"I love this campaign!"


I'm a longtime MILLENNIUM fan who has been patiently waiting for what seems like forever for this MILLENNIUM film. I'm glad there is an active campaign to get this movie actually made. When I met Lance years ago in Orlando, he expressed his desire to get the movie done. It seemed like it's up to Chris Carter to actually get this movie done (whenever that would be). I told Lance that this movie should be epic and somehow connect Legion back to Frank through the guise of Lucy Butler. From there, we discussed Sarah Jane Redmond's genius, and he was just a delight to meet.

I cannot wait to read your interview with Glen Morgan. Maybe, he can explain his desire to bring the Peacock family back on MILLENNIUM (I remember reading an interview with Morgan and Wong where they discussed wanting to do that).

I'm a fan of the movement through facebook, myspace and twitter- and I just am so supportive. I love this series and I think it definitely deserves its big screen resurrection.

Again, best of luck and long live MILLENNIUM!

This is who we are.


Note: The Glen Morgan audio interview will be part of the upcoming Morgan and Wong week - and in response to Buddy's query, yes it does deal with the Peacocks! Stay tuned!

DiRT's back! Seven and One Review!

DiRT's back - and here's his first offering of 2010! And for his return he's looking at one of my favourite episodes of season three (bleeesss him), Seven and One! Does he share my wuv? Click the vid to find out!

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BacktoFrankBlack: 2010

A short audio message from myself and Troy Foreman regarding the sad departure of Mark Hayden from the campaign head team and where we intend to take BacktoFrankBlack in 2010!

Farewell to Mark Hayden!

2010 is going to bring BacktoFrankBlack.com many things. But as it gives, it will take away.

We're sad to announce that Mark Hayden, who has been on the campaign since we started it in late 2008, is stepping down from his campaign role.

Mark has done many great things for us. He started off merely as a liaison between myself and Graham Smith - who kindly offered to host BacktoFrankBlack.com. But anyone who knows Mark knows he never does anything by half. He came on board and pulled the local fans into the campaign with his left hand while regularly reporting and interviewing Millennium cast and crew with his right.

Mark has decided to call it a day after an intense year. It's a hard job for everyone involved and I myself understand where he's coming from. He loves the campaign, believes in it, but it can overwhelm! Mark will still be supporting BacktoFrankBlack.com and maintaining his Elder role at TIWWA forums.

Of course on a professional front, if you have any queries, comments, ideas, contacts, feedback etc to do with BacktoFrankBlack, make sure they come to myself, Jim McLean or my colleague Troy Foreman. We can be contacted separately at jim@backtofrankblack.com and troy@backtofrankblack.com - or through the group email at info@backtofrankblack.com.

Thanks again for Mark's constant help and we wish him a year filled with missed sanity in 2010.

But myself and Troy are still going with you guys ably supporting. We've got some great stuff coming up, including Morgan and Wong week. Keep your comments coming in!