Genre fans will no doubt be aware of Juliet Landau who has made memorable appearances in such genre classics as 'La Femme Nikita' and 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' to name but two. To fans of 'Millennium' she will remain forever identifiable as 'Jeannie Bronstein' the young lady who's unborn child was coveted by a fundamentalist Jewish group who wished to realize unfulfilled prophecy regarding the Messiah. Always in demand, we are extremely grateful to Juliet for taking time from her hectic schedule to talk to us.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK.COM: 'Forcing The End' was an incredibly bold piece of television for its time and is often uncomfortable viewing as it has, at its heart, a narrative that involves a pregnant woman who is subsequently blindfolded, bound, kidnapped and suffers the trauma of having her labour induced and her baby abducted. How emotionally demanding are scenes such as those on the actor? Kristen Cloke remarked that intense scenes like these require a lot of trust between those performing them, would you agree with her remark?

JULIET LANDAU: I agree with Kristen Cloke. When you get a script like "forcing the end" it is just so amazing you feel scared and excited at the same time. The writing is so good it just drives everything.

BTFB: I recall an interview you gave some time ago in which you mentioned problems you had experienced with certain scenes appearing on paper to be almost identical to those that followed them in regards to content and how this concerned you with regards to how you would bring something fresh to your performances in those scenes. Do you recall how you were able to resolve these problems?

JL: That is a secret!

BTFB: You have been in a number of very successful genre franchises and I wondered how the experience of ‘Millennium’ compared to ‘La Femme Nikita‘, for example, in which you had a comparable time on the show?

JL: Working on both shows was amazing everything about them is well done from writing to the other performers to the crews. I really loved that both sets were so creative and friendly.

BTFB: In light of the above, and especially because of your role in ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, you must have a considerable number of fans and followers, an inevitability of being part of any cult franchise. How do you find this attention and is it enjoyable for you to interact with those who have admired your work?

JL: Genre fans are the best no question they are smart, observant, and loyal. They really understand the shows they are watching and what the actors are trying to do.

BTFB: I know fans of Chris Carter’s shows enjoyed your Mother's performance in ‘Millennium’ and your Father's in the ‘X-Files‘. How has being the daughter of such a successful and widely admired pair of actors affected your own career, if at all?

JL: It has not really affected me. Except my parents do understand what I am going through with work so we have a great common language.

BTFB: What do you hope the future will bring for you with regards to your continuing career and what are you currently involved with that fans should keep their eyes open for?

JL: I made a short film about Gary Oldman the website is "julietlandaustakeflight.com".
I just Co- directed and appear in the new "Godhead" video "Hero" that should be out in the next 2 weeks. I am Co-Writing a Dru comic (My character from "Buffy and Angel" for IDW that is putting out "Angel" Season 6. Trying to raise money for my short film and a couple of other things I can't talk about. Please check out my website "julietlandau.com".

BTFB: Thank you, Juliet, for taking the time to talk to us and our very best wishes for the future.


Robert Sharpe said... February 21, 2009 at 9:55 AM

Another cult icon speaks out in favour of a Millennium movie, wonderful stuff. I was a huge admirer of her Mother and Father before I happened upon her own tremendous talent. Keep up the good work!

Benedict Angel said... February 21, 2009 at 1:55 PM

Juliet Landau! Another cult icon! When will it stop. Big admirer of your work. Thanks for interview!!!

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