Are you a writer?

Myself and Troy had a long chat today with Lance. What for? What's the news? We just need to ask: Do you see yourself as a writer?

Watch this space.

BacktofrankBlack list of interviews now complete!

Finally, BacktoFrankBlack has ALL its interviews - audio, written and video on ONE single page, broken down into core cast, core crew, seasons 1, 2 and 3 - plus related elusive interviews regarding fans and media. I do hope to add Seven and One sometime in the future to complete this page. Page can be accessed from the main site's left side bar.

If you find a broken link or believe I missed an interview, please email me at

Ezekiel Editorial: What the hell is BacktoFrankBlack?

Very recently I had a long discourse with a couple of group managers about the nature of BacktoFrankBlack. Not a vitriolic issue, but the conversation highlighted to me a BIG question that faces such a campaign - a question which I felt should be addressed as a general issue.

How is BacktoFrankBlack different from the rest of Millennium fandom? How should it be treated by fans and what should expect from it?

It's a difficult balance for this campaign. On the one hand, we're not another fan group; we're not a cosy den to chat about Millennium - per se. We're here to orchestrate polite but firm pressure on the industry to listen to those who wish to see a return of a product. At the same time, when the sparkle/novelty of such a campaign vanishes, how do we remain interesting to keep fans interest as much as hopes?

This is always a balance that has concerned myself and Troy - and Mark when he was on board. Keeping it fan interesting but not being about the fans, again 'per se'. We are a conduit or platform for the fans, not a fan group.

This can cause issues for those running fan groups. You will get people, casual fans, or perhaps fans who aren't interested in a campaign that much, or fans who just like chatting about their fav old show - finding the updates and campaign drive frustrating - or even invasive to their corner/niche of Millennium fandom. What do such runners do? They are put in the same position as we are - looking for a balance between the simple interest in Millennium and the chance too bring it back.

We certainly don't want to - and can't - force people to embrace the campaign, but at the same time if you're a fan of the show, we ask people to respect the fact that for those fans who want it back, slightly invasive posts will occur.

Campaigns aren't like fandom groups. We can't sit on our blogs or our facebook group. We're not there to do that. We have to fight to be recognized - hell, we have to fight to be remembered - even with our fans. Because its human nature to get used to something, used to BacktoFrankBlack being their in the background until for some it might seem like an annoying buzzing fly. But that's the nature of a campaign - it HAS to buzz, it HAS to pest, it HAS to push into every corner. THIS is who we are.

We're not here to provide a little nesthole for fans to chat about Frank returning (I recommend TIWWA or some of the Facebook fangroups for that!), we're here to MAKE Frank return. To do that we can't sit on this blog and simply enjoy the wonders of DiRT's reviews or Josef's videos or Seven and One (even though we do enjoy them and they do help keep us interesting to fans as I mentioned in the previous paragraph). We need to also push out and get into people's ear. For one person we may annoy, we may touch another two people who hadn't considered the campaign, or wandered into the Facebook profile of a journalist who loved the show or a film industry spokesman. These co-incidences DO happen (they've happened to us already), but the ONLY happy if you push every corner.

So what can I say? All I can ask if for those who support us, don't personally supporters, be you a fan of any creed, publicly support us. Defend what we're doing, because we need your defensive to keep going - we need people to turn and stand up for us when we loose our novelty factor and say "hey, these guys may be annoying but they are doing good work".

Remember, we have made changes. It's BacktoFrankBlack that has been encouraging the lead actor and the creator to bring it back (and both want it back). It's BacktoFrankBlack that has brought on industry names like Brett Hart and John Kenneth Muir. It's BacktoFrankBlack that has helped those who has brought the likes of Klea Scott and Glen Morgan into the fandom. We've got Millennium back into people's minds, not just through magazines and radio with the likes of Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Sci-Fi Now, but through the viral message of its possible return through the net itself (that was very rewarding!).

My point is not 'trumpet blowing' but to say we're WORTH supporting. Not idolising - I'm not asking you to even like myself or Troy, I'm asking you to like and support the campaign - and you all do by reading this.

All I'm saying is, to steal another awareness campaign's slogan, shout it "loud and proud!". We all would love to see Frank return, you, me, Frank, Chris - so don't be afraid to believe in us (and to steal another slogan, "we WANT to believe!")

After all, This, is who we are.