Write a letter to FX!

It has begun. The time is now to send your letters to FX!

In the wake of our landmark "Make or Break" podcast, the creators behind Millennium have given the Back to Frank Black campaign a new focus: FX! In order to bring Frank Black to FX, however, we need you to add your voice to the campaign. To help you help us, help you help Frank Black, we've written up a letter that will ensure your voice is heard!

There are three approaches to writing your letter to FX: 1) A pre-prepared letter you can print and sign. 2) An letter download which can be edited and customized. 3) A simple letterhead for you to print and write your own personal letter on. (These options are also available on the Back to Frank Black letters page.)

And if you've not heard Lance's plea on this, take a listen to his message on Facebook! As Lance says, "We can take the power in our own hands with Millennium... Start mailing!"

Here are the links. Download the letter template of your choice and get writing! Express how you feel about Millennium and its future. This is our chance to let FX know that there is an audience eagerly awaiting the return of Frank Black!

1) PDF letter. You just need to print this out and sign it!

2) DOC download. This provides a starting template you can then personalise, print out and sign!

3) PDF letterhead. Print this letterhead and write your own letter!

Where do you send it?

Senior Vice President for
Original Programming at FX
Danielle Woodrow
Twentieth Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 132
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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