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As you will no doubt be aware, Lance Henriksen gave a live interview to Fangoria Radio on 30th January and a very enjoyable interview it was too. We offer our thanks, again, to the team at Fangoria Radio for their efforts in undertaking this and to Lance, in particular, for the constant enthusiasm with which he continues to support and promote our campaign. If you were unable to catch this interview, fear not, Fangoria offer exclusive content from their Radio Shows via the Itunes Store and we are assured that this show will be available for download shortly. To keep abreast of all the latest news concerning this, check out Fangoria Radio here or, alternatively, subscribe to the feed in advance here.

In the meantime, allow us to whet your appetite by bringing a little teaser of the content to your attention. As soon as the interview is available for download will present the full transcript to you, until then, enjoy this short segment!

DEE SNIDER: So Lance, let's talk about this movement that the fans have started to get 'Millennium'...?

LANCE HENRIKSEN: I know, it's kicking off, they're amazing, they are.., they called me from London and said they're getting overwhelmed with emails and people are writing in to [20th Century] Fox and all this stuff, and, pretty amazing stuff. That show just will not go away, I mean, anytime I go to Eastern Europe, Europe, anywhere in Europe, they all ask about it. When is it, when's it gonna happen? Is it gonna happen? It just goes on and on, it has a life of its own.

DS: Are you amazed when you go overseas and hear a show you did, I mean, you appear in the states, you can relate to it watching in the states, then you go overseas to other countries and they're turned on to it and so aware of your work on the show. Isn’t that incredible?

LH: Oh yeah, man, I remember getting off the plane in Bucharest, Romania, and there was a whole lobby full of people, hundreds of people and I thought, someone's coming in here man and I looked behind me to see who it was, cos I get off on first class too, and they were waiting for me (laughs).

DS: I've done the same thing, seen a whole mob of people and turned around and go, who's coming? It's you!

LH: (Laughing) There's a sucker here, it must be you! It's pretty, it's kinda wonderful.


Benedict Angel said... February 8, 2009 at 7:11 AM

I'm going to have to locate this podcast on Itunes. Sounds a lot of fun! Great to hear Lance speaking about Millennium so much! Gets my hopes up!! - S

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