Thomas J. Wright Week - Monday: Welcome!

My esteemed colleagues, friends, countrymen, Romans, Klingons, Lutons (that's just for John Muir), Krotons and the usual rabble: welcome to Thomas J. Wright Week!

So what do we have in store? We have music, we have videos, we have articles, we have reviews, we have interviews... and to kick it off in the most sensible fashion we have words about Millennium's quintessential director on the quintessential show from the mouth of said quintessential director.

This excerpt is from the Millennium DVD box sets. We naturally encourage all of you to purchase one if you've not already got it and, if you have, well... Easter's coming up and I am sure it will make a more interesting gift than a chocolate egg!

And to finish off Monday, a wallpaper of the man himself with a dab of Millennium. Download it for this week, wear it upon your PC screen with pride! Click to open to full size.

2 Responses to "Thomas J. Wright Week - Monday: Welcome!"

CKscullycat said... March 7, 2011 at 7:35 AM

Thomas J. is absolutely my favorite creative presence on Millennium. So many of the best episodes are his :-)

FLAtRich said... March 7, 2011 at 8:35 AM

Mr. Wright's work on MillenniuM was great - as always. I just watched (slightly OT) an episode he directed for Morgan and Wong's Space: Above and Beyond ("Stay With The Dead".) Also amazing. Anything with his name on it is a keeper!

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