Secure Immaturity joins the campaign trail to bring back, FRANK BLACK!

During the course of this campaign, BackToFrankBlack has been delighted to have made the acquaintance of fellow Millennium fans from around the globe, allow me to introduce the latest addition to our rag-tag fleet of followers.

We happened up Will, the Editor of Secure Immaturity, when we discovered his fantastic reviews of the three seasons of Millennium and found in him a fellow after our own much coveted crowns as card carry uber nerds. Will very kindly pointed his readers in our direction with a very heart warming article about the efforts of BackToFrankBlack and it is a pleasure to return the favour.

Secure Immaturity is a stellar read, I actually lost time browsing the many articles that cater to every taste and type, when you are reading an a critique of how annoying Alpha 5 from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was you know you have struck Blog gold. So, head on over, make some time and enjoy your browse through the goods on offer in this fantastic pop culture marketplace.

See, one good turn deserves another. Consider letting your own Blog readers know all about us and we will make sure we return the favour. This is who we are!

2 Responses to "Secure Immaturity joins the campaign trail to bring back, FRANK BLACK!"

James McLean said... June 9, 2009 at 3:25 PM

Welcome on board Will!

William Johnson said... June 12, 2009 at 9:24 AM

Thanks guys! Much appreciated! I fixed the comment section on the X-Files site as well for those that were interested.

I signed all the petitions and am officially part of the program! Let's bring back Frank Black!!!!!!

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