Happy New Year from BacktoFRANKBLACK!

Happy New Year!
Feliz año nuevo!
Onnellista uutta vuotta!
Bonne année!
S Novym Godom!

(and apologies for any inaccuracies in my linguistics!)

With the media, fans and industry back in the New Year, we'll forge on once more after a pleasant gap for the holidays! We have more from Lance, more from other Millennium crew, some new interactive ways for the fans to help us speak out, some competitions and hopefully - more media and industry interest in our cause!

Since our website update we've seen our newsletter sign-up rate increase - so that's encouraging indeed and our myspace page continues to gain more friends! Feel free to join either group!

We'll be sending out a newsletter this week and updating our blog with specific news - so keep an eye out! For 2009 we really want to showcase the fans far more than we have done so before - we've had such encouraging feedback we want to make sure we truly are a platform for the fans to speak out!

Remember - send FOX your letters! It is the BEST way to make yourself heard and to show FOX you really do care about the show!

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

More information on letter writing can be found here.

On a personal note - go purchase the extended X-Files: I Want To Believe DVD/Blue-Ray. It really is a fantastic film and worth of support from all Carter fans!

Stand Up And Be Counted!

It is always a pleasure when we receive word from fans of Millennium and from those who support our campaign. It is important to us to know that there are countless individuals out there who share our own passion for 'Frank Black' and 'Millennium'. Occasionally we will share with you some of the correspondence we receive, rest assured though we won't blog any of the mail we get without seeking the author's permission first. That said, if you wish to send us your thoughts on Millennium or points of interest regarding the campaign, please do. We read everything we receive and will respond to everyone as time permits. Here are the thoughts of a fellow fan of the franchise....

I've been a fan of 'Millennium' since the pilot episode aired in 1996. At first I just thought the show was 'cool' and different. I was a big fan right up until it was cancelled. In 1999 Fox started re-running the show from the beginning. I used to stay up late and videotaped each episode. I became fascinated with the show even further and gained a deeper appreciation for it.

For years all I had were those terrible, grainy VHS tapes. I watched them so many times they fell apart. Thank goodness for DVD's!

Fast forward several years and here I was, I had been married, became a father, I was divorced and my view of the world had changed considerably. All of a sudden 'Millennium' took on a much deeper meaning for me. Something happens to you when you become a parent. You see the world differently. For me, 'Millennium' got even better. I understood the family dynamic, I understood Frank's love and his loss. I understood the importance of being descent and doing the right thing. I understood him better than I could have before.

Never before has a television show moved, or engrossed me so much. Since 'Millennium' we have been subjected to the likes of 'CSI', 'The Profiler' and a miriad of other copy cat style shows. None of which can hold a candle to the acting, writing and atmosphere of the one true original, 'Millennium'.

The character of Frank Black (played brilliantly by Lance Henriksen) had a depth, an emotion, a believability the likes of which haven't been seen since. The dialog was crisp and real and the viewer believed every word he said. Unlike today's television shows where you have bad acting, egos and corny dialog, and such tissue thin stories and character development they are laughable by comparison.

Today's television is merely style over substance. 'Millennium' had both.

It truly was the best television show ever. Many pretenders have come and gone but there will only ever be one 'Millennium' and one Frank Black.

The show influenced me more than I ever thought possible. I've learned a lot from Frank Black. Here's to hoping that Frank comes back, one last time.

Please continue to share with us your thoughts and feelings and keep a close eye on our efforts in the new year for more exclusive interviews, competitions and campaign developments. Till then, may we thank you all for the support you have shown us thus far and wish you a very happy New Year!

FINNISH UPDATE: BacktoFRANKBLACK.com on nyt entistä ehompi!

Vuoden 2009 lähestyessä BacktoFRANKBLACK.comille on tehty kunnon kasvojenkohotus. Sivuston annista on nyt helpompi päästä jyvälle ja se on myös teemoiltaan entistä yhtenäisempi. Tätä (hienosäädettyä) blogia pääsee katsomaan suoraan sivustolta backtofrankblack.com. Päivitä kirjanmerkkisi!

Kasvojenkohotukseen sisältyy sivuston uusi haastatteluosio, joka kasvaa seuraavien kuukausien kuluessa, kiitos Millenniumin ystävällisten näyttelijöiden ja muiden tekijöiden. Kahta uutta haastattelua tehdään parhaillaan ja kaksi muuta on jo sovittu. Lisäksi ovat tulossa Lance Henriksenin haastattelun seuraavat osat. Kakkososa oikoluetaan tällä viikolla, ja toivomme saavamme sen julki mahdollisimman pian.

Pidä silmällä BacktoFRANKBLACKin tuleviakin uutuuksia ja muista lähettää kirjeesi Foxille!

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Lisätietoa kirjeen kirjoittamisesta saat täältä.

RUSSIAN UPDATE: Новости кампании BTFB

Сайт глобальной международной кампании BackToFrankBlack.com, призванной вернуть Фрэнка Блэка и "Тысячелетие", поменял дизайн и стал теперь еще более удобным! Как и прежде, всю необходимую информацию о кампании и ее целях вы можете прочитать на русском языке на этой странице.

Обратите внимание, что на русскоязычную страницу добавлен перевод первой части эксклюзивного интервью Ланса Хенриксена, которое он дал специально для BackToFrankBlack.com! Вторая часть интервью будет опубликована в ближайшее время. Не забывайте почаще проверять новостной блог кампании - в будущем вас ждут большие сюрпризы!

Если вы хотите снова увидеть Фрэнка Блэка на экране и поддержать создателей и актеров "Тысячелетия", единственный действенный способ сделать это - написать письмо с вашей просьбой на студию FOX по адресу:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035 USA

Все подробности о том, как написать письмо и как пооригинальнее его оформить, вы можете узнать на этой странице.

Another Millennium fan speaks!

To the staff of BTFB,

I want to first thank you for getting this campaign going and spreading the word about bringing this amazing character back to the screen.

I have followed the show since Season 1 and am truly pleased with this campaign. I know how you guys feels, several years back I was involved in a campaign to bring the show Brimstone back which used to be paired with Millennium on Friday nights. We were somewhat successful getting Bonnie Hammer of the Sci-Fi channel to pick up the already aired 13 episodes 2 years after it was cancelled.

So, keep the faith! - T

Refit for BacktoFRANKBLACK.com!

As we move into 2009, BacktoFrankBlack.com has had a major face-lift, making it more accessible and thematic consistent than previously. This (tweaked) blog can now be viewed direct from the website itself at backtofrankblack.com. Please update your bookmarks!

The website face-lift has included the launch of a brand new interviews section which will be growing in the next couple of months thanks to the gracious cast and crew of Millennium. Two interviews are presently in process and another couple are booked. On top of that we have the next parts of the Lance Henriksen interview. Part two is being proofed this week and we hope to publish it as soon as possible.

In the meantime look out for new updates from BacktoFRANKBLACK and of course, don't forget to send your letter to FOX!

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

More information on letter writing can be found here.

Teletronic support Back To Frank Black!

Teletronic.co.uk's webmaster, Laurence Marcus, has updated his fine site with details of our campaign to bring 'Frank Black' back to the screens. In addition he will shortly be updating his other domain, TelevisionHeaven.co.uk, with a wonderful review of Millennium written by fan community member, Ben Lundy. Do check out Laurence's sites as both are filled to brim with so much information regarding all things entertainment they allow for a very enjoyable few hours of browsing.

To read the article at Teletronic about our campaign click here!

To await Ben's fine review of Millennium, and to browse Laurence's wonderful compedium of television reviews in the meantime, click here!

Back to BacktoFrankBlack.com!

BacktoFrankBlack.com is now back online! Sorry for the downtime!

Just a reminder that if you haven't already, please read the first part of our interview with Lance Henriksen.

Lance Henriksen Interview Part 1:
Read the interview in English!
Lue haastattelu suomeksi tästä!

¡Lee la entrevista en español aquí!
Lisez l'interview en français ici!
Интервью на русском языке!

Part two has been sent back to Lance for his approval, so as soon as we're able, we'll be posting part two. Look out for some news of more cast and crew interviews coming soon!

To show your appreciation for the time offered by the cast and crew, please contribute a little time to the campaign yourselves. Write a letter to FOX, expressing your desire for Frank Black to return. The address again is below:
20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

More information on letter writing can be found here.

We would like to apologise for the loss of the backtoFrankBlack website today - we've had server issues beyond our control. Just to let you know we're still working as normal with some great updates on the way and the following part to the LANCE HENRIKSEN interview!

Bookmark us and keep an eye for upcoming updates, news and interviews!

In the meantime, keep sending the letters to FOX asking for the return of Frank Black and Millennium! Send them to:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

What could be simpler?

So join the campaign. Go to our news page to join our mailing list, or send us an email with your thoughts and ideas to info@backtofrankblack.com

A New Millennium!

As previously reported, the campaign enjoyed success of late when news of our efforts were documented in Australia's counter culture focused magazine, 'Black'. Horror author and critic, Benjamin J. Szumskyj took time from his busy schedule to document his thoughts and feelings regarding Millennium and his desire to see Frank Black return. We are proud to bring this article to you and are working to ensure there are many more articles like this in the near future.
If you feel you could be of assistance in helping the campaign find a prominent voice in print then do not hesitate to contact the campaign team via our website, till then, enjoy the read!

Millennium Fandom Fundom!

To maintain our efforts to promote the campaign and continue our relationship with the cast and crew that have shown such warmth and support towards us, we proudly present the Millennium Initiation Test, a quirky way of involving Millennium's supporters in our campaign. As we previously mentioned, Trevor White is a staunch ally of this campaign and one, of many, cast and crew members who desire to see a return of the Millennium franchise in whatever form this may take. He is the first, of many others, to indulge the campaign team in a moment of Millennium fun and we urge you to check us out on a regular basis to enjoy many more serious, and lighthearted, contributions from those who contributed to the franchise. The festive season is the perfect time for a little frivolity so read the words of a Millennium cast member and continue your support of this campaign as you do so!

The Campaigners Speak!

We are proud, in addition to the exclusive Lance Henriksen interview now online, to bring another interview to your attention. Avi Quijada, of X-Files News, took some time from her busy schedule to interview our campaign coordinator, James, and fellow campaigner, Kimon, to bring you all the behind the scenes news regarding our campaign to secure the return of 'Frank Black'. In addition to 'Millennium' we are all admirers of the 'X-Files' and admirers of the wonderful work the team at xfilesnews.com undertake in their appreciation of the franchise. To read the article and to support xfilesnews with your gratitude and comments, click here!



BacktoFrankBlack.com was thrilled when Frank Black himself, Lance Henriksen, offered an exclusive interview on behalf of the campaign. We were very fortunate to get this opportunity on Thanksgiving day to speak to the actor on a variety of topics. In this first part of the interview, Lance talks about Millennium, its potential future and the work that went into creating Frank Black.

(Lue haastattelu suomeksi tästä!)
(¡Lee la entrevista en español aquí!)

BACKTOFRANKBLACK: Do you think the return of Frank Black is a possibility? Are you still interested in playing Frank again - you were very optimistic at the conventions this past year.

LANCE HENRKISEN: Yeah, I know, I would absolutely love to do it and I really think it is a possibility, but it's really up to Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter.

BTFB: If Frank Black and Millennium returned in some form, what would be your preference in the form it would return and why?

LANCE: A movie would be very different. With a movie you have an end in sight - you can gear your energy for it, but when you have a [TV] series that goes on for ten and a half months - there is no way to really have that "end in sight" because you know you'll be coming back next year. It's very tiring.

BTFB: So would a movie be ideal?

LANCE: Yeah. Ideally.

BTFB: Aside from Millennium your career has been movie orientated. Comparatively you've not focused much on television.

LANCE: No, not very often. The reason I've always believed it [Millennium] should be a movie on the big screen or a channel like HBO is you have more freedom with language and the things that can happen. You are allowed to talk about more and that's more natural to me as opposed to being kind of the sanitized guy. I'm not very good at that.

BTFB: Yes, it could be said your movies do not reflect a "sanitized" film career!

LANCE: [laughs] No I don't go for it. I've tried everything you can try in films and having fun, and it's a wonderful expression. To be locked into a thing like TV is really tough - I don't mean to whinge about it, believe me, I loved every minute of Millennium, but it was tiring... it was like.. despair, it was so tiring. I was so tired, but everyone in TV has felt that. I don't feel very special about it.

BTFB: Both yourself and Chris Carter spoke candidly about the concerns over the stylistic and narrative changes to season two on the Millennium box-set - it would be fair to say that the comments have energized the issue of the second season within fandom - would you mind speaking a little further on your feelings towards the second season?

LANCE: Well, it wasn't hated! We felt the second season was subversive to the show. The first thing that happened was when Glen Morgan and James Wong put out a t-shirt saying "98% less serial killer"! What? The whole premise of the show was solving crimes that were almost impossible to solve - we felt it was subversive in a real way!

Remember, I couldn't watch the show while I was doing it! I couldn't - I didn't have the time. I didn't see the shows themselves until the box-sets were coming out. As I got deeper into season two, I felt that the writers were trying out some very unusual work - some very strange events! I started to see one or two of the episodes were very creative! That took the sting out of my original feelings.

BTFB: Can I ask you about Frank's gift? It's another fan favorite for debate! Chris has said on the DVD it was originally intended in season one to be simply a depiction of Frank's intuition, yet even in season one there is a flavor of something more mystical going on. Were you briefed on this possibility?

LANCE: Well let me say this: you know how a great chess player works, right? They study, they study, they study - they know all the moves of different great chess players? I always felt Frank Black had morphed into a person who put abstract loose ends together in his head in a way that other people couldn't. He could take threads of an idea and they would suddenly appear to him almost a linear story. In other words, walking into a room he would see pieces of a puzzle like a great chess player and he would string them together. And that's what I always thought - that the Gift was intellect and intuition - not psychic. I don't know how you would describe a psychic actually - I couldn't describe one - except a gift from God, like Moses talking to him or a luminary or some stuff.

To me, it was something much more.. kind of pragmatic. I always felt Chris understood that I didn't want to judge anybody. I didn't want Frank Black to be a judge or a puritan who sat on the edge of "this is good/bad". No Gift would work in your brain if you had judgments going on. The Gift was only about discovering the intent and the function of what was happening.

BTFB: Do you think giving Frank this non-judgmental aspect to his personality has helped make the character so unique and iconic?

LANCE: Right, because I read all the books on what different kinds of serial killers there are and the things they go through, how they cover their tracks and all these things. I always felt the "art" that would come out of this is in the impartial acceptance. In a way it's like raising a child - you don't ever want to break the self-esteem of a child, you want to nourish and nurture them, right? In a sense, in pursuing someone doing terrible things you really want to know why to stop them from happening again. Because these people are not well, they're really not well.

BTFB: This seems to be what makes Frank so internationally compelling, he is a man not looking for justice through revenge, but simply to stop people doing horrible things.

LANCE: Right, exactly, you do know they have to be put away, but that's somebody else's job - that's not his [Frank's] job, his life. There is a great phrase, and the phrase is "I don't really like religion so much because it's for people who are afraid to go to hell, a spirituality is for a person who have already been there." And I think that's more about what Frank Black is - he's already been there.

In fact we based it [Millennium] on a man who actually was working on over a 100 cases and he had a stroke and almost died. They found him in the hotel room and he was almost dead. And he came back, he was fine after they got him back on his feet - but once you come that close it changes you.

Part two of this interview will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Watch this blog for more updates or join the BACKTOFRANKBLACK mailing list for regular updates.

In the second part of this exclusive interview, Lance speaks more on his role as Frank, the character's role in the show and more on the campaign!

Please support Lance's kind contributions by supporting the campaign to the full and sending a letter to FOX - more details here!

Spanish Update

Spanish update: ¡Próximos Estrenos y La abadía de Berzano!
¡El interés por la campaña aumenta día a día! El popular sitio argentino Próximos Estrenos, que se ocupa de los últimos estrenos en cine, ha incluido una nota sobre Back to Frank Black entre sus últimas novedades. Esperamos que sea una señal, y que no pase mucho tiempo antes de que el mismo sitio pueda incluir una película de Frank Black... ¡entre sus estrenos recientes!
Pero eso no es todo, ya que "La abadía de Berzano", brillante rincón de 'cinéfagos', también informa a sus lectores de nuestra iniciativa.
Agradecemos a estos dos sitios el servir de base para que más lectores se enteren de la campaña.

¡Último momento! Como si fuera poco, Axxon.com.ar, la leidísima web de noticias ha agregado el comunicado de prensa a su página de noticias.

Nightmares in red, white and blue!

The website created to promote Lance Henriksen's latest feature has publicly promoted the campaign to return Frank Black.

Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film is a feature-length documentary based on the book of the same name by Joseph Maddrey. It examines the idea that horror films reflect the times and places in which they are made -- illustrating how classic monster movies exploited the anxieties of war-time generations, and how more savage modern horror films stem from the psychic fallout of America’s counterculture movement and the subsequent rise of increasingly conservative political forces.

Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue is narrated by horror genre icon Lance Henriksen and features exclusive interviews with legendary auteurs like John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen, and Roger Corman, as well as film historian John Kenneth Muir and Fangoria editor Tony Timpone. Their observations are illustrated with clips from more than 100 films -- ranging from the classic Universal monster movies to the psychological horrors of film noir, from groundbreaking films like Night of the Living Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and Jaws to contemporary slasher movies, Torture Porn, and beyond. In short, it is the most comprehensive documentary on America’s most durable and prolific film genre.

To return the support please check out the following link for information about this exciting new production.

RUSSIAN UPDATE: Вернуть Фрэнка Блэка!

За последние несколько месяцев в ходе промоушена фильма "Секретные материалы: Я хочу верить" создателю сериала Крису Картеру и его постоянному соавтору Фрэнку Спотницу неоднократно задавали вопросы о судьбе полнометражного фильма по мотивам еще одного культового детища компании 1013 - сериала "Тысячелетие" (Millennium). Слухи об этом ходят вот уже несколько лет, и Крис неоднократно подтверждал, что он готов заняться съемками фильма, у него есть идеи и согласие Ланса Хенриксена, исполнителя главной роли, но есть одно большое но - заинтересованность в проекте студии FOX.

Летом Фрэнк Спотниц в своем блоге открыто намекнул: если что и сможет сдвинуть дело с мертвой точки, так это энтузиазм со стороны фанатов. Вроде того, что продемонстрировали икс-филы, когда боролись за XF2: многочисленные онлайн-петиции, платные объявления в прессе, коробки с письмами в офис FOX. Что ж, пришло время поклонников "Тысячелетия" и Фрэнка Блэка бороться за СВОЙ фильм - вместе с создателями и актерами "Тысячелетия".

И первым шагом стало создание глобальной интернет-кампании Back To Frank Black, которая всего за несколько месяцев своего существования смогла добиться впечатляющих результатов.

В поддержку кампании за возвращение Фрэнка Блэка - главного героя "Тысячелетия" - высказались не только "родственные души" - популярные XF-сайты XFilesUltimate.com и X-FilesLexicon.com, но и многочисленные развлекательные ресуры и подкасты, посвященные мистическим сериалам и фильмам, а также крупнейшие издания вроде культовых хоррор-журналов Fangoria и Black Magazine. Поддержать кампанию призывают влиятельный кинокритик Джон Кеннет Муир и телеканал ZoneHorror. IMDb.com, самый крупный в мире ресурс, посвященный кино, разместил на страницах "Тысячелетия" и всех ключевых актеров и создателей статью с просьбой поддержать кампанию.

И конечно же, в стороне не остались ключевые фигуры "Тысячелетия"! Актеры Ланс Хенриксен, Сара-Джейн Редмонд (Люси Батлер), Кристен Клоук (Лара Минз), Стивен Миллер (Энди МакКларен), Тревор Уайт (Дуг Скайфи) высказались в поддержку кампании Back To Frank Black. Композитор Марк Сноу и оператор Роберт МакЛахлан также в курсе существования кампании. А как же Крис Картер, сам создатель "Тысячелетия"? В последнее время из-за болезни Крис ушел в тень, но у организаторов кампании есть сведения, что создатель знает об инициативе фанатов и поддерживает ее.

И конечно же, старания поклонников "Тысячелетия" всячески поощряет сценарист и продюсер Фрэнк Спотниц! Кроме того, что он регулярно публикует в своем блоге пресс-релизы кампании, в недавнем интервью для Movieweb.com на вопрос о полнометражном фильме "Тысячелетие" ответил следующее: "Забавно, но меня спрашивают об этом постоянно. Чуть ли не в каждом интервью кто-нибудь спрашивает: "А где фильм "Тысячелетие"?" С самого начала Крис сказал, что с радостью готов его снять, и я думаю, Ланс (Хенриксен) тоже, но чем дольше мы тянем, тем меньше шансов остается. Я думаю, чтобы это произошло, потребуется настоящее, согласованное, пылкое усилие. Я знаю, что есть большое количество людей в интернет-сообществе, которые работают над тем, чтобы фильм стал реальностью. Сейчас идет кампания "Вернуть Фрэнка Блэка", но я думаю, они должны весьма громко заявить о себе, чтобы получить свой шанс".

Если вы хотите помочь кампании за возвращение "Тысячелетия" и Фрэнка Блэка громко заявить о себе, прежде всего посетите сайт BackToFrankBlack.com, где вы найдете всю необходимую информацию. Кампания Back To Frank Black по-настоящему международная и глобальная, а потому сайт представлен на пяти языках, в том числе на русском! Единственный действенный способ заставить компанию FOX снять фильм - это написать на студию письмо. О том, как это сделать, где взять образец письма, как пооригинальнее его оформить и на какой адрес отправлять - подробно рассказано на русскоязычной странице сайта BackToFranckBlack.com.

Все последние новости о достижениях кампании вы можете узнать на этом блоге, где самые важные события будут также переводиться и на русский язык. В ближайшем будущем ожидаются эксклюзивные интервью Ланса Хенриксена, Марка Сноу, Сары-Джейн Редмонд и Стивена Миллера в поддержку кампании. Не забывайте время от времени проверять блог.

Если вас это волнует, то время пришло - Вернуть Фрэнка Блэка!

Feo Amante Supports Back To Frank Black

Feo Amante has come out in support of our campaign to bring back Frank Black. Feo hosts an extremely comprehension web site devoted to all manner of Horror, Thriller and Genre topics and we are proud to be associated with it. It is one of the most popular and well respected genre devoted sites on the internet and in a single month alone is likely to receive over 115,000 hits. To check the website or to send your gratitude for his most welcome support, click here!

Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristMMas!

As you are all aware, a letter writing campaign is at the very heart of our efforts and the team at BackToFrankBlack.com cannot emphasize how much Frank Black's future depends on such a simple contribution from our supporters. The cast and creative team are united with the fans in wishing to make a movie a reality, it is 20th Century Fox that we need to direct our attention to.

In homage to 'Midnight of the Century' we urge you all, strongly, to give five minutes of your time to 'Frank Black' during the festive season. Whilst you are writing your Christmas Cards this year, write an extra one for Fox Executive Michael Broidy. If you can find a card depicting an angel all the better. Simply mirror the card Frank received in that very episode, write, 'It's the Midnight of the Century', sign it and add the website's address, BackToFrankBlack.com and pop it in the mail. Better still get your friends and family to do the same or send multiple cards yourself. Such a simple gesture will make more difference than we give credit for.

Make your voices heard this Christmas and give 'Frank Black' the best Christmas present anyone could give, a movie in 2009!

Send your cards to:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Spanish update: Comienza la difusión en español

¡Hola, amigos! Han empezado a sumarse a la campaña por la vuelta de Frank algunos sitios en español. Uno de ellos es la excelente web www.terrorynadamas.com, que ayer publicó nuestra nota de prensa en su sección de artículos: pueden leerla aquí.
Por su parte, Expedientesx.es ha reiterado su apoyo a Frank Black.
¡Gracias por su respaldo! Y esperamos que antes de fin de año hayan surgido más voces de apoyo entre el público de habla hispana, que es fundamental para nuestra causa.

Black is Black - Campaign Discussed in Magazine Article!

Campaigners in Australia and New Zealand are in for a treat. 'Black Magazine' now features a unique article about 'Frank Black' and 'Millennium' and the calls for his return. 'Black Magazine' focuses on all facets of dark culture and is published bi-monthly. The article, written by Horror editor and critic, Benjamin Szumskyj, is to be found in the third edition of the magazine. To order individual copies or to subsribe to the Magazine, click here. Note: overseas readers can still purchase the magazine directly from Brimstone Press.

Interview with Frank Spotnitz mentions BacktoFrankBlack and calls for fans to be heard!

Frank Spotnitz was recently interviewed at Movieweb.com. When asked about Millennium he said:

Frank Spotnitz: It's funny. I get asked that all the time. Just about every interview someone asks, 'Where's the Millennium movie?' From the very beginning, Chris has said he'd love to do it and I think Lance (Henriksen) would love to do it, but the longer this drags on, the less likely this becomes, so I think it would have to take a real, concerted, passionate effort, at this point, to make that happen. I know there are a lot of people in the Internet community that are working to make that a reality. There's actually a Bring Back Frank Black campaign going on right now, but I think they'll have to be pretty vocal to have a chance.

To read the FULL interview, click here!

As Frank says we need your support! We need your letters to FOX! If you wish to become directly involved in the campaign, contact us at info@backtofrankblack.com!

Watch out in the upcoming weeks for an EXCLUSIVE interview with BacktoFrankBlack supporter.... Lance Henriksen!

'Spooktalkular' join the Campaign Trail!

Frank and Laura, of spooktacular.com, have joined the campaign to return 'Frank Black' by promoting their campaign in their latest podcast. As both are avid fans of Millennium they had pledged their future support for the campaign and have promised to update their listeners in further editions. Spooktalkular.com is home to a podcast that delivers a weekly paranormal roundup. Laura is a true believer and Frank is more of a skeptic. Together they deliver an interesting contrast discussing TV shows such as Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, Haunted History, Fear Itself and many more. From time to time, they even throw in a movie or book review. If it has to deal with the paranormal, chances are, they will be discussing it.

To download the podcast and leave your messages of support for the team, click here!

'Doug Scaife Speaks' A BackToFrankBlack.com Exclusive!

To fans of Millennium, Trevor White needs no introduction. He first graced our screens in Season Two's, "Midnight of the Century", but to supporters of the franchise he will always remain as 'Doug Scaife'. Doug entertained us during Season Three as a technician who worked in the FBI Forensic Sound Lab, Doug assisted Frank ("Mr. B.") on several occasions. Trevor kindly took time away from his busy schedule to speak exclusively to BackToFrankBlack.com

BACKTOFRANKBLACK: Firstly, on behalf of all at BackToFrankBlack.com our thanks in agreeing to speak to us. To open the interview I would very much like to know if your experience of Millennium differed between your appearance in season two's Midnight of the Century and season three's reoccurring role?

TREVOR WHITE: Definitely. We had a lot of fun filming the scenes for "Midnight of the Century" (one of my fellow "elves" was a friend of mine, Donny Lucas), but of course the parts were quite small and very rapid-fire, so not nearly as well-rounded as the character of Doug Scaife, which I performed in Season Three. As soon as I read the audition script for Doug Scaife I knew I wanted to do it, the confidence and cheekiness of the character really appealed to me, and two auditions later, Chris Carter thankfully agreed and I got the part.

BTFB: Your second character, Doug Scaife, was introduced to viewers during the show's Third Season. Were the cast and crew aware, at the time you joined, that show had been canceled and, if so, does this create a different atmosphere than that which is experienced when joining a continuing franchise?

TW: I can't speak for the others of course, but I wasn't aware that the show was in danger of being canceled until the end of filming season three, and even then, I suppose it still depended on viewing figures for those final few episodes. My fellow cast and the crew were always top notch and a real joy to work with and it's just a shame I had such a good part just before they canceled the whole series!!

BTFB: As your character's role was to provide tech-support to Frank Black you must have worked more closely with Lance Henriksen than anyone else. How did you find the experience and what was your take on both the actor and the character?

TW: Lance was always terrific to work with, right from the beginning back in "Midnight of the Century". He has such a presence, and that incredible voice, but was incredibly relaxed and welcoming at the same time. We had an instant chemistry filming that first Doug Scaife scene, which I think is part of what made the writers bring Doug back again and again - it brought a kind of lighter (if still slightly grumpy!) side to Frank Black which I think the viewers enjoyed.

BTFB: In addition to stage and screen roles I am aware you have performed for BBC Radio 4. As a fan of audio books generally, I have heard a number of interviews in which actors, who have worked in both media, had found audio work to be not only unique in its challenges but more rewarding for the performer. How would you compare your experiences of the two?

TW:I love doing voice work, and audiobooks and radio drama are particularly fun because often it's just you in a studio for a few days, telling stories to your imagined audience out there in the ether. It can be a real challenge playing all sorts of different characters, and I've always enjoyed doing accents and dialects, anywhere from the subtle to the ridiculous. The Unabridged Catch-22 was easily the most demanding book I've ever done - not only the dense, feverish and break-neck ramble of the writing, but also having to create the illusion of about 100 different characters, most of whom were American males between the ages of 20-50. It took 6 days and I was exhausted.

BTFB: Whilst we are busy comparing things, I watched you in 'Bonekickers' recently and I have to ask, how do you compare the experience of working for a British production as apposed to a US or Canadian production. I have heard it said that the work ethic is very different, do you agree?

TW: Well, I can sum that one up quite easily, with regards to a funny conversation I had with one of the stars of Bonekickers, Hugh Bonneville. I was talking to Hugh about how relaxed the sets were in Britain compared to North America, where the hierarchy between stars of the show and day-players can be pronounced, and where cast and crew often don't get on. He wryly and humorously observed that it hadn't nothing to do with the Brits actually being any nicer than their American counterparts, he simply remarked that they weren't paid enough to earn the right to be snobby! I liked that because although a joke, there's more than a grain of truth in it.

BTFB: I am also an admirer of Da Vinci's Inquest which starred other notable Millennium actors such as Sarah-Jane Redmond and Stephen E. Miller. Is it fair to say that you develop a camaraderie with other actors you have worked with before and does this make performing alongside them easier?

TW: Absolutely. I've been pretty damn lucky with the people I've worked with in television and film over the years, but it's even more important in theatre, where you spend months together on and off the stage and away from home. I was with the Royal Shakespeare Company for 5 months last year performing and rehearsing Coriolanus, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Washington DC, Newcastle and Madrid (as ecclectic a collection of cities as you will ever find!) and that had to be one of the highlights of my career, not only because playing the baddie, Tullus Aufidius, was a dream come true, but also because the cast and crew (over 30 people in all) were such a joy. That's what makes it all worthwhile - sharing the experience.

BTFB: What should we keep our eyes and eyes open for in relation to the continuing career of Trevor White?

TW:Well, I'll be on British and American televisions next year in Moonshot, the story of the space race, playing Astronaut Alan Shepard, which I think is going to be great. I'm also still waiting to see whether The Gift, a film I did last year with Martin Sheen, will get a general release sometime soon. House of Saddam, where I play Newman, a CIA agent operating in the Middle East, has been shown on the BBC already in the UK and I think is due on American television very soon. Other than that, I've just auditioned for some other stuff here in London, but in keeping with my tradition, can't say any more that that for fear of jinxing it!

BTFB: Finally, in the campaign's goal to bring back Frank Black and the Millennium universe, what are your feelings on the potential of a post-Millennial return? Would you be happy to see Doug return?

TW:I would love that. Doug Scaife is such a fun, rascal of a character, and Millenium was such a landmark show on network television, that to reunite them in a film, and with Lance leading the charge as Frank Black, would be just phenomenal. Keep writing letters and blogs and let's get this film made! And of course do let me know if there's anything else I can do to help the cause.

Once again, Trevor, our thanks for the kind donation of your time and our very best wishes for the future!

Bring Back Frank Black!

A reminder of how you can help BacktoFrankBlack.com bring Frank Black and Millennium back!

Send some flyers!

  • Our website has added flyers to its campaign tactics - print out some ink friendly a4 or a5 flyers to send!
Write a letter!
  • To add spice to your letter, print out our polaroid template to send your picture in the campaign's name to FOX.
  • We even have stationary for you to use and a simple letter template to start with!
  • And of course, the best address to send stuff to:
20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Sign a petition!

  • Click here to sign one of two petitions mounting to over 3300 names!

What could be simpler?

So join the campaign. Go to our news page to join our mailing list, or send us an email with your thoughts and ideas to info@backtofrankblack.com - or leave feedback to our blog!

Remember: At last I heard, FOX was still optioning an X-Files 3 - so don't think the low box office for X-Files 2 has put a nail in Carter's work. Express your opinion - make sure you count.

After all WHO CARES (?)

Or, if you rather....

Whew. I don't know why you're not being offered a sweeter deal. You got the heat inside of you to fight for this side. So what I'm asking of you is really simple. Sit back and do nothing. Anyone can do it. Hell, most people do. Take this deal, kid."

SPANISH UPDATE: Resumen de novedades

¡Hola, amigos de habla hispana! Como ya sabrán, esta es una campaña realmente internacional y cuenta con la participación de miembros del Grupo Millennium de todo el mundo. ;-) Pero sobre todo requiere la participación de todo el mundo (es decir, ¡de ustedes!), hablen el idioma que hablen, así que para que participar les resulte a todos más fácil intentaremos cada tanto ofrecerles las últimas novedades… ¡en español!

Aquí va entonces un resumen de las novedades más importantes en lo que va de la campaña:

• En primer lugar, si desean agregar un enlace a nuestro blog en su propio blog o sitio, pueden contactarse con nosotros enviándonos un email a info@backtofrankblack.com o backtofrankblack@gmail.com, así les devolvemos el favor con un enlace a su sitio en nuestro blog.

• De a poco, BacktoFrankBlack se va haciendo su lugar en las redes sociales, con más de 230 amigos en MySpace, otros 160 en Facebook y otros tantos en Bebo. La petición para que vuelva Frank ya suma 270 firmas, que se suman a las más de 3200 de la petición original para que se haga la película de Millennium. También aumenta el número de afiliados a nuestra página. Si quieres afiliarte a nosotros, no dudes en contactarnos para que te agreguemos.

• Lance Henriksen, Kristen Cloke (‘Lara Means’) y Stephen E. Miller (‘Andy McLaren’) nos han enviado personalmente mensajes de apoyo a la causa y están entusiasmados por ver un regreso de Frank a la pantalla grande. Kristen nos escribió:

"Quiero que sepan que disfruté muchísimo el haber trabajado en "Millennium". Amo a los actores y el equipo técnico de la serie y mantenemos una amistad con muchos de ellos. Todos eran increíblemente talentosos y amables. Creo que el talento y la colaboración de todas las personas que trabajaron en "Millennium", combinados con la dirección innovadora que brindaron Glen [Morgan] y Jim [Wong] esa temporada [la segunda], generaron muchas cosas de las que estamos inmensamente orgullosos. Siempre tendré esa experiencia y a Lara Means en un lugar especial de mi corazón."
• Frank Spotnitz ha publicado nuestros mensajes en su página oficial en varias ocasiones: BigLight September 30, BigLight October 16, BigLight October 27.

• Además, Spotnitz dijo lo siguiente en una entrevista con MTV:
“Siento un gran cariño por cada uno de los programas que hicimos con Chris en 1013. En especial, creo que 'Harsh Realm' y 'The Lone Gunmen' terminaron antes de tiempo. Y tengo que decir que en todos los lados que voy la gente me pregunta si va a haber una película o una continuación de 'Millennium', así que sospecho que hay un público muy leal ahí afuera que todavía quiere que la hagamos.”
• La puerta sigue abierta para una tercera película de Expedientes X, según informó el presidente de FOX Tom Rothman a IESB.net, lo que significa que FOX sigue teniendo en cuenta los proyectos de 1013 y Chris Carter (más allá del supuesto ‘fracaso’ de “Quiero creer” en las salas de EE.UU.).

• El importante blog Zombo’s Closet of Horror promocionó la campaña: “Soy un gran admirador de Lance Henriksen y creo que éste es su mejor papel.”

• En la esencial IMDb.com, BacktoFrankBlack aparece como noticia en los perfiles de Chris Carter, Lance, Spotnitz, Millennium y Kristen Cloke. El enlace es a la nota que publicó Fangoria.

• Zone Horror, señal de tv británica que transmite “Millennium”, publicó un artículo sobre la campaña, en el que se resaltó la importancia del envío de cartas como medio principal para lograr nuestro objetivo.

• Un podcast retrospectivo sobre Expedientes X, "Re-opening the X-Files", ha comenzado a incluir nuestro mensaje sobre la campaña en cada episodio. ¡Puedes ir aquí para escucharlo!

• Nuestro comunicado de prensa también ha sido publicado por TvParty.com, Pair A Normal Guys Inc., The X-Files Ultimate y Multipleverses.com.

• El reconocido crítico de cine y televisión John Kenneth Muir ha brindado reiteradas veces su apoyo a la campaña, insistiendo que “Millennium” es en su opinión una de las cinco mejores series de televisión de todos los tiempos y que merece un final apropiado: Éste es el momento, Una de las mejores series de todos los tiempos.

¡Sigan atentos a este blog porque lo mejor está por venir! No queremos adelantar nada, pero sepan que habrá importantes novedades en las próximas semanas. Mientras tanto, ¡a escribir esas cartas y hacer correr la voz!

Thanks to Diego for the Spanish update!

A Message from Lara Means

During the course of this campaign, members of the team have been delighted and grateful to receive correspondence from members of Millennium's cast and crew. What is evident in all their kind letters and emails is the high esteem with which they regard the franchise and the warm and generous support they extend to its fans. In addition, many have championed the efforts of this campaign and have expressed a desire to see it succeed. I have been proud to receive word from Kristen Cloke on a few occasions and I asked her if she would grant her permission for me to share a few words with you all, as always, Kristen responded warmly to the suggestion. In closing, it is nothing short of heartening to see fans, the cast and the crew united in their high appraisal of Millennium and Frank Black. We are currently working to bring more of their words to your attention, till then, enjoy the words of Millennium's Lara Means.

Please know that I so enjoyed working on" Millennium." I truly loved the cast and crew and many of them are still good friends of ours. Everyone was tremendously talented and kind. I believe the collaborative talents of every person who worked on "Millennium" in combination with the innovative direction that Glen and Jim took the show that season provided so much to be immensely proud of. I will always hold that experience and Lara Means in a special place in my heart.

Back To Frank Black - The Fans Speak!

It is always a pleasure when we receive word from fans of Millennium and from those who support our campaign. Occasionally we will share with you some of the correspondence we receive, rest assured though we won't blog any of the mail we get without seeking the author's permission first. That said, if you wish to send us your thoughts on Millennium or points of interest regarding the campaign, please do. We read everything we receive and will respond to everyone as time permits. Here are the words of a fellow fan of the franchise....

I just wanted to write and say that I'm behind the idea of bringing back one of my favorite TV shows ever created. I have watched and enjoy many different shows in my 51 years, but this was definitely one of the best, for many reasons. It was well written, acted and the production values were top notch. But, that's a given with all of Chris Carter's shows. I collect all the TV Shows and movies that I've watched and enjoyed of the years, especially all the Sci-Fi & Horror from so many years ago. And, the Chris Carter shows are no exception, I have them all, or should I say I will have them all as of December 2, when the new "X-Files: I Want To Believe" will be released. Now, I would love to be able to experience all new episodes of "Millennium", and Frank Black. That would be a rush, to say the least. I have to hand it to Chris Carter and his casting personnel, casting Lance Henriksen as Frank Black was perfect, he portrays his character to the tee. Personally, I like Terry O'Quinn as Peter Watts also, and if they decided to revive the show, they really weren't that clear on what happened to the Peter Watts character. I know they show "Someone" laying on the floor in Peter Watts study, but you couldn't actually see just who was laying there, all you saw was his legs, so, Peter Watts could still be alive, and could be included in any revival of Millennium. And, what do you know, Terry O'Quinn will be available to join Lance Henriksen, with the ending of the show, Lost at the end of the series which is planned for this coming year. Wouldn't it be great! So, I'm signing the petition to bring back Frank Black and Peter Watts. I'm sure there's a lot more fans that will do the same, cause after all, being fans of Millennium, well, This is who We Are!

Multipleverses.com calls for Frank's Return

Kate Blake of multipleverses.com has kindly come out in support of our campaign. In addition to the introduction to the campaign she has featured she is currently scripting an article that examines not only the X-Files but the seriousness with which a Frank Black return should be addressed. To support her efforts or to comment on her support, click here!

The X-Files Ultimate Support BackToFrankBlack.com

The Webmaster of The X-Files Ultimate has kindly allowed a mention of the campaign to feature on the news section of the site. In addition, he has encouraged us to update them frequently with news of the campaign. He voiced his own love of our franchise and was impressed by our campaign and its successes thus far. To read the entry or to comment on the kind support we have received, click here!

BacktoFRANKBLACK now available in Finnish/Suomi

BacktoFRANKBLACK.com has taken a further step in opening up communication with the fans, with priority sections now available to be read in Finnish. This is now the forth language for BacktoFRANKBLACK.com in the space of just under two months. Romanian, French and Italian are in the progress of being translated.

A big thanks to all the contributors who have helped secure these translations, ensuring they are accurate and fluid in the appropriate languages. In particular, thanks to Juri, Diego and Vivi for the Russian, Spanish and French respectively. A further thanks to Juri with the help coding the alternate languages on the site.

BacktoFRANKBLACK nyt myös suomeksi

BacktoFRANKBLACK.com on ottanut taas yhden askeleen lähemmäs faneja julkaisemalla sivuston tärkeimmät osiot suomeksi. Se on jo neljäs kieli, jolla sivusto on julkaistu vain vajaan kahden kuukauden sisällä. Romaniaa, ranskaa ja italiaa käännetään parhaillaan.

Suurkiitos kaikille, jotka ovat osallistuneet käännöstyöhön ja varmistaneet, että tekstit ovat täsmällistä ja sujuvaa kieltä. Erityiskiitos Jurille, Diegolle ja Viville käännöksistä venäjäksi, espanjaksi ja suomeksi. Lisäkiitokset Jurille, joka on auttanut käännösten koodamisessa sivustolle.

BacktoFrankBlack.com: Suomi

BacktoFrankBlack.com: Ruskiy Yazyk

BacktoFrankBlack.com: Español

Pair A Normal Guys Inc. join the Campaign

'Pair A Normal Guys Inc.' have joined the campaign and are in the process of informing their supporters of us through their social networking groups. To check out their fascinating paranormal website and to return their support, click here. If you would like to visit their Facebook profile which they are using to promote the campaign, click here.

TVparty supports BackToFrankBlack.com

TVparty Webmaster and Blogger, Billy Ingram has pledged his support for the campaign and kindly posted a copy of our press release on his blog.
To read the entry and support the blog, click here!

A Frank Black fan speaks out!


Millennium was and still is one of my favorite series of all times. I was devastated when Fox took it off the air to the point I emailed them with my displeasure! Thank goodness the Chiller network brought it back and I've been able to watch every episode again.

I've never had such a dark show impact me in such a positive way. The show was and still is light years ahead of its time. Give Lance his long over due credit as an actor and Frank Black the credit he deserved as a character and put this show back on TV and/or as a movie as the ending of the series was just the beginning in my opinion of what was going to be a great series for many years.

Thank you so much for your efforts to bring back Millennium. If everyone contributes just a simple email we can make this a reality for all passionate Millennium fans like myself. In a tough economic and world climate like this anything that takes us away from reality for just a few moments to collect our thoughts is a welcome diversion.

Good luck and bring back Millennium!


- Todd F"

Thanks to Todd for kindly letting us publish his e-mail.

"Re-opening the X-Files" online podcast promotes BacktoFRANKBLACK.com!

Listen to "Re-opening the X-Files":Episode 7 - "Ghost In The Machine" and catch the aural promo for "BacktoFrankBlack.com"!

"Re-opening the X-Files offers downloadable podcasts that each focus on a single episode of Chris Carter's acclaimed series. This particular episode focuses on "Ghost In The Machine".

"In this episode I recap "Ghost in the machine" I also talk about character development in the Monster of the week episodes, and give my initial reaction on the I want to believe movie."

Well worth a listen. Any comments - positive or negative, email- xfilesopened@yahoo.com.

Click here to download this episode (includes audio promo for BacktoFrankBlack)

Frank Spotnitz promotes BACK TO FRANK BLACK

Once again, producer/writer Frank Spotnitz has promoted our cause on his blog at BigLight.com, under the appropriate and quite literal title, "Bring Back Frank Black".

To read the entry, click here.

Zone Horror UK promotes BacktoFRANKBLACK!

UK Horror has run an article about the BacktoFRANKBLACK campaign!

Millennium (which is being shown daily here on Zone Horror at 20:00) lasted three seasons but the main character, Frank Black returned briefly in an episode of The X-Files (episode 4 of series 7 fact fans!). More recently, creator Chris Carter and lead actor, Lance Henriksen have stated their interest in bringing Frank Black back. In Millennium producer/writer Frank Spotnitz’ words, “It’s something we would definitely interested in… but its going to take a massive appeal by fans to get it up!”

So it comes as no surprise to learn that a website has been created to petition and ask for Frank Black’s return, in any shape or form....

To read more, click here.

To discuss the article or leave comment, go the Zone Horror's forums or contact them directly here."

Back to Frank Black - Español!

BacktoFrankBlack has now had its key pages translated into Spanish. It is the third language for BacktoFrankBlack with Finnish and French still progress.

BacktoFrankBlack: Español (Spanish)

BacktoFrankBlack: Ruskiy Yazyk (Russian)

BacktoFrankBlack at IMDB!

The campaign to bring back Frank, BacktoFrankBlack.com has been added as a news desk item to IMDB.com.

Chris Carter
Lance Henriksen
Kristen Cloke
Frank Spotnitz

All linking to the press release used by Fangoria. (Example from Chris Carter's IMDB's news profile)

Thanks to Fangoria for the support!

Zombo's Closet of Horror Blog promotes BacktoFrankBlack!

Zombo's Closet of Horror Blog promotes BacktoFrankBlack!

"I'm a big fan of Lance Henriksen and I consider this his best role. Go to the website to learn more, and you can also add your vote to the petition to bring the show back."

To read the article and support this blog, click here!

Fangoria speaks of BacktoFrankBlack and a Millennium movie!

Fangoria has reported on the crusade to bring Frank and Millennium back!

There’s a reason they’re called cult followings—and now the ultra-devoted fan base that is obsessed with MILLENNIUM is gaining momentum on a campaign to bring the Chris Carter supernatural show to the big screen. MILLENNIUM, which aired for three seasons on Fox from 1996-1999, centered on Frank Black (genre fave Lance Henriksen), an FBI profiler with the ability to see the world through the eyes of murderers, and has arguably influenced many a big-screen thriller since.

For more from the article, click here!

Frank Spotnitz speaks about the demand for the return of Millennium!

In a new interview about X-Files comic books Frank Spotnitz brought up the demand for a Millennium movie:

"...Every single show we did with Chris at 1013 I have great affection for. Especially ‘Harsh Realm’ and ‘Lone Gunman’ I think ended before their time. And I have to tell you, everywhere I go people are always asking me if there’s going to be a ‘Millennium’ movie or something, so I suspect there’s a hardcore audience out there that’s still wanting it."

For the full interview click here.

Thanks to Juri for the update.

Spotnitz Spotlights new fans of Millennium!

Frank Spotnitz posts a letter from a new fan of Millennium.

Great to see new fans leaning towards Millennium, inspired by X-Files 2 in this particular case. Also great to see Mr Spotnitz highlighting the strong love of Millennium once more in his blog!

BacktoFrankBlack.com updates!

New website translations! The first of four is now up!

To view the key site areas in Russian, click here! This option is available from the front page of the site (click on the Russian flag) and the main menu.

We also have a new page for contributors to the website.

In the meantime, keep promoting, writing letters and signing petitions! Don't forget to spread the word. We have banners, flyers, avatars and wallpapers at the website - please utilize our resources!

And in a spare moment, enjoy our Millennium game! Let us know what level you get to.

Keeping plugging...

BacktoFrankBlack slips across to blogspot!

For a variety of reasons, the blog for www.BacktoFrankBlack.com has moved here. Any other bloggers who want Frank as we do want to link to this blog and have their relevant website in the sidebar, let me know at info@backtofrankblack.com.

For the previous blog entries, please click here!

News? Well we're planning a competition - thanks to a very kind supporter with some prizes we can give away. The thrust of the competition as you may guess is all to do with promoting! More as we get it!

We've broken 200 members on Myspace, over 3100 signatures in internet petitions and interest in affliating to our website, www.backtofrankblack.com is growing!

On top of that we've had kind correspondence with Lance Henriksen and Kristen Cloke; a mention on Frank Spotnitz blog, the support of horror writer/critic John Muir and a host of affiliates.

Our website has added flyers to its campaign tactics - print out some ink friendly a4 or a5 flyers to send! Or print out our polaroid template to send your picture in the campaign's name to FOX - or just a simple letter. We even have stationary for you to use and a simple letter template to start with! And of course, the best address to send stuff to:

20th Century Fox
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 88, Room 344
Los Angeles, CA 90035

What could be simpler?

So join the campaign. Go to our news page to join our mailing list, or send us an email with your thoughts and ideas to info@backtofrankblack.com

Remember: At last I heard, FOX was still optioning an X-Files 3 - so don't think the low box office for X-Files 2 has put a nail in Carter's work. Express your opinion - make sure you count.

After all WHO CARES (?)

Or, if you rather....

Whew. I don't know why you're not being offered a sweeter deal. You got the heat inside of you to fight for this side. So what I'm asking of you is really simple. Sit back and do nothing. Anyone can do it. Hell, most people do. Take this deal, kid."