Fight the good fight! Bring back FRANK BLACK!

We get some very nice supportive emails from Millennium fans at ( if you want to join such praised fans), who simply love Millennium and Frank Black. One such email came from Josef who shared with us a little insight into his love for the franchise with a spot of DVD caressing (for followers of our podcast, this rather exciting new trend will not be lost on them.)

As well as feedback, suggestions and photographs of DVD caressing, we are all too often asked, "what can I do to help bring Frank and Millennium back?"

So here is simple tip as to how you can help, kind wonderful Millennium fans that you are!


Sending a personalised Polaroid is one of the simplest ways you can turn the attention of the powers that be in the direction of the campaign. Many mailbags full of these will demonstrate the groundswell of support and feeling that still exists with regards to Frank Black and Millennium and what's more, it's a fuss free process that anyone with five minutes to spare can undertake. Take a leaf from Josef, who kindly shared this image with us of the finished product right before it headed to the all important destination at 20th Century Fox.

Remember don't give up hope!

We have Lance firmly on our side, the media has been very receptive, the cast and crew we've interviewed are very eager. Lance has even said he's noticed rumblings of interest within the industry towards the campaign. Your voice is vital - don't miss the opportunity to get involved!

We have more stuff planned: big interviews, interactive events, more press updates and much, much more besides.

Bookmark us, talk to us, and let's really work together to bring Frank Black back! Send those polaroids today!

2 Responses to "Fight the good fight! Bring back FRANK BLACK!"

Jósef said... June 4, 2009 at 8:53 PM

I was wondering if this picture of me is more PG-13 than PG... :D

Anyways, I want you to check your info-e-mail address, now (interesting stuff in there)!

ps: Still have got to write the letter itself, I want Mr. Broidy to spend a long time reading it. The more thought we put in a letter, the more thought it generates to the recipient, right?

James McLean said... June 5, 2009 at 6:45 AM

Josef you are a wonder! Please people write those letters! Write them now! Follow Josef's wonderful lead!

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