Actress Missy Crider is Butterfly Dreaming

One of the amazing things about working on this fan campaign is the fact the we get to interact with various cast and crew from the show Millennium. As you have seen in the past, many of them have a special place in their hearts for the time they worked on the show. They have been nothing short of amazing as far as supporting the campaign. When we can, we like to pay the favor back. Today we are going to do that.

Missy Crider is a beautiful, talented young actress making a name for herself in the movie industry. You will remember her from her amazing performance in the Season 2 episode In Arcadia Ego. She has supported BacktoFrankBlack from beginning and has been nothing short of amazing to the campaign. Not only do we consider her a friend to the campaign, but a friend to the people behind the campaign. She is now beginning the promotion process for a movie she is starring in called Butterfly Dreaming.

Butterfly Dreaming is starting to generate some serious buzz. The film stars Missy Crider, Andrew Bowen and James McDaniel. The film was an Official Selections at the Seattle International Film Festival as well as winning Best Thriller at the 2008 Santa Monica Film Festival! Read the the following synopsis of the film and I think you will agree with me that this is definitely a must see film:

Anxious dreams, hallucinations, and paranoid reality torment a young math professor in the aftermath of his wife's death in a car accident. As madness, addiction and affairs send the story spiraling towards its conclusion, the truth about what really happened to the professor's wife comes into focus.

BacktoFrankBlack had the pleasure to speak briefly with Missy about this film and she is definitely excited for the fans to see it! Please support our good friend Missy Crider by visiting the Butterfly Dreaming website here. Make sure you keep checking back to find out when the movie will be playing in your area.

BacktoFrankBlack would like to thank Missy again for her continued friendship and support of our campaign.

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