that you guys are doing a great job, and I like your personalities - there are podcasts that sometimes sound interesting to me, but after 15 or 20 minutes, I realize that I can't listen to any more for various reasons. But, you guys make me laugh, while at the same time are actually doing something quite great - helping to usher in the return of Frank Black. My hat's off to you both.


BTW:Have either of you seen "Stone Cold"? It was a good movie that I recently watched again. Lance played the role of a very believable leader of a biker gang called "The Brotherhood". Brian Bosworth was in it also. I mention it just in case you would like to watch another movie that Lance did that was very good.

Take care guys ~

News Flash: Important Campaign Information!

My sincere apologies from breaking DiRT's well deserved day in the spotlight but new information has been brought to our attention and I wanted to ensure this was passed on to you all as quickly as possible.

All further calls, be that letters, postcards or Polaroids, for a Millennium Movie must be directed to the following address. Rest assured, what you have sent thus far has not gone unnoticed, on the contrary as it happens, and we hope you will continue to support this campaign by sending those letters, postcards and emails to the updated address we are providing.

My thanks,


Twentieth Century Fox
10201 West Pico Blvd.,
Bldg. 88, Room 132
Los Angeles, CA 90035#

Here's Dirt's Thing: Luminary

Last week we begun the first in, what we hope, will be a long series of episode reviews from our very own wrestle-maniac, masked avenger and comics aficionado DiRT! As a long time fan of the series and an old hand at video based reviews, with a substantial following of his own I might had, who better to turn their x-ray vision to some of Millennium's finest entries. This weeks review is of the mighty Luminary and you may like to know that you can vote for the episode in a poll to select the theme for the next themed week of events, here.

So, did you agree? Did DiRT hit the nail on the head or miss it by a country mile? Here is your opportunity to discuss his review and to share your own thoughts on the episode in question.

Luminary remains a very popular entry in Millennium's impressive canon and we welcome all your thoughts, positive or not so positive, so don't be shy, share them in the comments section and enjoy a little Millennium Discussion with fellow fans.

As always, lend your considerable support to the man and go visit his own websites and find out what it's all about. Remember, every video made for the this campaign is an indispensable way of reaching out to a potential new campaigner.

Mark x
  • To visit his website and enjoy the numerous things he has on offer, click here!
  • To check out his Youtube channel and view more reviews from the man himself, visit here!

Just For Fun: Choose The Theme Of Our Next Themed Week!

We were absolutely delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to Lucy Butler Week and it's my intention that we will do something similar in the not too distant future. Now our very dear friend, Laura, suggested it might be nice to let you guys choose the next theme and who am I to argue? She's too spooky to argue with after all.

After a trawl through the polls at TIWWA I came up with small list of those episodes that most regularly top the polls due to their approval rating with fans. The list is no means definitive, and subject to change, but we had to start somewhere, right?

Some fan-loved episodes had to be excluded due to their significant coverage here already or because there are plans to touch on them in the near future so I hope there's something for everyone in the choices here present. Remember, it's just for fun but you have until Wednesday 16th September to cast that all important vote and put yourself in the driving seat at BackToFrankBlack! Get voting!

Mark x

Postcards From The Edge!

As I've no doubt said, ad infinitum, we couldn't do without you guys and last week allowed us the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to join the campaign by sending a series of postcards to 20th Century Fox. It is always encouraging to know that we have supporters who feel as passionately as we do and will go that extra mile and rally to the cause.

My thanks to everyone who wrote in and told us they had mailed postcards to 20th Century Fox, I appreciate each and every one of you and please keep up the good work. As you no doubt know, this campaign has been active for very nearly a year and with no news to report, as of yet, it is imperative we don't lose faith, hold fast our resolve and double our efforts. Let's use our second year to ensure we Bring Back Frank Black: that's what we are here for when all said and done.
Additional thanks to Josef and to John for sending photographs of their completed postcards and I encourage each and every one of you to do the same and follow Josef's lead in the process and send them to Frank Spotnitz as well. It doesn't hurt to demonstrate to those that care about the franchise that we are still very active in our efforts to see it return.

Mark x

  • To read more about the postcard drive and to see a number of postcards we hope you will considering sending to 20th Century Fox, click here!

    Calendar Girl - Letters from Tuesday!

    Since her very first role as Tuesday in the Pilot, Kate Luyben has bagged numerous roles in film and television, often appearing alongside some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Her credits include "Two and a Half Men", "Dead in the Water", "Criminal Minds", "Arrested Development", "The 40 Year Old Virgin", "Bad News Bears", "Dark Angel", "Shanghai Noon" and "Dead Man's Gun" and of course her returning role in Millennium as Eva O'Malley/Marta Danbury in ...Thirteen Years Later, to name but a few. Kate took time from her busy schedule to write to me and kindly agreed to let me share her correspondence with you all. No better time than Tuesday to hear from Tuesday methinks.

    Mark x

    Click on Kate's images and words to open them in a new window at a larger resolution!

    Kate will be viewing this Blog in the next few days so, as always, if you have any words or comments you would like to share with her please do. The more the merrier!

    Avatar Vision proudly Presents - GOODBYE BROKEN WORLD

    Well time flies when you're having fun and once again we arrive at Music Monday™, that moment when our video-meister Josef unleashes his latest cinematic offering on the unsuspecting masses and this time it comes endorsed by the star of the show, Van Quattro, as I was able to give him a pre-release screening, if you will. Josef has done some stunning, and quite tireless, work for us of late and it is always a joy when his latest release drops into my inbox. Without further ado, everyone head for the back row with your popcorn and let the show commence (extra kudos to these keen eared souls amongst you who can name the famous film the music from this clip features quite prominently in.)

    Contributing something to our Youtube profile is an undeniable way of promoting the campaign, generating interest in us and keeping our troops entertained in the process. Now I know people don't always have the time to commit in the way that Josef has, but a simple recording of yourself calling for a return of Frank Black is a wonderful way to support this campaign and I would be eternally grateful for any donations of that kind.

    So before you head off to mail another batch of postcards to 20th Century Fox (your mission for the day) leave us a comment or two, show your appreciation for the hard work Josef does for this campaign and tell us what you think of his work. He keeps track of all the comments he receives and responds to any questions so don't be shy, make a new friend.And whilst we are on the subjects of postcards, the response to those published earlier has been very enthusiastic so it is my intention to produce a card for every episode that Josef captures in video. To see the address to send these postcards to, and to view others you might like to send, click here!

    Mark x
    • To visit Josef's Myspace profile and check his original music compositions and more besides, click here!
    • To visit his Youtube profile and see his video collection including those he does for BackToFrankBlack, click here!

    LUCY BUTLER WEEK: Sarah-Jane Redmond interviewed by Millennium Group Sessions (FREE)

    BacktoFrankBlack: The Millennium Group Sessions, hosted by Troy Foreman and co-hosted by Jim McLean is now available for free download via our website AND on ITunes!



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    BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions SPECIAL: An Interview with Sarah-Jane Redmond!

    In this special episode of the Millennium Group Sessions series, Troy and Jim speak to the face behind the iconic Lucy Butler - Sarah-Jane Redmond! A great end to the Lucy Butler Week!

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