A Message from Lara Means

During the course of this campaign, members of the team have been delighted and grateful to receive correspondence from members of Millennium's cast and crew. What is evident in all their kind letters and emails is the high esteem with which they regard the franchise and the warm and generous support they extend to its fans. In addition, many have championed the efforts of this campaign and have expressed a desire to see it succeed. I have been proud to receive word from Kristen Cloke on a few occasions and I asked her if she would grant her permission for me to share a few words with you all, as always, Kristen responded warmly to the suggestion. In closing, it is nothing short of heartening to see fans, the cast and the crew united in their high appraisal of Millennium and Frank Black. We are currently working to bring more of their words to your attention, till then, enjoy the words of Millennium's Lara Means.

Please know that I so enjoyed working on" Millennium." I truly loved the cast and crew and many of them are still good friends of ours. Everyone was tremendously talented and kind. I believe the collaborative talents of every person who worked on "Millennium" in combination with the innovative direction that Glen and Jim took the show that season provided so much to be immensely proud of. I will always hold that experience and Lara Means in a special place in my heart.

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