Halloween Week: Sunday #2 - Trivia Challenge Conclusion

It’s All Hallows Eve, a time when we find ourselves craving both tricks and treats. Back to Frank Black delivers on both counts by presenting the answers to our diabolical “Thirteen Years Later” trivia challenge! Below you will find the promised solutions to all thirteen of our fiendishly tricky riddles. If you’d still like a shot at proving your millennial mastery, cover your eyes now and simply revisit the posted line-up of questions, presented at the start of our Halloween Week extravaganza. The answers to many of these trivia questions have been offered throughout the week in the exclusive interviews, original essays, and video tributes posted to celebrate “Thirteen Years Later.”

Additionally, there’s still time to submit your entry for the Back to Frank Black Halloween competition! If you could become any fictional killer from the annals of both film and television, who would you be? Review the posted competition guidelines and drop us an e-mail. You have until midnight (PST) tonight to enter for a chance to win a copy of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue (2009) signed by both Joe Maddrey and Lance Henriksen!

And now, Millennium fanatics, the treat to balance out our tricks, the answers you’ve been awaiting...

1. Which classic horror movies are referenced on-screen in “Thirteen Years Later”? 1) The Hitcher (1986) 2) Halloween (1978) 3) Friday the 13th (1980) 4) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 5) Psycho (1960) 6) Motel Hell (1980) 7) The Omen (1976)

2. Which of the cited franchises can be tied to the resume of Millennium’s star? Lance Henriksen appears in Damien: Omen II (1978).

3. What cult horror television series also takes place in Trinity, South Carolina? CBS’s American Gothic (1995).

4. What detective movie does Emma Hollis cite as her personal favorite? The Enforcer (1951).

5. What book does Emma take time out to enjoy? Labyrinths (1962) by Jorge Luis Borges.

6. Who are the four founding members of KISS and what cameo roles do they play in this episode? Paul Stanley appears as Lew Carroll, Peter Criss as Nice Cop, Ace Frehley as Sick Cop, and Gene Simmons as Hector Leachman.

7. In addition to “Psycho Circus,” what KISS song is referenced in this episode? “Rock and Roll All Nite” (1975).

8. Who is the “Reverend” M. Goodman granted tribute with the episode’s epigraph? Morry Goodman, a Fox network censor.

9. On which big screen horror flick did Thomas J. Wright join more than a half-dozen other Millennium alums? Final Destination (2000).

10. What screen credit connects Millennium stars Lance Henriksen and Terry O’Quinn with guest stars Jeff Yagher and Jon Polito? HBO's Tales from the Crypt (1989).

11. Which victims uttered those unwitting last words on-screen? A) Sheriff Fritz Neuenschwander B) Lew Carroll C) Sarah Cryer) D) Kenny Neiderman E) Marta Danbury F) Hugo Winston

12. What uncharacteristic action connects “The Beginning and the End,” “Beware of the Dog,” “Roosters,” “TEOTWAWKI,” “Thirteen Years Later,” and “Goodbye to All That”? Frank Black fires a gun.

13. Which Millennium episodes feature nods to the entertainment industry? A) “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense” B) “522666” C) “Goodbye to All That” D) “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” E) “The Curse of Frank Black”

2 Responses to "Halloween Week: Sunday #2 - Trivia Challenge Conclusion"

Herr Doktor Schlossburg said... October 31, 2010 at 9:05 AM


When Emma Hollis said that 'The Enforcer' was her favorite detective movie, I figured she was talking about THIS film:


Brian A. Dixon said... October 31, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Ah, Herr Doktor, I was waiting for someone to point this out... and I very nearly added a parenthetical reference to The Enforcer (1976). You're right to call me on this one as Emma does not specify which of the two films with this title she favors. Perhaps, like me, she's a big Dirty Harry fan? Given the subject of her conversation with Frank, however, and the emphasis on the detective genre, I felt it was safe to label The Enforcer (1951) as her favorite. Give yourself a bonus point for catching this, however!

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