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You may have noticed our homepage has undergone something of a make-over with a stunning front page created by campaign supporter and illustrator, Barry Renshaw. As I am sure you will agree, it takes an extremely talented individual to condense the entire three seasons of Millennium into a two page comic strip but Barry has done just that with some fantastic art work to boot.

Just so you can see his creation in all its glory, here it is for your enjoyment. Click the image to open it in a separate window for easy viewing. After you have finished enjoying his work please leave a comment or two for him to see, showing your appreciation for all the hard work people do on our behalf is very much appreciated.

So, whilst we wait, fairly patiently, for a Millennium Movie to be made, why not appease our appetites with a Millennium comic book adaptation, I think Barry presents the perfect case for why this would be such a welcome and enjoyable idea. Read on......


It is our great pleasure to reveal the winners of our exclusive caption competition to win a copy of Matt Hurwitz's tome, "The Complete X-Files: A guide to the Myth and the Movies" courtesy of Insight Editions. In doing so, we thank all those who took the time to enter, we were amazed by the support this competition received and had a fantastic time reading and judging your entries. So without further ado, our congratulations to John Iffland for his winning entry....

...and congratulations, also, to Robert Knopick for the following entry, both these individuals will find a copy of Matt Hurwitz's book winging its way to them shortly.

As promised, we are pleased to announce that our runner up prize, a copy of the Millennium Apocalypse DVD goes to Peter Snow for the following rib tickler...

...and there you have it, three very deserving winners I am sure you will agree!

So congratulations to all our winners and thank you, so much, to everyone who took part!

The competition is now closed, we will not be accepting any further entries. Thank you.


Brett Hart is an up and coming film director and one who should definitely demand your attention. It is no secret that I have been an aficionado of the continuing career of Lance Henriksen, spending as much time admiring his work as I do I feel relatively comfortable in reviewing the features he has appeared in and, like a great many of his followers, I believe ’Bone Dry’, Brett’s début as a movie director, to be the most impressive feature that Lance has starred in for some time. Imagine my delight when I discovered that we shared an admiration of Millennium also.

Brett's work has not only caught my eye, or the eyes of Lance’s substantial band of followers, but he has elicited much praise including accolades from such luminaries as director Richard Franklin, director of Psycho II and Tom Holland who wrote, and directed, Child's Play and Fright Night. So, enjoy the first part of this exclusive interview as Brett talks, Millennium, Frank Black, Lance Henriksen and Bone Dry! He says he’d make a Millennium Movie for free and do you know? As a fan, I would trust him with it.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK.COM: For every fan of Millennium there is a unique set of reasons as to why the franchise struck such a chord with them and no two reasons are ever the same. Would you share with the fans your own particular Millennium story?

BRETT A. HART: When I was working with Jeff O’Brien on the script to “Bone Dry“, I had just gotten married and at the same time the agency I was working for closed their doors. I was penniless for the first time in my life. It was do or die time in my career. So I focused solely on “Bone Dry”. The only means of escape and joy during this very stressful time was viewing Millennium re-runs each night with my new bride. I looked forward to taking a break from the desert visions we were writing and joining ‘Frank Black’ on his journeys through the aberrant. In due time, Jeff O’Brien and I both confessed that our dream actor to play “Jimmy” was Lance Henriksen. I also think that it was one of the finest television series’ ever created. I had already admired The X-Files but preferred the world of ‘Frank Black‘. It was a world that I could believe really existed. Though there were supernatural moments, it always felt plausible. The locations, the cast, the characters, lighting, direction, music and editing just pulled me in. You can feel the influence of “Se7en” in the series and when I was pitching “Bone Dry” to producers I would mention that it would feel a little like “Se7en” in the desert. Ironically one of the producers I was pitching that too hated “Se7en” and actually admitted passing on that film as well.

BTFB: Bone Dry was your first major feature film and one which received many well deserved accolades but I know you didn't just appear from nowhere. Could you describe for us your own particular path to the movie?

BH: I started my career in film making at age 7. I was writing and creating storyboards years before I got my hands on a camera. The first short story I can remember writing was in 1977. The premise was that of a hero rushing up the stairs of The World Trade Centre to the rooftop. It was a race against time as a blimp overtaken by terrorists, filled with explosives, was being flown towards the buildings. By the time I was 15 yrs old I had a 20 minute short film under my belt. “The Tone Of Murder” was heavily influenced by Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” as well as Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart”. This short thriller caught the attention of Richard Franklin (Psycho II) who took me under his wing and encouraged me to never be discouraged. To survive I got into advertising and preferred it over music videos which a lot of directors lean towards. The reason I preferred commercials was that it allowed me the opportunity to work with actors and scripts telling very short stories, whereas music videos never appealed to me because they were primarily eye candy. By the time I was 33 years old I had won several awards for short films, commercials and focused all my efforts to getting “Bone Dry” made. Six years later we finally brought that vision to life.

BTFB: I know you have made comment that Millennium is one source of inspiration that you draw upon when creating your films. What particular aspects of that production do you seek to capture or flavour your own productions with?

BH: It’s not a conscious source of inspiration but it has been a presence for at least two projects. “Bone Dry” and now a dog thriller that Tom Holland (Child’s Play) and I are working on. I think it honestly reflects a portion of my personality. The show is earnest, it rarely felt implausible and Lance’s portrayal of Frank is very believable. I’m attracted to darker material but I have to be honest two of my favorite episodes are actually the lighter ones, “Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me” and “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defence”. Both were so against type that I can’t help but love them. Lance playing a pulp fiction detective is hilarious, the self parody of being “very downbeat” and I love anything with comedic demons. The “Somehow, Satan…” episode reminded me of early Twilight Zones.

BTFB: As fans we often muse about the ways Millennium could successfully make the jump to a big screen adaptation. As a Director yourself do you believe, as we do, that the series is so obviously ripe for such a treatment that it's a genuine shame it hasn't been done sooner? In addition, can you perceive any potential problems with making Millennium as a movie?

BH: I concur that Millennium needs to be elevated to a feature film, after all Chris Carter wasn’t able to even resolve the series and unlike first The X-Files film it wouldn’t be reliant on costly effects. I think it’s a travesty that the fans haven’t been given resolution. I do think the challenge is tying together three uniquely different seasons and I also think it would probably need to be a little over two hours to do it justice. Chris is an amazing writer and there is so much potential with a feature. A further challenge in translating a series to a feature is giving the audience the visual vocabulary they’ve grown accustomed to while offering them new depth in characters and visual flourishes.

Check back on Sunday for the second part of this exclusive interview and keep your eyes peeled in the near future for an exclusive giveaway competition courtesy of Mr. Hart!


We have been inundated with entries for our caption competition to win one of two copies of "The Complete X-Files: A guide to the Myth and the Movies" by Matt Hurwitz and endorsed by Millennium creator Chris Carter. If you would still like to be in with a chance, all you have to do is offer a humorous caption to the following picture:

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Enjoy the podcast yesterday, courtesy of Tha Darkside Vibe? Well here's an opportunity to enjoy another nugget of thanks to our good friends over at As well as keeping you abreast of all our upcoming plans and exclusives, the Spootalkular team talk
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Dear Supporters,

We recently brought your attention to a wonderful Blog article written by a fervent supporter of this campaign, Troy. In addition to his encouraging words he recently took the time to interview campaign co-ordinator James McLean, who is no stranger to being interviewed these days I might add. Podcasts are an indispensable way of getting word of this campaign to your supporters and we urge you, as fellow Millennium fans, to consider doing something similar yourself.

If you require a promotional advert, we have one, want to speak to a member of the team, not a problem, in fact all things will be considered, you just have to ask. So, without further ado, visit here or download the mp3 commentary directly and listen to #55 of Tha Darkside Vibe to hear this very enjoyable interview where James shares his thoughts on the show, the fans and in the process reacquaint you all with why YOU are so important to this cause.

Before I vanish in to the ether once more, we are proud and honoured to now be the only Millennium focussed outlet featured amongst the affiliates of Frank Spotnitz's Social Network, Big Light Productions. This is a proud achievement for us as almost all those featured are distinguished and respected, often official, outlets of X-Files focussed news and discussion. Thank you Alison Groves
for being so receptive to us and to Frank, for his constant warmth and support.

Need a date for your diary, and boy do we have a packed diary in the not too distant future, be sure to be here on Friday as we interview an up and coming director who is not only a fan of Millennium but says he would direct the movie for free. Intrigued? We thought you might be!

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