It has been the hope of this campaign that word of our efforts would spread like Marburg Variant PRP and assume a life of its own beyond our considerable efforts to promote it. We are always delighted when, often unexpectedly, we happen upon a show of support from an individual who's appreciation of Millennium prompted them to action.

We cannot emphasise enough how important a role your Blogs, Tweets and social network profiles can play in assisting our efforts. Here, we preach to the converted, enjoyably so I might add, out there you have the potential to deliver word of us to a whole new audience, please considering giving this campaign a little plug wherever you can!

One such individual who did just that is Eric Howton, who previously spoke of the campaign in his excellent journal, The Empirical Manifesto. In his latest entry, Eric turns his attention, once more, to the campaign and urges his readers and followers to check us out. We are indebted to Eric for the interest and support he has afforded us and it is a pleasure to direct you, our friends, his way in return. Thank you Eric!

So, follow his, and many other's, example. Stand up, shout loud and spread word of the campaign as far and wide as you can. The time is now, this is who we are!

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James McLean said... June 5, 2009 at 6:46 AM

Eric - I salute you!

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