Millennium Group Sessions returns!

As mentioned earlier, we had a podcast crisis. As such we're rebuilding the podcast service on a new server giving the Millennium Group Sessions a brand new lease of life! Not only will we have a more stable base (free from my occasional feed errors), but we'll have some new great stuff for you - more on that tomorrow when we release our JAMES WONG interview!

Each month we will be re-releasing our back catalogue as long as issuing brand new episodes as usual on a variety of platforms. For now, we have re-released four of our favourites.

Enjoy! And look out for the James Wong interview tomorrow!

Millennium Movie Poster Project: Gallery Showcase Day Nine

Welcome back to the Millennium Movie Poster Project Gallery Showcase and Day Nine, our final review of some of the entries for the competition.

This first entry features the opening quote from first season episode "Dead Letters". Also amongst the signs, names and imagery is a reference to Phaestos, a name last used to reference Al Pepper in the episode "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions". Maybe this movie will feature Legion at its heart?

MarieAnne Vazquez

Today's second image is very much a teaser, sporting no overt reference to Millennium at all! The mask and tone may, however, indicate a return to the themes of the second season finale two-parter The Fourth Horseman / The Time Is Now.

Radu Serban

And finally, another intriguing proposition. "Millennium: Next" is the title of this movie, featuring the ouroboros intertwined with the triquetra, a symbol with Celtic links that usually signifies things or people that are threefold in nature. Quite what this may mean is a tease in itself, but this poster offers us much more: a barren desert juxtaposed against snow-topped mountains, the shadows of Peter Watts and Catherine in the background of each, plus Frank Black in a black suit and tie - maybe relating to a funeral and hence another death of someone close to him? The tagline too tells us to expect everything to have changed in ways we don't yet understand.

Jen Frankel

Indeed, that has been one of the joys of sharing these poster entries here: the sheer variety of ideas and their visual representations that consideration of a Millennium movie has inspired. Once again thank you to every single one of the artists who took the time to enter.

All that remains is for us to announce the winners of the competition, and that will be coming very soon, right here at Back to Frank Black. Once the winners have been announced we will also be updating these galleries with the artists' details, so be sure to check back again soon for that as well as the all-important announcement itself...

All works are the property of the respective artist

Millennium Movie Poster Project: Gallery Showcase Day Eight

We're into a second week of entries for the Millennium Movie Poster Project Gallery Showcase. We've got three more for you today, starting with this moody image of Frank Black set against a foregound filled with mysterious calligraphy. Lance Henriksen is the sole billed star, and "The wait is over" for his return as our favourite criminal profiler.

Felipe Sobreiro

This next image is another atmospheric piece. Whilst dominated by Frank's profile partly in shadow, it is notable that both an owl and a rooster are to be seen. And check out the time on that clock tower!

Adam Glazer

Eerily lit woodland scenes are a popular backdrop to a number of the images we have received, and here's another good example of such a composition. Here, Millennium is coming in 2012, perhaps hinting at a plot based around Mayan prophecy.

Olya Karnes-Lotterhos

We've one more set of posters coming tomorrow and we will be bringing you our judges' decisions on the winners soon after that. So stay tuned and join us again tomorrow for one last glimpse at the gallery...

All works are the property of the respective artist

Millennium Movie Poster Project: Gallery Showcase Day Seven

We notch up one whole week's worth of posters in the Millennium Movie Poster Project Gallery Showcase today with some more great entries.

This first, spookily lit composition specifically calls to mind "The Curse of Frank Black" as well as the line, "We are meant to be here" taken from Alex Ventoux's diary musings, perhaps hinting that some of the themes and tone of Season Two are set to be revisited.

Sergiu Lupse

Up next is a particularly dark piece combining a number of familiar elements from the show to dramatic effect. "STOP LOOKING" we are warned, the Yellow House is aflame and Frank is in turmoil, with an indication that the polaroids are set to make a return too.

Susanne Lehnert

This third entry posits a very specific plot for the movie, introduced with a pertinent biblical quote: a fan favourite storyline that the Millennium Group are targeting Jordan Black as a candidate. Given their history with Frank Black, we can only guess at the personal dramas to unfold here.

Justin Woodwell

And finally, this bleakly apocalyptic piece also sees the return of some familiar favourites: Emma Hollis, Peter Watts and Jordan all feature in the headline cast alongside Frank Black himself as a creative team headed by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and Thomas J. Wright look set to take us to a quite literal end of the world scenario.

Terri Wilson

All works are the property of the respective artist