Millennium Movie Poster Project: Last Call

Just two days to go for the Millennium Movie Poster Project, but there's still time for you to create and submit your entry if you have yet to do so.

As a reminder, this competition asks you to turn your visions of a Millennium movie into reality in the form of a poster design. The composition is entirely up to you, with the only limits being those of your imagination.

Our superb triumvirate of judges - Klea Scott, Mark Snow and Lance Henriksen himself - eagerly await your entries, and there are a fantastic set of signed DVD prizes on offer. The first prize is a copy of the Millennium boxset, Aliens and Near Dark, second prize is the Millennium boxset and Near Dark and third prize receives the Millennium boxset. In addition, the top five entries will all receive a signed photo of Lance Henriksen.

Please submit your entry or entries as either a JPEG or a PDF file(s) by e-mail to Be sure that your subject line reads “Millennium Movie Poster Project” and that the e-mail includes both your name and address.

For the last time, then, we wish you all the very best of luck!

There are 2 days remaining.

This just in - Jeff Yagher!

That's right! You are reading it correctly! BacktoFrankBlack has just confirmed an interview with actor Jeff Yagher, who we all know from his fantastic performance in the Season 3 episode Thirteen Years Later! As we are sure you are all well aware, Jeff is also the husband of Megan Gallagher.

This should be a fantastic interview. Jeff has had an extensive career in Hollywood and we look forward to interviewing him this coming Friday! We know it is short notice, but if you have a question you would like to ask Jeff, email it to and we will make sure your questioned gets asked. Everyone who follows the campaign knows that Troy's favorite episode is Thirteen Years Later, so this should be a fantastic interview! Thanks to Jeff Yagher for agreeing to talk with us!

Millennium Group Sessions: Questions for Mr William Fleisher

The Millennium Group Sessions is looking for questions to pose to one very special guest we have joining us. Next weekend myself and Troy will be interviewing William Fleisher one of the founders of Vidocq.

Vidocq is an organisation based in Philidelphia that like-minded persons, in and out of forensics, gather to discuss and debate crimes and mysteries.

William Fleisher's background is Law Enforcement - a former Philadelphia Police Officer, FBI Special Agent who later became the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Customs Service in Philadelphia. We feel Mr Fleisher's background in Law and his current role in Vidocq would make him a fascinating gentleman to speak to in regards to criminology and the approaches to dealing with crime - very issues at the core of Millennium, both in topic matters and the use of specialised investigative consultation.

If you have any questions you'd like to pose to Mr Fleisher on the realities of criminality and law, send your emails to by Saturday 4th September.

Catherine Black Tribute

BacktoFrankBlack is pleased to bring you another tremendous video for your viewing pleasure. It's been a while since we posted an original fan made video, but we definitely will make this a regular feature as our resident vidder Joselyn Rojas has become part of our team. This is her time to shine with Joselyn's Eye!

Today we bring you a heart wrenching tribute to one of the most beloved characters on the show, Catherine Black. Many fans were sad to see her succumb to the evils of the Marburg virus at the end of Season 2. We ask you all to get out the tissues because this one will definitely cause a few tears to fall for our beloved Catherine!

If there is a video tribute you'd like to see or if you have an idea for a video, please let us know by sending your ideas to Enjoy!