X-Files Rumours Ahoy!

Some good news has surfaced for The X-Files, though I'm sure the true Philes will have this from their own sources, primarily XFilesNews.com. This bit of rather tasty hope comes from Fox All Access.

I'll report the nuggets as they have been compiled on X-Files News.

Fox All Access has posted some new information about a third X-Files movie: "This is what we know as of now. Discussions for XF3 are happening. Nobody will go on the record as of now. But as we told a few months ago David D, Gillian, and Chris Carter are on board and a script is in the works. This is good news! THE STUDIO HAS NOT SAID NO to XF3. Trust me that is even better news."

In another post, Fox All Access states, "Rumors have late 2012-2013. It depends on the budget, keeping the cost of the film down. XF2 made its money back and more worldwide and talks continue... Keep up the fight for XF3."

And in a post to a fan, Fox All Access writes, "Honestly, where there is smoke there is fire... Trust me, when we are seeing Blade Runner prequels, a remake of Total Recall, and more, I don't think Fox Film will let X-Files just sit and gather dust. It's way to valuable just to sit there." Some encouraging updates there!

And let me take this moment to wish Tiffany at X-Files News a very happy birthday. May Mulder arrive neatly wrapped in nothing else but a bow upon her front doorstep -- or whatever present suits her wishes!

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