Happy Halloween dear friends and may the season be full of tricks and treats for each and every one you! What better way to celebrate Halloween than to turn our attention to one of the most celebrated episodes of our beloved franchise, "The Curse of Frank Black", with a week of themed happenings dedicated to Glen Morgan's finest creation. Something wicked this way comes....

To launch event, movie director and campaign supporter Brett Hart put his team to work creating a trailer that we could use to help publicise the event and ourselves in the process. Brett Hart should need no introduction to you all, his film Bone Dry (starring Lance Henriksen) is heralded as one of the true greats of Lance's memorable career to date and his support of this campaign has been unswerving. In the last few weeks he has been the subject of considerable speculation that he is to helm a potential Millennium Movie Project and though he is as much in the dark as we are about such speculation he remains a confirmed admirer of Chris Carter's vision and of Millennium. Sit back, and enjoy the show.....

Now here's where you come in. Brett has kindly allowed us to share this trailer with you as a download in the hope that you will join us in spreading the word about BackToFrankBlack and The Curse of Frank Black Week. Download the movie by clicking Frank's Jack-O-Lantern below and upload it to your Youtube profiles, social networking profiles, video hosting sites: anywhere you can put a video put one. Join Frank's Army and help us spread the word this Halloween.

Mark x

Here's hoping you will enjoy the rest of the week, stay around for a few surprises, but join with us for the first push. You can all make a difference and in such a simple way. Happy Halloween folks!

In addition to Brett Hart (Editor), BackToFrankBlack would like to thank Chuck Taylor (Motion Graphics), Johnathan Stapleton (Assistant Editor) and Liz Rodriguez (Mr. Hartt's Publicist) for making this trailer possible and for continuing to support us and Millennium. You guys are the best.

Free Podcast: Flashback Weekend!


Millennium Group Sessions 13

BacktoFrankBlack: The Millennium Group Sessions, hosted by Troy Foreman and co-hosted by Jim McLean is now available for free download via our website AND on ITunes!

With Troy at the Flashback Horror convention in Chicago, giving our flyers and coordinating with Mr Henriksen, this week's podcast is a retrospective affair.

In Millennium Group Sessions #13, Jim and Troy introduce a flashback of their own, back to their first aired podcast together on ThaDarksideVibe, Troy's own podcast. This podcast aired before the Millennium Group Sessions began and was very much the catalyst for the podcast you listen to now.

So because we've not been able to do a full show this week, because it tentatively ties in with the Flashback Weekend convention, and of course, because its just a bit of fun, we offer you this slice.

Can't say I've listened to it myself since it aired, so I can't attest for quality (or whether we've progressed since then), but I hope you enjoy it. It is of course, all about Millennium!

In the meantime, don't forget to check the Back2FrankBlack twitter account for updates from Troy live at the convention!


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Next week: Halloween with style! Jim interviews Kett Turton, the ghost story teller from Curse of Frank Black as part of our Curse of Frank Black week! Tune it - a lot of fun!


We know that you good people are enjoying the efforts of the people behind this campaign and we cannot thank you enough for the kind words you have shared with us. Every comment and every email really brings it home to us how many passionate fans there are around the world who wait, worry and care about the return of Frank Black. Delighted though we are, if you've written to us but you haven't written to 20th Century Fox then we aren't doing our job right!

Whilst writing to us is greatly appreciated, writing to 20th Century Fox is what really, really matters. No amount of blog posts, interviews or general madcap ideas that we come up with will bring Frank back to the screens and that's why we need you all so badly.

Richard has been an undoubted asset to this campaign, as have you all, and sending a postcard or a legion of them, as he has is the single most important thing you can do. It need not be The Gettysburg Address, a few impassioned lines will be enough to get the message across to those that matter. If you're not in the mood for writing, send a Polaroid with the website's address on the reverse, a quick, easy and fuss free way to achieve the same end.

To Richard and every other supporter of our efforts who has sent a postcard to Fox I am indebted to you. I hope the impassioned support and efforts of people like Richard will inspire you all to follow suit and print out a few postcards, scribble a few words and deliver them to Mr. Steve Asbell at 20th Century Fox.

To join the cause you can now print out an updated pack of postcards, with an address included, by clicking the envelope icon below.

Just one postcard can make all the difference and that postcard could be yours.

Mark x

Here's DiRT's Thing: Force Majeure

Ladies and gentlemen it's time, once again, for our masked avenger, wrestlemaniac and super powered reviewer DiRT to cast his x-ray vision upon another episode of Millennium and direct his considerable following in our direction in the process. This time it's Force Majeure as DiRT wanted to pay homage to one of his favourite genre stars, Brad Dourif, as we enter the Halloween season. Something wicked this way comes......

Force Majeure is something of a mind bender, with many fans proclaiming confusion as to what it was all about, and it is certainly one which provokes debate. A man in an iron lung, a bevy of blue eyed girls and a planetary alignment heralding the apocalypse: this was Millennium dipping its toes in the waters of Season Two for the first time. Confused as to why the girls killed themselves, wondering if the narrative was peppered with too many ideas but spellbound by Dourif as Hoffman? Well you're not alone but let's have a look what DiRT thought of it. Grab the popcorn guys....

So what do you guys think of the episode and of DiRT's review of it? It was Millennium's first move away from the 'Serial Killer Of The Week' format that it adopted throughout much of season one and many responded positively to a little tinkering with the format. What say you?

As always, every new video we add to Youtube, or is added to Youtube for us, reaches out to a whole new audience and may find a Millennium who never knew of our campaign in the process. Don't forget, keep sending those letters and postcards t
o Mr. Steve Asbell.

As always, lend your considerable support to the man and go visit his own websites and find out what it's all about. Remember, every video made for the this campaign is an indispensable way of reaching out to a potential new campaigner.

Mark x
  • To visit his website and enjoy the numerous things he has on offer, click here!
  • To check out his Youtube channel and view more reviews from the man himself, visit here!


Time, once again, for W*****Wednesday™ (well we have to take a break from MusicMonday every now and again) and our jaunt into the world of Millennium Music Montages. Our merry band of brothers are very busy at the moment as Troy heads off to Flashback Weekend Horror Convention to promote the campaign with none other than Lance Henriksen. And with our video guru Josef also attending, I'm grateful that he has managed to complete this video against the odds.

Josef takes the time to make these videos because he feels as passionately as we do about bringing Millennium back and anyone who frequents Youtube will know how much support and interest he is enjoying because of it and how many people have discovered us through his work.

Brian Roedecker, where to start eh? The comic foil to the humourless Frank Black, Roedecker received something of chequered reception when he was first unveiled with many fans proclaiming him a knock off of The X-Files' Lone Gunmen. Glen Morgan had not anticipated the reception would be less than stellar and hoped that fans would give the character a chance, sadly, Allan Zinyk left during filming to fulfil another acting obligation.

Here's Josef's tribute to that character, we love him when all is said and done, and I hope you will share your thoughts on the character and the video before Josef heads off for the convention to mingle with the stars! As always, we thank our resident video alchemist Josef for taking this campaign and continuing to plug it in the vast abyss that is Youtube and we hope you will feel in some way inspired to follow in his footsteps and donate a little video magic of your own.

As promised, each music new release from Josef will be accompanied by a postcard that we urge you to send to Steve Asbell at 20th Century Fox. Making 20th Century Fox aware that we are here to stay and active in our support of a Millennium Movie is a vital way you can help this campaign achieve its ends. With an eager cast and crew and the financial support for a film currently being discussed they are the only fly in the soup with regards making this happen. Do not let up the fight. Stand loud and proud and send one more postcard.

To see the address you need to send this to as well as a range of others you might like to send, click here!

  • To visit Josef's Youtube page and check out his own collection of videos, click here!
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Free podcast! Millennium Group Sessions #12 - MILLENNIUM

Rhonda Wehman, Ed Kennedy, Frank & Laura from

BacktoFrankBlack: The Millennium Group Sessions, hosted by Troy Foreman and co-hosted by Jim McLean is now available for free download via our website AND on ITunes!

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BacktoFrankBlack: Millennium Group Sessions 12: MILLENNIUM - The Complete Series!

In this episode of the Millennium Group Sessions series, Troy and Jim bring a selection of Millennium fans under the spotlight to discuss the entire show! Plus news on the Millennium movie gossips and upcoming events!

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