Another fan speaks out! "The Time Is Good!"

If BacktoFrankBlack ever had any core mandate beyond trying to return to the universe we love, it's about being a platform, or conduit for your voices out there - to given the fans a place to speak out. So with kind permission, I'd like to offer this letter from a Mr Edward Kennedy.

Reprinted with kind permission.

Hi guys,

I am enjoying your podcast very much. I've been a fan of Millennium since its original airing in the '90's. I am thrilled to have found you and am in the process of catching up with all of your episodes so far. I have wanted to write before, but am finishing up my Master's degree, so time has been very tight for me. Next up for me to listen to, is the Frank Spotnitz Special, then onto Lance. Can't wait.

I applaud your efforts to bring back the character of Frank Black. I truly hope that happens. I would be happy to see him back in character within the Millennium world or without, but I do think that Millennium itself could be brought back with some thoughtful writing. I even have some ideas myself. Even though I am a scientist, I love to write, and as a crack has opened in my available time I started trying to write a "virtual episode", though it is just a start.

You know, there would be no lacking for material for a new series; so many things have happened since Frank & Jordan drove off in that last episode. With 2012 alone approaching, the "Time is Good" for Frank's return. That one event would parallel and tap into the nervous uncertainty that the year 2000 generated, and Millennium capitalized on. I still remember the fears and uncertainty that the turn of the millennium held - the religious believed that all hell would break loose, numerologists and technology buffs believed that planes would fall out of the sky as computers everywhere would fail due to the inability of their chips to understand the 2-digit year format, possibly confusing 2000 with 1900, and freezing up.

I suppose a movie would be okay, but for me, the more Frank, the better. I know there was not sufficient closure, but I'd rather see a series of movies, or especially a new series, than just something that ties up the past. How cool is it that I have found fellow Millennium brothers that love the show also?

There are times that I just want to sit in a coffee shop and talk Millennium. I really think that the show was not only on to something, and touched a lot of us, but that it actually became prophetic. I love to think "under the hood" about things (or, deeply), and the show catered to that part of me. I am starving for more over here!

Well, I'll close by saying that you guys are doing a great job, and I like your personalities - there are podcasts that sometimes sound interesting to me, but after 15 or 20 minutes, I realize that I can't listen to any more for various reasons. But, you guys make me laugh, while at the same time are actually doing something quite great - helping to usher in the return of Frank Black. My hat's off to you both.


BTW:Have either of you seen "Stone Cold"? It was a good movie that I recently watched again. Lance played the role of a very believable leader of a biker gang called "The Brotherhood". Brian Bosworth was in it also. I mention it just in case you would like to watch another movie that Lance did that was very good.

Take care guys ~

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Jósef Karl said... September 12, 2009 at 1:55 PM

FIRST!!! Yay! Woo!

Now that I got that out of the way...

I want to say to Ed, great letter.
And always fun to hear from "new" Millennium fans.

Welcome to the family, Ed.

Cheers from Iceland!
- Jósef

RSWehman said... September 12, 2009 at 2:16 PM

Once more today I find myself utterly amazed by the power of BTFB!

This is a wonderful letter. Mark, have you forwarded a copy to Fox? Just wondering, I'm sure you have!

So let's give Mr. Kennedy what he wants. One way or another. I agree with him to a point. I would like to see a return of Frank Black in a series.
More Frank Black means more :)
The time is now for 2012 is right around the corner. But, I would equally like to see a Millennium movie. A movie would allow more time to expand on the premise or the plot(whatever that may be)than an hour series. Who knows what the future holds. that is why we work diligently to bring back Frank Black.

Thank you so much for your support of this campaign and for sharing your passion for Millennium and Lance. I look forward to additional posts from you.

Stone Cold is an excellent movie ;)
Lance strikes again!

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