Dear supporters,

After a stellar week last week we have not rested on our laurels and we have much to bring to you over the course of the week that we believe you will greatly enjoy. That said, we cannot rely on the cast and crew alone to make all the right noises and we need to ensure that the voices of the fans are heard as loudly. We thank all of you who have supported us thus far, without you there is no campaign, and we ask you to consider if you can dig deep, once again, in support of the campaign. In addition to bringing the attention of 20th Century Fox to us there are many simple ways you can make a huge difference to our efforts. Here are a few suggestion but I am sure you can think of many more besides.

  • Write to us! Send us your thoughts and views on Millennium, on the campaign, what you'd like to see from a potential movie outing, we are always interested to talk to fellow fans. Posting your words on our Blog is a great way of displaying the ground swell of support that exists out there and may take you only a matter of minutes. As with all our suggestions please indicate in your email if you are happy for us to share you thoughts with readers of our Blog.
  • Got a memorabilia collection, a Millennium inspired tattoo, a photograph of yourself meeting Lance at a convention? Share it with us, a picture speaks a thousand words after all.
  • How about making a short video supporting the campaign that we can use? As mentioned, we have 7 remaining copies of 'Millennium Apocalypse' to send to the best submissions we receive. Don't delay, film today!
  • Are you artistically inclined? How about making a campaign wallpaper we can share with fellow fans or a campaign postcard that our supporters could send to 20th Century Fox? I am sure those with artistic talents can think of far more exciting ideas that we could use.
  • And, probably most importantly, spread the word! If you have a social network profile share news of us with your friends, encourage your followers on Twitter to check us out, discuss us in the forums you frequent should such a topic be applicable and allowed by the staff team. Wherever you have a voice use it politely and respectfully to share the word.
To whet your appetite and to show how easily you can make a valuable contribution to the campaign here is a brief video filmed by a supporter. A great blog entry, a valuable plug on Youtube and a surprisingly simple way to say 'here we are!' We look forward to seeing what you wonderful people can come up with.


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