Millennium Fandom Fundom!

To maintain our efforts to promote the campaign and continue our relationship with the cast and crew that have shown such warmth and support towards us, we proudly present the Millennium Initiation Test, a quirky way of involving Millennium's supporters in our campaign. As we previously mentioned, Trevor White is a staunch ally of this campaign and one, of many, cast and crew members who desire to see a return of the Millennium franchise in whatever form this may take. He is the first, of many others, to indulge the campaign team in a moment of Millennium fun and we urge you to check us out on a regular basis to enjoy many more serious, and lighthearted, contributions from those who contributed to the franchise. The festive season is the perfect time for a little frivolity so read the words of a Millennium cast member and continue your support of this campaign as you do so!

1 Response to "Millennium Fandom Fundom!"

Robert Sharpe said... January 15, 2009 at 5:38 AM

Not only is that great fun but it looks great, a winning combination in my book. I look forward to whatever surprises you guys will spring on us next.

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